The Life of Bon: January 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Valentine's Day Sale

I'll have a "real" post up for you guys tomorrow but first I wanted to make sure you all knew about this sale tomorrow over at Hey June if you're interested.   Sale starts at midnight and goes 24 hours only (February 1).  All domestic orders are guaranteed Valentine's Day delivery.  Boom baby!

(Psst... now's a good time to drop a hint in your man's ear for a Valentine's gift.  Who doesn't love jewelry for V-Day?)

As always thank you for your support and all around awesomeness!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bon's Book Club January: These is My Words

Alright ladies and gents, it's book club time!  Just a real quick reminder how Bon's Book Club works- we all read a book and then on the last Thursday of the month we gather here to talk about it.  There will be some questions that you can answer or not answer- whatever floats your boat.  Each month I will have a co-host helping me move this discussion along.  You can read our thoughts on the book and then add your two cents in the comments or link up your post that you did on your own blog.  

January:  These is my Words by Nancy E. Turner

February: A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman
March:  Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain
April:  Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
May:  Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
June:  Why Not Me?  by Mindy Kaling
July:  Room by Emma Donoghue
August:  The Martian by Andy Weir
September: So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson
October:  Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson
November: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

This month our book was These is My Words by Nancy E. Turner.  A couple of questions for you to answer if you want:

+ What did you like most about Sarah, the main character?
+ In what ways did you see this as a feminist book?
+ Sarah spends much of her time wanting to be a woman like Savannah.  But she is strong in her own way.  What did you see as the differences and similarities in Sarah and Savannah?
+ Sarah experiences so much hardship and difficulty.  What experience did you feel like affected you the most?

Danica is my co-host this month and here are her thoughts:

I hate pioneer stuff, and I know by saying that I'm basically the Mormon version of a burning cross. It's nothing against my heritage - I have deep respect and appreciation for the pioneers. I just am not into reading or talking about it. I had heard of this book, and actually got it at a book exchange for Christmas. Naturally, I wasn't completely thrilled. Yes, as a former history teacher I love historical fiction. But not pioneer/Wild West stuff! Thankfully we settled on this book for January and I was forced to read it, because it was pretty incredible. 

Sarah is just... everything. I was so impressed by her general badassedness. She did everything the boys could do - and she did it better. She saved her friends from a terrible assault. She won a shootout with a bunch of grown men. She shot a rattlesnake inches from her tiny daughter. And the only thing that made all of this even better was that she was so modest, even a little embarrassed about all of these things. She was strong and fierce and skilled and tough and smart and resilient and sensitive and hopeful and scared and vain. 

And Jack. Oh Jack!!!! I loved him as Sarah loved him. He was a real man, flesh and blood, to me. He drove her crazy, and that is love when you really get down to it. Watching her discover her feelings for him made this one of the greatest love stories I've ever encountered. Their relationship was so real and tangible and interdependent. My only real complaint was that eventually I realized I wasn't letting myself enjoy it. Because if there's ANYTHING I'VE LEARNED FROM THIS BOOK/GAME OF THRONES it's that everyone is going to die and it'll probably be ugly. Boo. 

One of my favorite takeaways from the book and our IRL book club meeting this week was the multi-faceted view of feminism. Sarah is tough and skilled like a man, and most of the men in her life treat her much like an equal. Savannah embodies more of your generally "feminine" characteristics with her mild temperament, "genteel" behavior, naturally nurturing inclinations and even dignified submissiveness. I loved both of these women, and I needed both of these women. They were both strong, humble, good people, not to mention excellent mothers. I noted over and over how Sarah wanted to emulate Savannah and the scarlet velvet woman in her mythical missing book, thinking that she was somehow lacking what she needed to be a "real" woman. You don't see it as clearly, coming from Sarah's modest viewpoint, but Savannah looks the same way at Sarah. She admires her strength and resiliency. She loves her so dearly, and she needs her. It's a lesson in feminism I've been learning in my own life too - there's no "right" way to woman. Woman how you wanna woman, women! Sarah is amazing. Savannah is amazing. Even Mama with her mental illness is still pretty amazing. Women are amazing and when you see all they've gone through (which we usually don't have the benefit of knowing) they are even MORE amazing. 

My best friend told me that one of her friends in college had this book and her thing was recommending it to all of her girlfriends, and then having them sign their name in the front cover once they'd read it. Once I finished the book I understood. Yes it's a beautiful and butterfly-inducing love story. Yes it's an epic tall tale of adventure and bravery. But more than that it's an empowering story of a strong, sensitive, incredible woman who made it through hell and back again. Why wouldn't you want to share that with every woman you know? I sure do. Read it. Then text me through the tears. 

I agree with everything Danica said!

A couple of things to add on...

We talked a little in our IRL book discussion on the 26 (If you are local, come the last Tuesday of the month to the IRL book club.  It's so fun!) about Jack and Sarah's relationship and why Jack stayed in the army for so long and always felt compelled "to go."  I really loved this part of our discussion and the book.  Sarah and Jack had such a strong marriage, but it didn't change who either of them were.  They needed each other, but they also still needed to be the people they were before they met each other.  I love that Sarah took care of the ranch and her soap business by herself while Jack did his thing with the army.  I appreciated that Turner didn't play the "once you're in love you are willing to sacrifice every other thing that was once important to you" card.  They were in love but their relationship had its difficulties and trying circumstances.

