The Life of Bon: Baby it's cold outside!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Baby it's cold outside!

I've been back in the state for four days. And do you know what? It is cold. Damn cold. And I don't even feel bad for cussing because that is how cold it is. I couldn't believe it when I stepped off the airplane and felt that gust of wind. I wa wearing flip flops and a short sleeved t-shirt with my casual jeans. It was more than warm enough in Hawaii. But now the wind cut through that paper thin material fast as lightening. My bags didn't come in from Honolulu. That's Hawaii for you. No one does what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it. So my bags were delayed a few days. I was stuck wearing the same cold T-shirt until my roommate and my sister let me wear some of their warm clothes.

I am already sick. I always brag about having the most incredible immune system in the world. Guess not. I'm sick. Four days in Utah and already coughing up mucus and a burning sore throat and stuffed up head... Can I go back to Hawaii now?

Favorite things to do in the cold:
1. Sledding
2. Go inside and warm up.

Favorite things to do in the heat:
1. Swim
2. Body surf
3. Hike
4. Lay out
5. Catch crabs
6. Slip n Slide
7. Jump off things
8. Take naps
9. Alright it's settled- I'm moving back to warm weather!

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  1. You swore in writing. Geesh, if I wanted to hear bad language, I'd just talk to you in person! Also, do you want to pick me up from the airport?