The Life of Bon: Games (8 Minute Memoir Part 6)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Games (8 Minute Memoir Part 6)

This post is part of an eight minute memoir project that I have seen some of my favorite writers and humans doing.  Join in if you want.  Sometimes my fingers and my brain need to write.  The details are here.

The first time I spent any significant amount of time with Greg was a Sunday evening in early August of 2010.  I invited him to come over to play games with my roommates and me.

The game was Bang!- a western style game where everyone plays a different role.  Sheriff tries to stay alive, outlaws try to kill the sheriff, deputies try to protect the sheriff.  Identities are a secret so you try to figure out who everyone is based on their behaviors during game play.

I had initiated that first hang out.  We had talked briefly before this, at a few church functions and around the apartment complex.  I thought he was cute and he seemed to flirt with me back?  In any case, I had nothing to lose because I was moving in 3 weeks.  He was a cute boy, the summer days were long and hot, and the two seemed to fit hand in hand.

So I did a bit of stalking.  I looked up his number from a list of numbers of everyone who attended our same church meeting.  LARSEN, GREG... there was his number in plain sight for me to use and abuse.

When I called he didn't answer.  I left a message.  "Hey Greg.  This is Bonnie.  We're playing games at my apartment Sunday night and you should come over.  We're playing bang.  It's not quite as fun as the name might have you hope, but it's still pretty fun."

He called back immediately.

That Sunday night he sat next to me and our legs kept brushing up against each other.  Was this on purpose?  Did he like me?  Was he initiating physical contact?

It didn't take me long to figure out.  The next afternoon Greg called me and asked me out for that very night.  We went and got ice cream (but only after I had watched The Bachelor with my friends first).  He was so honest. So upfront.  He hid nothing.

When he dropped me off at my doorstep he asked me when he could see me again.  Tomorrow?  Wednesday? "I am very interested in pursuing this.  I like you."  I remember being so taken aback.  Where were the games?  The texting waiting times, the trying to act cool?  How could this boy be so vulnerable and honest?

By Thursday he had kissed me, four months later we were engaged and by March we were setting off to Mexico on a honeymoon.  I learned quickly and happily.  Greg wasn't play games.

A few weeks before we got engaged.  December 2010.

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