The Life of Bon: Pink

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm in an awesome limbo stage in my life right now. I have officially graduated from BYU. No longer a student, no longer have to be responsible and study and go to bed early and do my homework. No longer have to follow BYU rules. Lucikly, I have secured myself a teaching job for the fall. But I'm not YET an adult. Not yet a legitimate hard working, society contributing person. So for June, July and a part of August, I'm an inbetweener. Right smack in the middle of stages in my life... meaning I can do whatever the h*** I feel like.

I dyed my hair pink.

(Also, can I get a round of applause for my first ever picture on my four year old blog?)

People react very interestingly when you dye your hair a crazy color. Some of my favorites:

My sister: "That's not permanent, is it?"
Me: "Well nothing in this life is permanent... if you think about it."

My next door neighbor: "It's so cute so cute so cute so cute I want to do it too!!!!!!"

S, the boy I am currently dating: "Whoa. You dyed your hair."
Me: "yes. do i look like a rock star?"
S: "I guess...if that's what you were going for....."

P, from my ward: "Wow. You're hair is so hot that it makes me want to make out with every single strand of it."

A server at the restaurant: "You going to meet your boyfriend's parents with that hair? Oh... yah... they'll love you."

My mom: "WHAT is with your hair? Do you think you're a punk or something?"
Me: "No... I don't think I'm a punk...."
Mom: "You're a returned missionary! You need to cut this stuff out!"

A random person at the restaurant: "Does your hair grow in like that?"

My four year old nephew: "It's weird... I have never EVER ever ever seen anyone with that color of hair before."

The bishop's wife: "Your mom was right- returned missionaries should not dye their hair pink like that."


  1. I love every single one of these responses. Also, I remember you once telling me that pink + black = the single hottest combination of colors.

    ...So I think you should add streaks of black.


  2. Oh Bonnie, I absolutely LOVE this post!! The reactions about your hair are so stinkin funny! I think you do look like a Rockstar all the way! And this really is the perfect time go go pink! I'm sooooo glad you did it! I am all with Brooke on this one.. socutesocutesocutesocute!!!! :) And good job posting the pic.. I think you should definitely keep them comin!

  3. I like your pink hair. Sadly you are an adult but you can still act like a young-adult. You can leave the adultness for marriage. That's when you have to grow up. :)

  4. Bonnie I am so obsessed with everything about you. You have no idea. Oh yes, and I knew right away with the socutesocutesocute comment that it was brooke. Miss you!