The Life of Bon: Holiday Weekend yo yo yo

Monday, January 18, 2016

Holiday Weekend yo yo yo

Happy Martin Luther King day!

We are keeping with our winter tradition around here and have spent the bulk of our long weekend cuddled up indoors.  I guess we just don't have much go-outside-in-the-cold stamina.  I did make it a goal this year to go snowboarding at least once, today just wasn't the right day to make it happen.  (I have lived in Utah for 27 of my 29 years of life and have only been snowboarding once.  I AM A DISGRACE.)

Greg had a show this weekend so June and I ventured out Saturday night to watch him perform.  June wore her strawberry jammies and wooed the crowd, as babies do.  She then fell down a stair and screamed to beat the band so that was the end of us watching daddy's play.

This is post-falling- down- the- stairs. 

Yesterday I played the piano in church.  I get pretty nervous playing in front of crowds.  My leg was shaking like a true San Francisco quake.  I got through it with only one horribly wrong chord.  Afterward some old guy came up to me and said, "You were really pounding away up there!"  Umm... compliment received!

After church (and June's first official day in nursery.  She loved it!)  we all came home to take naps.  We woke up 3 1/2 hours later.  THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATER.  Talk about winter hibernation.  Greg is a master sleeper, and I am not so bad myself.  June has learned from her parents how to truly enjoy a good sleep session and so that was our Sunday!

This morning I ordered about $1000 worth of inventory for Hey June.  Every time I make a big purchase like that I think, "there's no way we'll possibly be able to sell this all."  And then we do!  I ordered double the bar earrings and cube earrings that I normally do because those things sell like hotcakes.  I seriously can not keep them stocked!

This afternoon we are watching the Jazz game, sneaking off to a movie, (Revenant!) and then, of course, The Bachelor is on tonight! We can't miss that for the world. So basically we are watching TV all day.  HOLIDAY SUCCESSFUL!

Maverick guarding our laundry because he's so weird.

Um... I recently discovered the save link button on my facebook page.  It is marvelous.  Like pinterest but so much simpler for an easily confused person like myself.  So here's some of the things I've been saving.  I figured you might be interested in them too!


+ I try hard to make sure June is getting a balanced and healthy diet.  This new product is pretty much my dream come true- healthy, easy, and combines the best of all foods.  We're in heaven over here.

+ You may have seen this satirical 95 Things You Should Be Doing Every Day According to the Internet floating around facebook.  It is just the best.  And yes, sometimes the internet is the worst.

+ I'm trying out this recipe this week- Skillet Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Yah baby!

+This might be the cutest pregnancy announcement I've ever seen.  Make sure you watch the whole thing because there's a twist.  Also, someone please teach me how to make videos like this.  Brooke, I'm looking at you.

+ I found this article to be pretty interesting.  Want a proven factor of success later on in life?  Household chores.  That's what I tell June anyway when she complains about unloading the dishwasher.  I kid I kid.  I don' talk to her when she does her chores.

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