The Life of Bon: How We Wore It// Can Nursing Moms Still Wear their Favorite Shirts?!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How We Wore It// Can Nursing Moms Still Wear their Favorite Shirts?!

Alright ladies and gents, are you ready for another "How we Wore it?" installment?  A few months ago Brooke emailed me wondering if I would ever want to participate in this fashion collaboration.  I said I ain't no fashion blogger, but yes!  (Our first post is here.)  I had so much fun the first go around that when Brooke invited me again I was like yah no duh.

The idea is several bloggers take a picture of a fashion blogger and we create our own look based off of that.  It doesn't need to mimic it- rather needs to show how we are inspired by the colors, patterns, textures, etc.  Also, inspired is a weird word to use for clothes.  But whatev.

This month's inspiration comes from Little Miss Fearless.  Ain't she purty?

And here's what I did with it...

Special thanks to Aubrey for snapping these pics.

Ummm... it was really windy if you couldn't tell that already.  And my shirt was mighty clingy.  And any time I do "fashion pics" I feel like a big doofus.  Okay I think that's all my disclaimers.

My favorite part about this month's outfit was the shoes.  Strappy sandal wedges are my shoe heaven.  I struggled a little bit with the floral part of it- I didn't know this, but turns out I have not one floral piece in my closet.  I guess I don't like no flowers.

If I'm being honest, I pretty much never wear the shirt I am wearing in this picture anymore.  That's because the neck is too high and it makes it a royal pain in the butt to nurse while I'm wearing that bad boy.  I have felt in a serious fashion rut since I had June and I think that might be part of the issue- I wear basically the same six shirts over and over because they make it convenient to nurse.  When I am at work I nurse in the daycare where there are student aids, so my nursing apparel needs pretty much be ninja style.  I know some people nurse up, meaning they pull their shirt up to nurse, but to me it is so much easier to pull down and just stick a blanket over your chest.  Which basically means I am wearing low cut, cleavage showing shirts every day.  I'm kind of over it.  Any of you nursing women out there figure out how to still wear all your favorite clothes while nursing your babes?

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