The Life of Bon: Costume prep- are you people ready for Halloween or WHAT?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Costume prep- are you people ready for Halloween or WHAT?

Are you guys so excited for Halloween? I freaking love this holiday... planning and preparing Halloween costumes for my family is kind of my favorite thing ever. I knew the year that Greg and I were dating and I dressed up like a tooth fairy and he agreed to dress up like a little boy that we were on the verge of something amazing... the verge of years of successful costuming. Most years we have gone as a couple but some years we've gone solo. Mainly because Greg just likes to look as scary as possible. And while we all know how fun that can be, I get tired of having my face smeared in black and white makeup. 

I will admit that adding June to the family costume mix has been a little difficult.  Last year we were able to successfully complete our get up of "mythical creatures" with Greg as a wizard, me as a fairy, and June as a unicorn.  Basically it all centered around the idea that we found an adorable little unicorn costume for June.  This year I'm pretty sure she's going as a lady bug... partly because we call her bug and partly because I found an amazing costume at D.I. for dirt cheap.  Score!

This year I have had my costume in mind for several months. It doesn't exactly have a counterpart that Greg could do extremely well so I told him it's up to him if you wants to join in on my costume or not.  I hope he agrees to be the counterpart, but if not my costume is still pretty rad, and I feel like I really have to take advantage of this year to do it. 

When it comes to Halloween costume shopping I always start my shopping at D,I.  D.I. is the best place for deals and for every random thing that you may need for your kick butt costume.  For those of you who I'm not familiar, D.I. stands for Deseret Industries and it is the LDS church's sponsored thrift store.  Basically the place where everybody in Utah goes to sell their stuff they don't want anymore. 

And it is an absolute gold mine. 

D.I. hires people who are especially in need of jobs and experience and allows them to have on-the-job training while at the same time giving kow prices for amazing secondhand items. I'm also always so surprised by how organized D.I. is. Especially in comparison to other thrift stores... it is very easy to find what you're looking for. Clothes are organized according to size and style, housewares and plates are clean and on shelves, and even the table cloths are neatly hanging in the back. It is seriously a thrifter's dream. That is why D.I. is always my first stop for Halloween.

Once I know what my costume is going to be I usually have quite a bit of work ahead of me to find all the pieces. I don't want to tell you quite what my costume is for this year yet, but I will give you the items that I was searching for and if you're real smart you can maybe figure it out!
  • Blue dress with white polka dots
  • Pearl earrings and bracelet 
  • White, strappy high heels 
  • Some kind of 1940's white hat or hair tie 
  • White apron 
  • tight curlers
Have it figured out yet?  I'll give you one last huge clue... the red hair is crucial!

After roaming the aisles of D.I. (I live close to the American Fork D.I. in Utah and I personally think it is one of the best- HUGE and with a great selection.)  I was able to cross the dress and the heels off my list.  I couldn't find an apron like the one I was looking for, but I did find a tablecloth that can be easily sewn into an apron.  Done and done!

As you can see, I actually found two dresses that will work really well for the costume I have in mind... the one on the left is more the fabric that I want, but the one on the right is more of the style I want.  So I'll have to play with them both a bit to kind of get the perfect dress.  And, of course, I have to account for my sixth month pregnant belly which doesn't exactly make anything easy!

The great thing about shopping at D.I. is that if you do find many items that may work for you, it ain't no big deal to buy both of them.  At $4 a pop, it was no skin off my teeth to get both of these dresses to make sure that I have the dress that I want exactly right.

I still need to find some fake pearls and some kind of hat or hair bow, but I still have time.  D.I. constantly has stuff coming in and out so when I am on the prowl for something I often check it weekly.

And, while I was shopping for my costume, I couldn't help pick up a few Halloween decorations.  I love Halloween decorations, but hate forking over inflated prices because it's October.  (I also hate buying in November and storing for a year before I can even use them.)  I was shocked by how many cute little Halloween decorations D.I. had at such low prices.

Scarecrow and candle holder were a combined $3.

Fall leaves to hang along our "Welcome" sign in our kitchen- $1

Trick or Treat sign- $2
Pumpkin- $.50 

Thank you to D.I for sponsoring this post.  I didn't feel much like it was a sponsored post, given that I was doing something that I 100% would have been doing anyway.  Halloween costume shopping at D.I. is pretty much tradition around here.  I'm excited to show you pictures come Halloween of how the costume has come together.  

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