The Life of Bon: #hip?

Thursday, September 01, 2011


I like to think I’m pretty hip… but I have enough self awareness to realize that probably ain’t so. As far as bandwagons go, I’m just about always the last one jumping on. I was sitting in church the other day, a little bored, and decided to send my hubby a spicy message. I whipped out my flip phone and started texting away. The girl next to me looked over and whispered in complete seriousness, “So… do you not know how to use a smart phone…. or are you trying to make a statement by holding out with the flipper….?” I was shocked. I didn’t even realize I was that behind. Obviously I have noticed that the….uh… current trend… has been to have a little cooler phone than mine, but I didn’t realize it was to the point where people would comment on my bandwagon tardiness.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, either. I was real stubborn about the whole CD thing. Convinced that the ipod craze was going to fade away into oblivion, I just kept lugging my CD case around. I finally caved six months after my mission (about four years after the general public hopped on) I called my lil sis to let her know of my ipod decision and she replied, “YOU are getting an ipod?! Everything I know about the world is changing.” (The one exception is facebook. I joined in 2004- that’s right- 2004! I was driving that bandwagon!)

So… in an attempt to stop being the last passenger aboard the old wagon, I am secretly enlisting the help of my students. They might not be the brightest when it comes to writing killer thesis statements, but believe me, they’ve got the technology thing down pat. My latest obsession is the meaning of the tic tac toe sign. You know the one. #What does that mean??? I’ve seen it everywhere. Why does it exist? What is its purpose in our society??? I tried to slyly ask some students for more info without giving away that I had no clue what it meant. I got my only semi-informational response by a girl who hasn’t said a word all year “It’s a hashtag,” she explained with a look of pure boredom, “You use it when you don’t want to speak in complete sentences.”

Hmmm… this is kind of weird… but I think I I’ll give it a try…

Am I doing it right? #confused
I am craving some ice cream…. #pistachio with chocolate and cherry pieces
I need to run to the bathroom. #holding it
Gotta plan two lessons for tomorrow and have no idea what to teach. #ready for weekend
I sent my aid to do an errand and he never came back today. #truant, sucka!



  1. HAHAHA! You crack me up! At least you're still hipper than I am! I just barely started using my ipod this month that Geoff bought me 3-4 years ago! And, Geoff explained the #hashtag thing to me just barely, but I still don't get why people use it.

    PS. If you DO give in and get a smart phone, (or use ur ipod like i do) you need to get Words With Friends and play me in scrabble!

  2. Hey Bonnie! Thanks for commenting on my blog - it got me to head over and look at yours too! Congrats on making it 6 months into marriage! :) I am definitely not hip either, but what your student didn't tell you (and I had to google to make sure I was right) is that the # symbol is used on Twitter. Even if people use it elsewhere, I think that's where it got "hip." I'm excited to keep up with your blog - you're still as funny as ever!