The Life of Bon: Mother's Day Sale

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Mother's Day Sale

Hi friends.

I want to thank you for all your kind responses to my last two posts.  I know there is a lot of judgment and eye rolling in the mom community, but I have found nothing but support and understanding when I have reached out to other moms- both online and in real life.  So thanks for that.  We took Hugh to St. George for a little "vacation" and he had a great weekend.  For three days we thought he was another baby.  Then we got home and he went right back to his old self.  It is nice to know, if nothing else, that a happy baby resides in him somewhere.  It's just a matter of pulling it out.  So many of you sent suggestions and just kind thoughts and good juju.  I appreciate that more than you know, although responding to everyone will be a challenge.

I wanted to let you know that our Mother's Day sale at Hey June is tomorrow.  (Thursday May 4).  Everything in the shop is 20% off.  We only do this sale twice a year- once a Mother's day and once on our shop's anniversary in September.  Along with everything being 20% off we have our whole spring line finally listed- I spent the afternoon editing pictures and listing jewelry while Hugh slept on me.  Fun!

Anyway- coupon code is MAMA20 and that will go live at 10 am MST tomorrow.  (12 pm EST/ 11 am CST/ 9 am PST).  The first ten orders will also get a free pair of stud earrings so be one of the first to order if you know what's good for you!

Thanks again for all your support and love.  This online/ blogging/ small business community is the reason we can pay our bills.  You all are amazing. 

Long rock arrowhead necklace: $34

Hammered copper cuff- $14

Lariat necklaces- $28-32 (MY FAAAAAAVORITE)

Opal necklace: $26

Pineapple necklace: $20

Long pink arrowhead necklace: $32

Pink Circle Necklace; $26 (Also available in turquoise)

Rectangle necklace: $26 (Also available in turquoise)

Aqua threader earrings: $20

Triangle threader earrings: $16

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