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Monday, September 12, 2016

All about that lip

If you are on social media much, chances are you have heard of Lipsense by now.  It is the lipstick that is sweeping the country by storm!  It seems like you can’t turn around without someone new offering to sell this crazy new product to you.  (I’m not sure how it has spread outside of Utah, but inside of Utah it has gone viral!)

I am not selling Lipsense.

BUT.  I have a good friend, Kelly, who is.  And she offered to let me try it for free in hopes that I would love it and tell you all how much I love it.  And the verdict is in… I LOVE IT!

Color:  Fleur de Lisa

The basics of what makes this lipstick different than others:

1.  It doesn’t move!  I am a huge lipstick wearer and I know too well the struggles of finding a good lipstick that stays in place.  This is lipstick that does not smudge when you eat, when you kiss, when you drink, when you DO ANYTHING.  It doesn’t even get on your teeth!

2.  The lipstick stays on all day.  Hallelujah!  This lipstick is my saving grace on days when I teach.  I put lipstick on usually at 6:30 am and by the time third period rolls around at noon you know there is no chance of my lipstick being on.  Usually at that point it is smudged, bleeding, faded, etc.  Lipsense really does stay on and doesn’t move throughout the entire day.  I’m talking 5:00 rolls around and the lipstick is still perfect.  You don’t even have to reapply!  (Caveat- you DO reapply clear gloss throughout the day which seals the color on.)  I have found this to be especially important for bold colors of lipstick- I feel so much less stress wearing Lipsense than any other brand.

This lipstick is at 3:20 pm.  I put this on at 6:30.  Four classes of teaching, countless diet cokes, one lunch, and 140 teenagers later! (Color: Blu-Red)

This lipstick is absolutely worth it to me.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular lipstick.  If you haven’t tried Lipsense yet, I’m guessing there are a couple of things that might be deterring you from buying:

1.  Price.  The lipstick is $25 for a color and $20 for a gloss.  You DO need both of these for the product to work.  Most Lipsense distributors will have you buy a starter kit for $55 which includes the color, gloss, and a remover.   My secret:  Don’t buy the starter kit.  Just get the color and gloss.  A transparent Neutrogena face wash bar will take the lipstick off easier than anything else I’ve tried AND it only costs $2 at any drug store.  So save on the remover.  Secondly, my girl Kelly is giving you 20% OFF YOUR ORDER THROUGH FRIDAY 9/16.  I have never seen a distributor publicly offering this low of a discount so I would jump on it right this minute.  At 20% off that means you can try a color and a gloss for $36.  I know it still feels a little steep for lipstick but I promise you it is worth it.  (Also, take into account that you never have to reapply lipstick so it is actually lasting much longer than regular lipstick.)

2.  You are nervous to buy a color without trying it first.  You can look at all the colors on Kelly’s website here. For an idea of what lots of the colors look like, check out Kelly’s instagram @kellyecoombs.  Message Kelly and she will be happy to help you find a color that works for you and even send you pictures of what that color looks like. (Or email her at  She is so great at helping you find what you want.  AND if you don’t like the color you choose she will even let you exchange it for a different one so that you don’t get stuck with a lipstick color you won’t use.

3.  You are suspicious of MLMs or direct sales.  I’ve talked to a lot of people who will not buy something no matter how great it is if it is sold through an MLM.  The reality of sales is that somewhere along the line, someone gets a chunk of the profits.  It can be a big store like Target, or it can be an individual person who sells it and gets that percentage for their work- like Kelly.  I also know that some people can be super annoying and spammy when promoting their direct sales, but Kelly has always been so classy with the way she sells.  I really have a lot of respect for those who do direct sales.  It is not easy and they are grinding and working for their families and personal goals.  So why not support that as much as we support any large store that sells us something?  Plus, the customer service can’t be beat- Kelly really will help you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Color:  Fleur de Lisa

Questions?  Fire away in the comments and Kelly or I will be happy to answer them.  If you want to place your order with the 20% off, you’ll need to do it through Kelly because the website won’t let you put in the discount code.  Email Kelly at and she can help you with your colors, your questions, and your order.  If you’ve been wanting to try, this really is your opportunity!

From Kelly’s own mouth: 

I am an actress and princess for princess parties, so you can bet that I am always looking for a great lip color… I have found it in LipSense!  And trust me, I’ve tried EVERYTHING.  LipSense won’t come off when you smoouch your love, or smudge off when you put on your favorite white t-shirt, or even budge off when you eat that delicious frosted cupcake.  It’s also nourishing so my lips are softer and healthier than ever.  I really love it and hope you do too!

Instagram: @kellyecoombs

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