I first read this book three or four years ago and I remembered 1) that I love it and 2) Jack dies.  When I read it this time I found myself much more affected by the loss of little 2 year old Suzy.  I hadn't even remembered that from the first time I read it.  I guess as an in love newlywed, the most tragic thing was Jack's death.  Now, as a new mom I couldn't hardly read past little Suzy's death.  It is funny how your reaction to books changes depending on the situation you are in.

I absolutely adore Sarah.  I found myself drawing from her strength so many times.  I appreciated her no complaining, no whining, just get up and do what has to be done attitude.  She is so inspiring to me.

AND... a couple of quotes I really loved...

"I don't have any use for a man that isn't stubborn.  Likely a stubborn fellow will stay with you through thick and thin, and a spineless one will take off, or let his heart wander."

"Sometimes I feel like a tree on a hill, at the place where all the wind blows and hail hits the hardest.  All the people I love are down the side aways, sheltered under a great rock, and I am out of the fold, standing alone in the sun and the snow."

We forgot to take a picture until the end of book club so we missed some who came earlier. 
Next time we'll get the pic when everyone is here! 

Share your thoughts below or if you did your own post on your own blog link up!  Danica and I will be responding to all comments to get us a nice little book club doing.  And don't forget to find yourself a copy of A Man Called Ove for Feburary's book club.  We will be meeting IRL on February 23 and the online book discussion will go down on February 25.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bachelor Recap Week 4: Where Olivia Jumps Out of a Cake

It's Bachelor recap time!  I declare my favorite time of the week is when I watch The Bachelor and my second favorite time of the week is when I recap my Bachelor watching on this blog.  What can I say?  I live a wild and crazy life!

The week starts off with the girls hearing they will be traveling four hours away to Las Vegas.  They scream in a wild frenzy of pure excitement because they're pretty much trapped in that house day and night. It's a big deal, let them scream!

Date 1:  JoJo!

Ben and JoJo wait for their helicopter to arrive (as we all do when waiting to go on dates) and Ben steals a kiss or two.  The rest of the girls, who are creepily watching this whole thing from their hotel window, turn away in disgust.  Olivia, who apparently didn't know the other girls were kissing Ben, has a complete break down.  Which of course, raises the question, WHAT SHOW DID YOU THINK YOU WERE ON?

Oh Olivia.  You are a ticking time bomb.

Nothing else really sticks in my brain from the date.  It's obvious he likes her, there are some fireworks and I hold to my prediction that JoJo will be top five.

I am also having a love affair with JoJo's eyebrows in case anyone cares.

Date 2:  GROUP DATE!

Group date is a talent show.  Lauren B. bemoans the fact that she has no talent and I say yes, we know, you are as boring as they come.  Listen, I know a lot of you like Lauren B. and I respect that but I am having a hard time giving her a fair shot.  She is the most boring, plain, cute girl that has ever come on this show.  Ben is so obviously gaga about her and it totally infuriates me.  Really boring girls like her shouldn't be able to coast through life because they are so pretty!  That should be a rule!  I still feel like she is going to win (or certainly be top 2 or 3) and it just makes me so sad because she ain't got no personality at all.

Twist!  The girls will be performing their talents for a real live audience.  They are all totally shocked because apparently none of them have ever watched The Bachelor before.  This happens every season girls, try to keep up.

Olivia, of course, goes for the strip girl outfit and jumping out of the cake routine.  A sure winner.  I know you all hate her, but this girl is hilarious to me.  All of her pre cake jumping hype was HILARIOUS.  I mean, have you ever seen anyone so excited to do something so weird?  Olivia is the type of girl that you want to invite to hang out with you on a girl's weekend because you know she would just be off her rocker fun and crazy.

The shimmy out of a cake, of course, doesn't go as well as Olivia was hoping.  Ben looks kind of confused.


BRAVEST TALENT:  Leah in the clown makeup.  Homegirl needed more airtime with that awesome get up!  (Also I'm mad that I didn't actually get to see what the talent consisted of.)
BEST COSTUME:  Lauren H. in chicken costume.  Love her confidence.
COOLEST TALENT:  Jubilee on the cello.  We all are left to wonder when she found time to learn to play the cello in the middle of her turbulent upbringing.  Nothing but respect, Jubilee!

Conversations that night don't go too hot for Olivia.  I think it's pretty obvious that Ben's not feeling it with her.  She apologizes one thousand times for weird cake thing.  Ben says it's no big deal.  She keeps apologizing.  He tries to brush it off.  She apologizes.  You get the cycle, right?

I do like Olivia, but she has horrible horrible judgment.  I like her in a "you would be fun to hang out with and you say funny, weird things" kind of way, not in a "I think you are a kind, caring person or have any idea of how other people are feeling or would be a good match for Ben" kind of way.  You still with me?

