The Life of Bon: Kissing Revisited

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kissing Revisited

The last time I posted I told the story about my rowdy sixth period class, and P.'s decision to read excerpts from "The Art of Kissing" to the whole class. Well, Monday we needed to go over a test. A copy of the test was on my computer that I planned to project to the class. Stupidly, I turned the projector on without checking to make sure that what was on my computer screen was, in fact, the test. Immediately there was a loud murmur spreading through the class. Then, "What? Kissing? Ms. Blackburn! What is that?" I looked quickly, realizing too late that because I had been checking my blog during my prep period what I was projecting to my sixth period class was NOT the test, rather, the blog post that I had written about them.

"The Art of Kissing."

I rushed to the computer, trying in vain to pull the test up before they could read what the blog post. Too late. My ancient computer wouldn't pull up a new screen even close to fast enough to cover the post. "What is that? What? What's going on? What do you have there on your computer?" Say what you will about high school students- they're quicker than we all give them credit for.

And so... in a moment of weakness I decided What the Hell? (Sorry mom if you ever read this blog). I'll let the tykes read what I wrote about them.

The reactions were mixed.

"Um, Ms. Blackburn, we're 17 not 15!" corrected one girl. (15 year olds... I mean 17 year olds... get get real offended if you get their age wrong. It's important you know.)

B, the genius who sits in the back, looked bored and irritated that we were taking up his learning time.

"Holy sh**! (that one I will edit out for my mom) You should write for a magazine!" someone else chimed in.

"The line that Pepeen was reading out in the hall was about kissing the ear! It wasn't that a good kiss should take you to another world. You got the details mixed up!"

C woke up to listen in... something I haven't been able to get him to do for weeks.

And P's reaction? The star of the last post? He loved it. Absolutely beside himself with glee. "Ms. Blackburn you think about me at home?!?!?!" He cried out in pure delight.

I guess everyone likes to know they're thought about...


  1. But now the question is... did any of them ferret out the url?

  2. hahaha I can't believe this. You let them read the post you wrote about THEM! I bet they were shocked! How funny! I'd be careful, now they will probably start following your blog! (you may need to go private!)

  3. Bonnie I am so obsessed with you, you don't even know it. How I wish I could be in one of your high school classes. You would write blogs about me and I would love it.