The Life of Bon: My Dirty Little Secret

Thursday, October 08, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret

I live too far away from campus to walk. Bus passes are $120 and that's too much money to pay for just one semester. And it's pretty much a universally known fact that parking on campus is insane so how do I manage to get to school every day? No, not hitchiking- my days at BYU Hawaii are long past.

I park in faculty parking.

No one has noticed.

I've been parking there for over a month.

No tickets.

It started back the first week of school. I was late for class and looking desperately for a spot in the undergraduate parking. No spots. Anywhere. Class was starting. I was frustrated and late and didn't want to look anymore. So I zipped on up to "A" lot, parked my car in a spot where I knew I wasn't supposed to, and mentally accepted the fact that I would have a $30 parking ticket that would someday have to be paid if I want a diploma. Imagine my surprise when eight hours later, there was no ticket on the car. I thought it odd, even creepy... but decided to just try parking there the next day and continue to push my luck.

And the luck keeps on pushing. Some 30+ days later, still no ticket. I don't even look for a ticket anymore when I go out to my car. I've just accepted the fact that A) My car somehow has faculty registration so when the police parking dudes come around my car scans in as faculty or B) No one checks that lot (which is ridiculous because BYU are such Nazis about fining anyone who parks inappropriately) or C) The BYU parking dude recognizes my car on me and has a crush on me so is cutting me a break or D) I actually get a ticket every day, but someone who hates me takes that ticket so that I don't realize I'm being fined and keep parking there. Maybe by the end of the semester I will have 75 $30 parking tickets. Yikes. Over $2000. That's as much as tuition. Just to park.

Whatever the reason, I continue to live it up. I can come and go to campus whenever I please. I run home for a quick lunch or to grab something that I forgot. I go to lunch with friends and then two hours later that beloved faculty parking spot is still wide open for me. No more having to stay on campus for eight+ hours because I have a good spot and if I leave in the middle of the day someone else will get the parking spot. The doors it has opened are endless.


  1. I applaud your newly found freedom. Way to find some sort of weird loop hole in the system! Just know that
    (a) When you finally do get a ticket, you will TOTALLY deserve it
    (b) Bad parking karma will probably follow you forever
    (c) We should hang out sometime

  2. you tricky tricky woman. we do the same thing and have not gotten any parking tickets. maybe it's a joke the parking police are playing on by not telling us we're accumulating tickets. that would be funny (kind of)

  3. haha I did that too for a whole semester and then I got like 3 tickets in a row...don't worry the tickets are only like 10 bucks so if you think about it, you could get 12 tickets and it would be the same price as the bus pass!

  4. You are too crazy- I can't believe you have been so lucky and haven't got caught! I think if you go the whole semester without a ticket you will hold some kind of new BYU record. I am already impressed- good work! :)

  5. So I just found your blog! Reading it, all black and white, gives me a headache.. but maybe that's just the pregnancy talking. So, I wanted you to know that I married one of those traffic office Nazis. In fact, Sterling used to be one of the supervisors. He was also one of the only ones who actually worked (aka wrote tickets) so, it's likely option.. um, B? that they just don't check that lot. I am curious though which lot it is. Good luck with your parking luck and when you do get a ticket (if they finally decide to start working again) you will totally deserve it. :)

  6. Anonymous3:05 AM

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