Lauren B. gets the rose because Ben really likes her even though she is so so so so boring.  And pretty.

Date #3:  BECCA.

Basically what I got from Becca's date with Ben is that she apparently hated Chris the whole time she was on his season.  Does she have no heart?  Did she not like that guy even a little bit?  And then how did she get all the way to the #2 spot?

Also I thought their conversation about "you are a virgin" and "I am not a virgin" was kind of endearing.  I think it's sweet that he cares, and I just thought it was very genuine that they had such a frank and honest conversation about it.  Not something you normally see on the Bachelor.

Becca gets a rose, as expected, and I maintain my prediction that she will be top 5.

Just as we think it's time for rose ceremony, the twins get their own little two on one date.  I have really enjoyed the twins and I thought their commentary this episode, especially, was funny.  But I totally understand how weird it would be to date sisters so I think it's a good move for Ben to say, "yah, at this point I need to figure out who I like more."  The hanging out at their house with mom was maybe a little weird.  I get that he wanted extra insight into who they were, but I, personally, would have hated that.

Emily is the twin who wins Ben's heart and her sister stays home with mom to comfort her...  I'm guessing they just ship her suitcase to her from the hotel?


Um... Olivia apologizes again for cake stunt.  Ben and Caila make out.  (Who I thought looked SMOKING HOT in the white sparkly v neck dress.  Caila totally gets best dressed in my book.)  I don't remember a lot of other details and I watched this 12 hours ago so... pretty uneventful!

Olivia gets the very last rose.  I don't think Ben likes her anymore at this point, but my guess is she is a producer pick as their crazy Lace already sent herself home early.  They've got to keep SOMEONE at least a little bit interesting on this show to keep ratings up and I concur!  Once Olivia goes home I don't even know if these boring cute people will be worth watching anymore!

Amber goes home.  No one is shocked because she kamikazed herself last week with that stupid gang-up-on-Jubilee move.

Rachel goes home too.  No one knows who she is so it's a little hard to care.

My winner prediction:  Lauren B.  (Blah)
Who I want to win:  Caila or Amanda
Who will be the next Bachelorette:  Caila or JoJo

What do you think?  Anybody else kind of like Olivia or do you all just hate her to tears?  And who do you want to win?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bon's Book Club 2016- The votes are in!

Ladies and gents!  It's time to announce the book club selections for 2016.  Here is our official line up for the new year.. the top ten votes nominated and then voted by YOU.

January:  These is my Words by Nancy E. Turner
February: A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman
March:  Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain
April:  Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
May:  Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
June:  Why Not Me?  by Mindy Kaling
July:  Room by Emma Donoghue
August:  The Martian by Andy Weir
September: So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson
October:  Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson
November: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Just a reminder that book club will take place on this blog on the fourth Thursday of every month unless otherwise noted.  Read the book then come here to read what my co-host and I thought of the book and read everyone's comments. (I will choose a new co-host every month and ask for people who are interested each month.  Too hard to plan a year out on that one!)  There will also be a link up so you can link your own book club post.  Don't get me wrong, I love myself a good #ootd link up, but I also love the idea of cultivating link ups that celebrate out intelligence and our brains, not just our clothes.

The In Real Life book club will always be the Tuesday before the online book club unless otherwise noted.

January's book is These is My Words and we will be discussing that here on Thursday.  (January 28) I just finished yesterday and loved it even more the second time around.  If you haven't finished yet, get your read on because you definitely don't want the end spoiled!   The In Real Life book club is TOMORROW (Tuesday) at my home in Lehi.  Please email me at for directions to my home if you plan on coming.  I would love love love to have you.

Also- a note- I know it super sucks to show up to places alone.  Especially when you don't really know anyone and you feel stupid showing up to meet people you only know online.  And you feel so freaking awkward and weird and you're like "I should just stay home in my sweats."  FIGHT THE URGE!  There will be plenty of people who don't know anyone and we'll all say our name and do introductions and before you know it, you will feel right at home.  I promise!  We want to have you join with us on this book discussion and have time to bond and connect with new friends.  I feel strongly that this is important for our mental well being and that you will enjoy your time- even if it is hard to tear yourself away from husband and kids and household responsibilities.

Oh- and if you haven't finished the book come anyway!  The ending might be spoiled but it certainly beats sitting at home.  Please come join us!

And don't forget to get a start on February's book, A Man Called Ove.  Here's a short synopsis for you.  I'm excited for it!  That IRL discussion will be February 23 and the online book discussion will be February 25.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman  In this bestselling and delightfully quirky debut novel from Sweden, a grumpy yet loveable man finds his solitary world turned on its head when a boisterous young family moves in next door.  A feel-good story in the spirit of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, Fredrik Backman's novel about the angry old man next door is a thoughtful and charming exploration of the profound impact one life has on countless others. (Review from goodreads)

I can't wait!  It's a good time to be a reader!

P.S.  I snuck this treat into a movie theater with me this weekend and Greg declared I was the weirdest person he ever met.  What do you think?  Surely it's not THAT weird to take to a movie!?

