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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bachelorette Talk: And then there were 4

I have big plans of getting back to consistent posting around here, but it just ain't happening.  After a busy week vacationing on the east coast and then coming home to 70+ backed up orders, a jewelry show that weekend, and TWO birthdays (Greg and June's back to back birthdays on the 15th and 16th might be the death of me), I thought this would be the week things finally slowed down enough to get our bearings.  But Sunday I woke up with a horrible sore throat and June and I have pretty much been snot buddies since then.  Headaches and coughing and, you know, normal stuff for 100 degree weather.  Speaking of, WHEN WILL THIS HEAT WAVE END?!?!  I am dying for some summer rain storms and we ain't gettin none.

This morning I woke up feeling better than I have in a long time.  Energy!  It's back!  I went nuts on my house for a few hours (I'm reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I'm not trying to be dramatic, but I swear, it really is life changing.  I'll post more on this later, but it's got me excited to do major work on my house.  And by major work I mean throw out all the crap I never use) and now, with June down for a long nap, I can finally check in to this blog.  Thanks all for bearing with the less than consistent posting.  I would like to think next week things will finally slow down enough for me to be able to post here.  I want to get back up to my 3 times a week schedule.  Will I ever go back to 5 times a week?  I kind of doubt it, honestly, it was too much and had me almost completely burnt out.  BUT I think this blog has a long future ahead of it for 3 times a week posting and that is worth celebrating!

NOW... let's talk about The Bachelorette shall we?

TBH, I've had a hard time writing about this season because this is the least interested I've been in a season for YEARS.  I really thought I liked Jojo when the season started (Greg and I literally cheered when we heard she was going to be the next bachelorette because we are so hardcore reality tv nerds) but watching her has been really disappointing to me.  I feel like she has just gone for every athletic, popular high school boy.  I mean, let's just look at these four men left.  They are CLONES of each other!

Wow, Jojo, you really got yourself a diverse group of men there.  Even their hair cuts and gray t shirts are all the same!

I guess I just feel like Jojo was really closed off going in to who she would fall in love with.  I think it's pretty obvious that she was digging Jordan strong on the first night and I think it's pretty obvious he's going to win.  I don't really feel like she has given other guys much of a shot.  Especially the guys who aren't her "type."  I get that James Taylor stuck around for awhile, but I really never felt like he had an honest shot with her.  Derek, James, Wells--- anyone she kind of connected with who wasn't a very specific type--- got the boot.  I kind of wonder why she even did the Bachelorette- surely she should have been able to find these types of guys pretty easily on her own?  Oh, I know why she did it- the six figure salary, the wardrobe budget, the free vacation, the fame.  Suddenly it all makes sense.

Of the four remaining guys, I like Luke the best and I think he is the best fit for her.  The question, of course, is will he go home next week as Jojo revealed that he is the one she'll be sending home?  Producers left us with a big cliffhanger and we will find out at the beginning of next week if he stays.


My answer--- no.


1.  Bachelor producers never show the contestant saying before the rose ceremony who will be going home.  They love the shock value of the rose ceremony, so they'd never ruin that shock by already spoiling who is going home.  Unless, of course, they want us to THINK that person is going home and then SHOCK us with who will really be going home.

2.  The reason Jojo was going to send him home, I think, is because he hadn't said I love you yet.  I don't think she's wanting to boot him because she doesn't like him enough, but because she's afraid he doesn't like her enough.  All the other men have said "I love you" so I think Jojo feels safer with them.  It is frustrating to me that Jojo is judging the quality of all of her relationships by their speed.  She admitted that she really likes Robby because he told her so early on that he loved her, not necessarily because she connects with him the most.  I think she badly needs the validation of "I love you" and felt like she had to boot Luke because he still hadn't given it to her.  She is judging all of her relationships on why they are right this second instead of the potential and the future that she could see with them.  Rookie mistake, Jojo!

3.  I'm guessing a producer put a bug in Luke's ear that he needed to drop the L bomb or he's going home, hence the last minute "Can I talk to you, Jojo?" as the rose ceremony was starting.  Once he said I love you to Jojo, I think he secured himself a spot in the top two.

4.  IF Jojo was still going to send Luke home, I think she would have sent him home the minute he said he was falling in love with her, much like she did with Alex.  I don't see her as the type to listen to the love confession, go back with Luke and all the other men, and THEN painfully send Luke home in a rose ceremony in front of everyone.  If she still wanted him to go, that was the perfect opportunity to politely and privately send him home and have a little time alone with him to say goodbye.  I hope I'm right on this!

So... for all those reasons, I think Luke stays!  My guess on who is going home is Chase, as they have been kind of behind the whole time.

Sheesh, Robby, easy on the death glare, eh?

Other thoughts on hometowns---
  • I surprisingly really enjoyed Chase's hometown, and I liked that we were able to understand him a little more.  I still think he's a pretty boring dude, but seeing his family and learning his history gave him a little more depth than anything I've seen of him so far.
  • Jojo is super worried about Robby and the ex girlfriend.  She should trust her gut on this.  I also think she should be a tad weary about how fast Robby said "I love you", considering he ended a four year relationship just a few months ago.  I don't mind Robby, but I don't think he is in a healthy, ready-for- a- huge- committed- relationship state yet.
  • Jordan's home town- HUGE EYE ROLL.  Exactly what I thought it would be- touring the high school and reliving the glory days!  I just don't trust the dude, I would never spend a lot of time with him, I am horrified that she is probably going to choose him.  Just not a sincere guy to me.  I think Jojo can feel that too- she keeps questioning him.  Again, trust your gut, Jojo.  There's a reason you feel a little uneasy about him!
  • My favorite hometown of the four was Luke's.  I liked the effort he put in to getting everybody together to meet her and then the set up he did with the heart and the flowers and all that.  I do think he is the most genuine guy and probably the best fit for Jojo, but unless there's some kind of huge epiphany for Jojo, I don't see her getting Jordan out of her system.  Good news is that Luke will likely be our next Bachelor.  
 Alrighty, folks, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on all this.  Do you think I'm right in a Jordan-as-winner and Luke-as-next-Bachelor prediction?  And are you all having as hard of a time with this season as I am?  I'm definitely ready for Bachelor in Paradise!!!

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