The Life of Bon: epic

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Have you ever noticed how a lot of times people will just start saying a word that has been around for years but not used that often? And then people are suddenly going nuts and inserting that word in every sentence possible? It happened with the word random. Nobody ever used that word and then one day people would use it for everything- even when the word didn't apply: "I just got a random phone call from my mom" Uh... why was that random? She calls you every day.

Anyway, the most recent trend in words is.... Epic. It makes me crazy. Everytime I hear the word/read the word/think about the word it makes me want to put a gun to my head. I just don't understand why all of a sudden the entire world is using this word to describe EVERYTHING. The definition of epic is "very imposing or impressive, surpassing the ordinary or of heroic proportions". So wouldn't this mean that the more people use this word, the less significance the word actually has? Because if it means that it surpasses the ordinary... and we begin to use it for quite ordinary things, well then it's not epic at all.

I can't figure out exactly when this trend started. For the last nine months I've been blaming any new trend or anything at all that has happened in the media or in our culture on our mission. So obviously when everyone started using epic, I tried to say "wow, I must have been on my mission when the whole country started using epic like it was their job" But then I realized that the first six months that I was home from my mission nobody was using that dang word at all... so it must be a more recent affair...

I'll cite to you some examples:
In a review on Adam Lambert's new music video: the just-premiered video is an epic and explosive affair.
In the same review: I can only imagine how epic it will seem when it runs in multiplexes before Michael Jackson's This Is It...
(really guys, really? You're going to use this "impressive and grandiose" word twice in the same review?
A girl commenting on that video: it's not epic, it's biblical.
(Uh, you're retarded. Don't compare Adam Lambert to the bible. Ever.)
An invite on my facebook page: EPIC BONFIRE.
(Wow, that 21 year old boy off his mish must have just figured out what epic means and now he thinks he can use it to describe the dinky fire he and his friends are going to have in the back of his apartment complex?)
An article in the Daily Universal: the new agenda should be pretty epic.
(PRETTY EPIC? PRETTY EPIC? Isn't that an oxymoron? Don't use as strong an adjective as epic with a word that is meant to subtract the significance of the adjective)
My friend last night on the couch: We should do a road trip. That would be epic.
(Yes, it might be fun, but if you say epic one time during that road trip I'm going to run you over and leave you to die on the side of the road)

My advice to anyone who finds themselves using this word: It's okay to use it, just sparingly. Epic cannot describe every event in the world. Just because you just found out what the word means doesn't mean you can use it more than once a minute.


  1. Ha! You make me laugh. What does it even mean when you call someone like Adam Lambert biblical? Strange.

  2. This post is epic Bon!

  3. hahaha! So funny and sooo true! You did an Epic job on this post Bon,even if it is a little random. hahahahahah! j/k :)

  4. I think it probably drifted into more common usage after the trend of labeling things (specifically pictures) as "fail" or "win," which of course led to "epic fail" or "epic win." Now everything's just epic. As for the six month gap after your mission: it probably was being used online a lot, but not as much in casual conversation. It took a while to trickle down from the lofty spheres of the internet into common vernacular.

  5. just thought you should know that I got a parking ticket for parking in an A lot the other day. Now I am pissed and hope you get a ticket too.

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  7. Read this from the link of today's post. I must admit that I am an offender of this Rule of Bon. I have been obsessed with decrying things as being "epic" so often that my husband teases me about it. Did I mention that I'm a literature MAJOR and have a plethora of synonyms at my disposal? Fail. Epic fail.
    (See what I did there?)

    I promise I will TRY to stop, just for you, Bon!