Friday, January 22, 2016

Helping your toddler eat healthy food: HELP!

Well folks it happened in the blink of an eye.  June is a full blown toddler now.  She runs around, says indecipherable words, and has melt downs when she doesn't get diet coke.  It's cute!  And I miss my little baby only a little bit.

June used to be the best eater.  She downed vegetables, rice, fruit, oatmeal, basically everything that was healthy.  It was awesome!  And I felt like a five star mom.  None of this weird mom guilt because my baby wasn't eating healthy food.  I had raised my baby to be a true champion.  A true healthy eating champion!

Well, the older June has gotten the less well she eats.  It started when she figured out what was in a diet coke can... diet coke of course!  It all went down hill very quickly after that.

June drinking diet coke

Earlier this week I heard a rustling in the pantry.  June was in the crock pot with a ONE POUND bag of chocolate chips.  Not my finest parenting moment.

We did find one thing this week that is helping us in the healthy and easy snacks department.  Has anyone tried these bad boys?  We love that they mix so many different healthy food groups- oatmeal + yogurt + fruit.  June usually eats it as a snack after her nap, but I love that it is healthy enough that I could throw a half a banana in the mix and call it good for breakfast.

(And psssttt it's super yummy for adults too.  Kids snacks that double as my snacks pretty much rule my world.  I've taken these to school twice this week and eaten one at about 10 am- right when my mid morning hunger is at its worst.)

What are other healthy and easy snacks that your kids love?  We need some new suggestions over here ever since June decided that chewing on a carrot stick wasn't her jam (She still loves fruit... we're just having a hard time with vegetables.)

Oh, and if you do decide to try out our new favorite snack, click here for a $.35 off coupon.  If you're buying several, (and you will want to!) the savings add up fast!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bachelor Recap: Week 3

You guys.  We are three weeks in and I have not written a Bachelor recap yet.


Forgive me please.  I declare Bachelor recaps every week from now on until the end of the season.  I promise!  (But I make no promises!)

I don't really want to recap the first two weeks so I'm just going to dive in here with our third week.  Before we go over the happenins of the week I have some very serious questions to ask:

1.  Are the girls required to put their measurements in when they apply for this show?  Everyone is so skinny!  I've noticed this before, but it was presented to me with alarming clarity when the girls were on their soccer date.  Is there no room for anyone who is not a model's size on this show?  Has there ever in the history of the Bachelor been a woman contestant who was even a little bit overweight?

Side note:  Seriously impressed by the twin who was the goalie.  That girl's got skills!

2.  Do they fake tan all the girls?  WHY SO TAN?  Sometimes I like to look at girls who have the same beautiful color of pasty skin as myself is that too much to ask?

3.  Are the contestants required to have long hair?  I mean, of course not required, but is that looked more favorably upon? Sometimes late at night when I can't sleep I feel sad that none of the girls have fun, spunky hair instead of perfect long, curled hair. (Caila's hair sends me into fits of mad jealousy every time I see her.  Some girls are born with all the stuff.)

Now... to recap


I think it's obvious Ben is really digging Lauren B.  I, however, was not.  In case Ben cares how I feel.  I was just bored to tears by their date.  Maybe the most boring date I have ever watched or been on.  And I went on some boring dates in my time!  It was just so... vanilla.  Nothing fun, nothing exciting, nothing interesting at all.  Over dinner she talked about how her dad used to cut the grass and he was like, "Oh that's so cute!  I love that!"  I mean, come on girl, you don't have anything more interesting in your life to talk about than that?  I don't think you have to have some huge sob story to fall in love, but I do appreciate someone with a little personality and this girl ain't got none.  I think it's pretty clear, though, that Ben really digs her.  More than any other girl so far.  Couldn't stop kissing her and asked incredulously "How are you still single?!"  Her humble reply:  "I'm really picky!"  Cue eye roll from me.  (Also why was she afraid to go in an airplane when she is a flight attendant for a living?  Do the girls pretend to be scared because they think the Bachelor will like it?  I don't get it.  Every girl on this show ever is deathly afraid of heights and I'm over it.)

Sorry to all of you who liked Lauren B.  Maybe she'll grow on me in the coming episodes.

Date #2:  SOCCER DATE!

This date was really uneventful for me besides my observations about all the skinny tan girls.  I think it'd be more fun if Ben played with the girls too.  That way it doesn't seem as much like he's having try outs.

That night a bunch of the girls talk crap on Olivia.  She has big toes and her breath smells sometimes.  One of the girls goes to tell poor Olivia that everyone thinks she has fat toes.  (Moments like these make me seriously wonder WHY ARE GIRLS THE WAY THAT THEY ARE?)  Upon hearing that the girls have been picking apart her appearance Olivia tries to guess what body part they hate the most, "Let me guess?  MY CALVES?  No?  MY ANKLES?!?"

No Olivia.  It's your feet.  They hate your feet.

Olivia is one contestant who everyone loves to hate because she's cocky and annoying, but I kind of love her.  The stuff she says about all the secret messages Ben sends her when he touches her is HILARIOUS.  She reminds me a little of Michelle Money in her Bachelor prime- like she says all this weird stuff kind of tongue and cheek  just to rattle the other contestants.  I feel like Bachelor is one big head game and right now Olivia is winning.

