The Life of Bon: Golden Graham No Bake Salted Caramel Bars

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Golden Graham No Bake Salted Caramel Bars

This post is sponsored by Golden Grahams but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Father's Day is a week from tomorrow.  I always kind of start to brace myself for Father's Day.  Since my dad died, it has traditionally been the hardest day of the year for me.  Even harder than his birthday or the anniversary of his death. (Well, this year my dad's birthday is on Father's Day so the doubling up like that doesn't help either.)  

I will always miss my dad on Father's Day.  I have accepted that.  But since seeing Greg become a dad, my Father's Days have gotten much easier.  Instead of missing my own dad so much, I can celebrate the father that my daughter has.

Greg is so good to June.  He is attentive and silly and loving.  He adores her.  Doesn't every girl need a dad who adores her?

Greg always makes an effort to do activities with his kids.  The other day he called me at work to tell me that he and June were "catching mermaids" that day.  We've all been on a mermaid catching kick ever since.  Tonight we went over to "Farm Country".  The place was all but deserted and June got to ride the pony to her heart's content.  It is so rewarding to watch my husband and kids interact.  Is there any thing greater in this world than watching two people you love so much bond?  (Side note:  Greg is also a very good dad to Hugh, but Hugh is still in boring baby stage so there's not a ton to say about him...  But believe you me, Greg has put in his time rocking, bouncing, soothing that crazy baby.)

For snacks we brought some Golden Graham Salted Caramel bars.  Greg told me that he never ate Golden Grahams as a child so I knew I had to show him how great they are.

This picture is not staged at all.  
It was June and Greg doing "cheers" with their Golden Graham treats.

In the interest of full full disclosure, I will tell you that I have tried and made several recipes for this blog.  But THIS golden graham salted caramel bar recipe is the best one I have ever tried.  It will become a family staple that we will eat for the rest of our lives because it is that good and we absolutely gobbled it up.  It is such a unique treat with the salt, caramel, and almonds added in.  All you have to do is look up the ingredient list and you know it is going to be amazing  And it is super quick to make (About 20 minutes to prepare) and requires zero baking.

A couple of adjustments I made when making this treat:

-  I used 16 ounces of marshmallows, not 10 ounces.  This was by accident, but of course it made it even better.  It's so gooey and yummy and I love that the cereal and almonds are covered in the marshmallow/caramel mix.  Next time I won't do as many marshmallows, but I do think I'll do a bit more than the recipe calls for.

- I did not microwave the marshmallow, butter, caramel mixture.  Instead, I cooked it on the stove.  The microwave seemed like a bad idea and I feel like everything cooks better on the stove.  The trick to making sure the bars aren't hard is to not overcook this mixture- that will make sure it stays gooey and soft.  I cooked on low and stirred constantly.  Don't let it boil!

-  I did milk chocolate instead of semisweet chocolate.  I believe milk chocolate to be the most superior of chocolate, so of course I used that.

- I did probably double the chocolate the recipe calls for.  Once the chocolate was melted I just put it in a plastic bag and drizzled it over the bars.  So good and only a little messy.  LOLZ.

Hugh got in on the action too.

The finished product can not be beat.  Greg and June both devoured these.  They are that good, I promise.  The crunchy and gooey mix + the salty and sweet mix really makes this such a unique and yummy treat.

This post is brought to you by Hugh D. Larsen who slept long enough for me to write this post tonight.  Way to go, Hugh!

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