The Life of Bon: Confessions

Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm doing poetry with my creative writing class and I had them write a "confession poem".... you know the little things you do that you're not supposed to do but you still do them? So, I wrote my confession poem along with them because I'm trying to write more and be more creative. And because I am also trying to publish more, I figured I would post it on my blog. Hey- putting stuff on your blog counts as getting published doesn't it?

Before you read it... some of these are exaggerated to make the poem better. I really am not that awful of a person...

Alright so you want me to confess?
Ok, but I'm warning you, my life is a mess,
Went to college to learn and grow
But spent my time partying- just couldn't say no,
Stayed up til four in the morning night after night
Slept through my 9 am classes- yah that wasn't too bright

By seven each day I'm supposed to be at work
When I show up at 7:30 around the corner my boss lurked
"Ms. Blackburn, why did you show up so late?"
"Oh my gosh traffic was awful!" That lie seemed my only gate.

These confessions are getting easier, I'm finally warmed up
When my friends aren't looking, I drink from their cup
I used to cheat to beat my sister in Monopoly
She never even asked where I got all that money
Wait! Driving 20 miles over isn't okay?
I guess you could say I learned that the hard way.
My feelings get hurt at the drop of a hat
Even if it's nothing, I cry "Why'd you say that?!"
I eat way too much ice cream, this much is true
And if I get fat, it's Dreyer's I'm planning to sue.

Wow! I feel so much better getting all this off my back,
But now I'm so tired that I've just GOT to hit the sack.


  1. So I don't know what parts were exaggerated. BA!