Well, of course, except for when they brought up her toes.

Oh, Amber gets the rose this night.  I have no idea how.  I mean, she kissed Ben, and boys like kissing so I guess that's it?


The girls are all mad at Jubilee because she calls Ben out on being 20 minutes late (Which yes, she has no tact, but seriously, boys can't be showing up 20 minutes late all the time and think that we're just like "whatever I'm just so happy to have a date that you can show up whatever the freak time you feel like!") and because she teasingly tries to give her date away.  She does not worship Ben on the level that you should worship a Bachelor so that kind of makes her public enemy #1.

Jubilee goes on the date with Ben in an outfit she apparently picked up from Deb.  Cropped top white turtleneck with white jumpsuit pants.  WHY JUBILEE WHY?

I really liked watching this date.  Ben seems more comfortable and like himself around Jubilee.  I also just really admire Jubilee because she's been to hell and back and is here (in a horrible white jumpsuit) to tell about it.  I think she's got a lot of strength and a lot of character to her.  She's the 100% opposite of vanilla sweet perfect Lauren.

She also looks good in a bikini.  (Like my cousin said when Jubilee came out in her swimsuit, "DAMN!")

Ben really likes Jubilee and she brings something out in him that none of the other girls do.  I felt like he was his most authentic self around Jubilee.


Ben breaks the news that good family friends were killed in a plane accident that day.  I do love myself some Olivia, but her choice to pull him away immediately and start crying about her cankles was not a good one.  NOT THE TIME OLIVIA, NOT THE TIME!

Amanda (my personal favorite- I'm partial to mamas on this show) seems to be a little more in tune with how he's feeling and Jubilee hits a home run by offering a massage for him.  Of course this makes the other girls mad because... I don't know why girls do the things they do.  They're just mad.  Especially Amber.  After said massage is interrupted and ended by Jami (which was the most awkward thing on reality tv to date) Amber and a group of girls try to force Jubilee over to talk to them so they can tell her that she can't give Ben a massage.  Jubilee doesn't want to enter into the gaggle of mad clucking girls and instead goes to the bathroom and cries until Ben comes up and comforts her.  Amber follows up to tell Ben that the girls decided Jubilee is not grateful enough for Ben.  BOO AMBER GET A LIFE.

Here's my thoughts:
Jubilee:  I get it, you got dealt the worst hand of cards in the world.  BUT. You do have to learn to get along with people.  Even if you don't really like them.  That's just an important life skill.  You can't sulk in the house and isolate yourself from everyone and just wait for your time for Ben.  I still really really like Jubilee, but I think she does need to learn to communicate and handle herself with the girls in the house.  I think it's always pretty telling on these shows how someone deals with conflict and Jubilee isn't handling her current conflict well.

Amber:  You just sent yourself home by tattle telling on Jubilee to Ben.  You are not special and now he thinks you're a busybody.  Time and time again in Bachelor history (you should know, this is your third time on the show!) the Bachelors or Bachelorettes hate the ones who get involved in other people's drama.  Those people never win!  NEVER.

And before the night can be over Lace sends herself home because this whole journey has been too emotional for her from the get go.  I have to admit, I really admire Lace for seeing that she wasn't in a good place to be on the show and for admitting that she needed to do some work on herself and "love herself before someone else can love me."  Way to go Lace!  You are the true victor tonight!

Alright, share your thoughts!  Who do you love?  Who do you hate?  Who will Ben choose?!?

My predictions for top five:

1.  Lauren B.  (Sadly.)
2.  Amanda
3.  Caila
4.  Becca
5.  Jojo

Jubilee might also be in the top five but I am betting that she self destructs (aka can't get along with any of the other girls and causes way too much drama for Ben) before that.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Holiday Weekend yo yo yo

Happy Martin Luther King day!

We are keeping with our winter tradition around here and have spent the bulk of our long weekend cuddled up indoors.  I guess we just don't have much go-outside-in-the-cold stamina.  I did make it a goal this year to go snowboarding at least once, today just wasn't the right day to make it happen.  (I have lived in Utah for 27 of my 29 years of life and have only been snowboarding once.  I AM A DISGRACE.)

Greg had a show this weekend so June and I ventured out Saturday night to watch him perform.  June wore her strawberry jammies and wooed the crowd, as babies do.  She then fell down a stair and screamed to beat the band so that was the end of us watching daddy's play.

This is post-falling- down- the- stairs. 

Yesterday I played the piano in church.  I get pretty nervous playing in front of crowds.  My leg was shaking like a true San Francisco quake.  I got through it with only one horribly wrong chord.  Afterward some old guy came up to me and said, "You were really pounding away up there!"  Umm... compliment received!

After church (and June's first official day in nursery.  She loved it!)  we all came home to take naps.  We woke up 3 1/2 hours later.  THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATER.  Talk about winter hibernation.  Greg is a master sleeper, and I am not so bad myself.  June has learned from her parents how to truly enjoy a good sleep session and so that was our Sunday!

This morning I ordered about $1000 worth of inventory for Hey June.  Every time I make a big purchase like that I think, "there's no way we'll possibly be able to sell this all."  And then we do!  I ordered double the bar earrings and cube earrings that I normally do because those things sell like hotcakes.  I seriously can not keep them stocked!

This afternoon we are watching the Jazz game, sneaking off to a movie, (Revenant!) and then, of course, The Bachelor is on tonight! We can't miss that for the world. So basically we are watching TV all day.  HOLIDAY SUCCESSFUL!

Maverick guarding our laundry because he's so weird.

Um... I recently discovered the save link button on my facebook page.  It is marvelous.  Like pinterest but so much simpler for an easily confused person like myself.  So here's some of the things I've been saving.  I figured you might be interested in them too!


+ I try hard to make sure June is getting a balanced and healthy diet.  This new product is pretty much my dream come true- healthy, easy, and combines the best of all foods.  We're in heaven over here.

+ You may have seen this satirical 95 Things You Should Be Doing Every Day According to the Internet floating around facebook.  It is just the best.  And yes, sometimes the internet is the worst.

+ I'm trying out this recipe this week- Skillet Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Yah baby!

+This might be the cutest pregnancy announcement I've ever seen.  Make sure you watch the whole thing because there's a twist.  Also, someone please teach me how to make videos like this.  Brooke, I'm looking at you.

+ I found this article to be pretty interesting.  Want a proven factor of success later on in life?  Household chores.  That's what I tell June anyway when she complains about unloading the dishwasher.  I kid I kid.  I don' talk to her when she does her chores.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Bon's Book Club 2016: Let's Vote!

This post has been a long time coming, but here it is!  Let's finally vote on our 2016 book club selections, shall we?

Just to remind you all that January's selection has already been chosen... we are reading These is My Words by Nancy Turner and we will discuss that here on the blog on January 28.  I cannot wait.  If you haven't started reading yet, there is still time!  You will love this book, I promise!

That leaves us with February through November to choose books for.  Ten books!  (No December book because that month is just way too much of a struggle.)

You guys nominated your favorite books in this post so it's time to vote!  Here's a little bit of info about each book so that you can decide if you want to read it or not.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman  In this bestselling and delightfully quirky debut novel from Sweden, a grumpy yet loveable man finds his solitary world turned on its head when a boisterous young family moves in next door.  A feel-good story in the spirit of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, Fredrik Backman's novel about the angry old man next door is a thoughtful and charming exploration of the profound impact one life has on countless others. (Review from goodreads)

The Storied Life of AJ Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin
No summary on Goodreads.  Is said to be similar to A Man Called Ove.  Can anyone else offer info on this one in the comments?

The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin
I can't find a short summary, but it sounds like it's basically about two people who get stuck in the mountains and how they find their way out + also maybe fall in love.  I know I'm really selling these, right?

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
In the quiet village of Carriveau, Vianne Mauriac says goodbye to her husband, Antoine, as he heads for the Front. She doesn’t believe that the Nazis will invade France...but invade they do, in droves of marching soldiers, in caravans of trucks and tanks, in planes that fill the skies and drop bombs upon the innocent. When France is overrun, Vianne is forced to take an enemy into her house, and suddenly her every move is watched; her life and her child’s life is at constant risk. Without food or money or hope, as danger escalates around her, she must make one terrible choice after another. (Full summary on goodreads)

So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson
There's no question this was the year's best book about media and culture- maybe even the best of the decade. Not only is it provocative and insightful, but the idea—interviewing and focusing on people who have screwed up and found themselves in the midst of massive online controversies—is one I am genuinely jealous of. Ronson proceeds to write about it with such sensitivity, empathy, humor and insight that I was blown away. (Full review here: 

The Score Takes Care of Itself by Bill Walsh
Even if you’ve never watched a down of football, you’ll get something out of this book. Walsh took the 49ers from the worst team in football to the Super Bowl in less than 3 years. How? Not with a grand vision or pure ambition, but with what he called Standards of Performance. That is: How to practice. How to dress. How to hold the ball. Where to be on a play down the very inch. Which skills mattered for each position. How much effort to give. And by upholding these standards—whatever they happen to be for your chosen craft—success will take care of itself. (Full review here: 

Tiny Beautiful Things:  Advice on Life and Love from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed  Cheryl Strayed, also the author of Wild, was the anonymous columnist behind Dear Sugar until the publication of this book and boy are we lucky she was. This is not a random smattering of advice. This book contains some of the most cogent insights on life, pain, loss, love, success, youth that I have ever seen. (Full review here:

Other possibilities but I'm too lazy too look up more info:
Between parent and child- parenting book that was highly recommend to me.
Quiet- nonfiction book about introverts
Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
Anything by Anne Lamott
All the Stars in the Heaven (Clark Gable, Loretta Young romance)
Major Pettigrew's last stand- recommended by a friend

Um... update to this post.  I wrote this part of the post last night and then spent another hour finishing the post today.  Somehow everything new that I wrote today didn't save because new computer + inept user.  It's after midnight and today was the last day of second quarter and I DEFINITELY don't have the energy or heart to rewrite everything that got erased.  SO... here's the poll.  I encourage you to look up the books that I didn't talk about in this post that are interesting to you... so many great suggestions to choose from.  You can vote for any book that you would want to read in 2016- there is no limit.  We will for sure read the top 6 voted and then I may hand select a few... I want to make sure we have a good mix of fiction/nonfiction, themes, time periods, etc.  

GOODNIGHT.  And sorry I don't have all the info about all the books.  One of those days!


What books would you like to read for 2016 Bon's Book Club?

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
The Storied Life of AJ Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin
The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin
Room by Emma Donoghue
The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd
Why Not Me? By Mindy Kaling.
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult
The Martian by Andy Weir
So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson
The Score Takes Care of Itself by Bill Walsh
Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Life and Love from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed
Between parent and child
Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
Small Victories by Anne Lamott
Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott
All the Stars in the Heaven
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
Devil in the White City
Edenbrooke by Juliane Donaldson
The autobiography of Malcolm X
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Mood... Everything I like to do in my warm house.

There's a lot of areas in my life where I feel an odd sort of satisfaction and contentment.  I think I am allowing myself to be still more, something I haven't always thought was okay in the past.  Currently making me happy these days...

Winter.  It's really cold in Utah this year and we've already gotten a bunch of snow.  I usually don't like winter, but this winter is just doing it for me.  I love to wrap up in my sweaters and socks and beanies.  I love coming home from work and eating soup and cuddling on the couch.  I love that at night it's really cold when I get into bed so I have to cuddle up next to Greg for extra warmth.  In the summer it's so dang hot that we practically never touch each other. I am very very very extroverted, yes, but this year I've learned there's a slice of introvert hiding in there too and it feels really good to be able to embrace that a little bit more.  I feel like I should be more active in winter, but the truth is I just don't want to be outside in the cold.  I'd rather wrap up and snuggle and watch some great tv.  Which brings me to my next point...

TV Shows.  January is a great time for TV.  Have you noticed?  There's a few shows that I have really really enjoyed watching lately like...

Making a Murderer.  Like most of the world, I am fascinated by this show.  Greg insists on watching it slowly because it makes him so mad that emotionally he can't handle more than one or two episodes in a sitting.  We are four or five episodes in.  (A few spoilers ahead... if you haven't watched skip to next paragraph!)  I think what makes me the most mad of the whole thing is Brendan Dassey.  My heart just goes out to him.  I feel like his intellectual age is that of an 5 or 6 year old and that he just had no idea what was going on when the police questioned him.  When he told his mom that he "guessed" what the cops wanted him to say because "that's how I do my homework" it absolutely broke my heart.  (Also his first lawyer, Len.  WORST HUMAN BEING IN THIS WORLD.)

The Bachelor.  The best part about January, baby!  I'm not watching tonight because Greg's at a rehearsal and I stupidly got him hooked to the show too.  I mean, it wasn't stupid, I love watching it with him, but ain't nobody want to wait an extra day or two to watch their favorite show.  Ben is the best bachelor of all time.  My guess for the winner is either Lauren (flight attendant) or Celia... I can't remember her name.  The really happy one who reminds me of Catherine from Sean's season.  I think Becca from Chris's season will go far too.  It's fun that she's back.  Also, I know Mandy with the rose on her head is freaking crazy but I love her.  She made me laugh out loud numerous times last week.  Like when someone asked her how she's doing with that rose on her head and she said, "I feel like me and the rose are becoming one."  I'd love to be friends with that girl!

Married at First Sight.  If you haven't watched this show yet, you absolutely have to.  Aubrey first suggested it to me and there's no going back after you watch an episode.  This is the third season that started airing a few weeks ago and Greg and I are hooked!  Basically it's a social experiment where experts in spirituality, sex, emotional connections, etc, etc, etc, match two people up who would supposedly be a perfect marriage match.  Those two people agree to get married on the spot and are to stick it out for at least six weeks to see if the marriage can work.  At the end of six weeks they can get a divorce or decide to get married.  It is absolutely fascinating.  I think it airs on FYI or A&E or some random station like that.  If any of you guys are watching it, we must discuss in the comments!  Ashley drives me absolutely insane- I think she's the worst person they could have possibly chosen for the experiment.  Greg thinks David is the issue, though, that he comes off way too strong.  All I know is those two are a mess.  And don't even get me started on Sam and Neil.  Again, I think Neil is so great and Sam drives me crazy.  Basically the guys they got this season are way better than the girls.

Jazz games.  I don't know if this counts as a TV program, but Greg and I watch almost every Jazz game.  We are both huge Jazz fans and it's fun watching the team develop and grow.  The Jazz have had a ridiculous amount of injuries this year, but they're still fighting along and in contention for the playoffs.  I feel like they fight their little guts out and I guess it's some weird metaphor that I can't quite figure out exactly.  I mean, they just get injury after injury after injury and somehow they're still grinding it out every night and they're still in playoff contention.  Go jazz.

The Mindy Project.  Gotta love me some Mindy Lahiri.  I haven't watched the last couple episodes but I heard they did kind of an unusual twist... excited to see what's up.  I love Mindy and Danny as a couple and I love that it didn't get boring after they got together, as a lot of romantic comedies too.  I feel like the show is actually more interesting and funnier with them as a couple than not.

The Blacklist.  I admit, this one has fallen way down our list of priorities as we've been watching these other shows.  We both enjoy this show, but I think the main character is driving me a little too crazy to keep watching through season 2.  We'll see.  We aren't not watching the show, we're just not watching the show.  If that makes sense.

Teen Mom OG.  Okay, I know I am outing myself here for one of the trashiest things I watch, but I absolutely love Teen Mom.  The newest season started last week and it's a little different because they show the cameras, the behind the scenes, the girls talking to the producers, etc.  For a reality tv junkie like me, it is fascinating.  This one I definitely watch alone as there ain't no way in the world I could talk Greg in to sitting through this me.  It's my guilty pleasure and I looooove it.  (Also if there is any one out there in the world brave enough to admit they watch this show, we must talk about Farrah!!!!)

Books.  One of my goals for the new year and for taking care of myself better is to read more.  Over Christmas Break I read JoJo Moyes' One plus One which I enjoyed.  I didn't like it as much as her other, Me Before You, but I still liked it.  I especially liked the main character and would recommend it to most people for a quick read as long as you're okay with a sex scene or two.  (Insert monkey emoji covering eyes here.)

I am now re reading for Bon's Book Club These is My Words.  I absolutely love this book.  It's written in the style of a diary so I feel like I'm flying through it.  I've really enjoyed curling up in bed and reading this the past week or so.  If you haven't read it yet, YOU NEED TO!  Danica and I are hosting online book club on January 28 here on this blog.  Anyone is welcome to come and discuss.  And if you're local we're holding an IN REAL LIFE book club in my home on January 26.  I am so excited for this.  Also slightly terrified.

My AP Lit class just started Catcher in the Rye last week.  I've probably read this book six or seven times.  I absolutely love it and I get so excited far class because WE GET TO TALK ABOUT MY FAVORITE BOOK!  I feel like I am in book heaven right now reading two of my very favorites.  It's a great time to be a reader.

Bubble Baths.  I always love a good bubble bath, but in the winter I probably take five or six baths a week.  We have a huge bathtub ($3000 upgrade to our townhouse and I maintain my belief that it was the best $3000 I have ever spent!) and there isn't anything I love more after I put June down to soak in the tub with a candle, a diet coke, and a book.

SucculentsI know it's so blogger cliche, but I bought some succulents from IKEA and put them in my kitchen.  I love how the green freshens and brightens up my home.  It is the perfect dash of green next to my dirty dishes.  Why haven't I done this in winters before?

JunieJune is at such a fun stage right now.  Today she took all the spices out from the basket in the pantry, lined them up on our white rug in the living room, then took them all back and lined them back up on the pantry shelf.  It's like WHAT?  What is going on in your head, little child?  She is our everything and watching her learn and discover the world is more rewarding than I ever thought possible.  Before I had June people told me I would really love having a child.   Turns out everybody was totally right.

Soups.  This winter I've been making so many soups and I LOVE it.  I saw this cheese and potato soup recipe floating around facebook and I had to try it.  It turned out even better than I thought it would- it was so easy (the hashbrowns idea is genius.  No more cutting and peeling potatoes!) and so delicious. (The rosemary gave it an especially nice taste that we really liked. 

I always love a classic taco soup which I made last week- super easy, fills you up, and delicious.  I use this recipe from allrecipes.  I also always top mine with sour cream, cheese and tortilla chips just because I like to make sure nothing is healthy. 

And lastly, about a month ago I made borscht for the first time- a Russian soup with cabbage and beets.  I know it doesn't sound too good, but don't knock it til you rock it!  It has so many flavors and spices and it is absolutely delicious and extremely healthy.  Greg LOVED this soup on his mission and always talks about it... with the help of my friend Sarah who is a Russia + Ukraine expert, (she even married a Ukranian!)  I made my first successful batch.  Greg couldn't believe I mastered it so quickly.  (I'm like, please Greg, don't act like I'm not the best cook you've ever met).  Here's Sarah's recipe that I use... the only thing I do differently is that at the end I add a few tablespoons of vinegar and a few tablespoons of lemon juice.  I think it's extra good with a little tang to it.  I also add shredded chicken at the end (seasoned with salt and lemon pepper) because Greg doesn't believe it's a meal until there's meat.  We all have our problems, people.

Alright ladies and gents, I think that's it for today.  Basically this post was about how I like to stay in my house all winter long and read and watch tv and take baths and cook AND I MAKE NO APOLOGIES. 

Oh, and if you missed yesterday's post I shared a coupon with all my blog readers for Hey June.  25% off your entire order using code BLOG25.  I know it's not much, but it's a small way I can say thank you for how totally awesome and supportive you all are.  XOXO.