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Monday, October 10, 2016

Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show at Lunch!

This post is sponsored by thredUP, 
but my love for shopping #secondhandfirst is all my own.

You guys.

I am dying over thredUP.  DYING. Have you tried it yet?  TRYYYYYYYYY IT.

Nordstrom cardigan and J.Crew plaid shirt bought 
from thredUP at a mere fraction of their original cost.

What is this company I speak of, you wonder?  Here's the skinny on thredUP.

- You can buy gently used clothing at a fraction of the cost you would pay to buy the item at the store.

- You are able to get name brand and quality clothing at the price that you would usually pay at discount stores.

- The website is SO user friendly.  You can easily search your size, what color shirt you are looking for, what style cardigan, what brand you like.  I have been searching for literally over a year for a shirt similar to the red plaid shirt I am wearing in the pictures and have't been able to find the perfect shirt for a reasonable price anywhere.  Enter thredUP.  This shirt was originally $60 at J.Crew, $23 on thredUP, and then I used a 40% off coupon code for first time buyers it ended up getting it for $13.79.  I seriously wore this shirt three days in a row last week- Thursday to school, Friday to do errands and housework, and then Saturday to hang with friends.  IT IS MY FAVORITE SHIRT EVER.

- Packaging is adorable.  Since owning and running my own business, I have become especially aware how other brands package and present their items.  thredUP has this on lock down!

- You can shop women's sections, men's, children's, shoes--- there's even a maternity section!  (Great for those of us who don't want to blow our whole budget when we are pregnant and need a few basic staples.)

- Shipping is super speedy.  I was shocked when I went to check the mail and my order was already here just days after order.  HOLLER!

- Items are constantly being added to the site so you can check back several times a week to find what you are looking for.  I'm on the prowl right now for a great pair of heel-less ankle booties. (Heels when I'm pregnant = disaster).  You know I'm checking back every few days so that I can nab my perfect pair when I see it.

- I really really am speaking in earnest when I tell you how much I have long admired and respected this company.  They have been on my top three for dream companies to work with. They are a business who knows how to do things right.  I also really love the idea that I am reusing someone else's clothes and not adding (so much) to the waste and consumerism of our country.  A couple of quotes I loved from the brains behind thredUP:

We know shopping secondhand helps the world in some small way, and we're proud to be a part of that.

I fear we are becoming a throwaway culture where everything is disposable.  I want my son to live in a thoughtful, more considerate world.

We know being a conscious consumer matters.  It matters to us, it matters to you, it matters in the whole big picture of the world.

My shirt, June's coat, and June's leggings are all from thredUP.

I placed my first order last week and I received ALL the following for $50: (50.97 if you want to be technical about it)

1.  J. Crew red plaid shirt seen in pictures above.
2.  June's Land's End olive leggings seen in picture above.  (June's leggings ended up being around $4.  This in and of itself is a steal for little girl leggings; add to the fact they are thick leggings of such great quality that she will be able to wear them all winter long and I am seriously in shock that I could get them for such a good deal.)
3.  June's gray Gymboree coat seen in picture above.
4.  Nordstrom beige cardigan seen in picture above.


Okay, I had to include the above picture because June has the blogger-coy-look-down-at-the-ground-and-smile thing DOWN.

Alright, before I sign off to watch some Office with Greg, here are a few coupon codes to use.  I know how you all love a good deal!  Last week I used the code FALL40 and got 40% off my order of up to $50 so I would definitely suggest trying that one first to still if it is still working.  If not, these other codes will still save you a TON. 

  • 15% off for existing customers (only 
     redemptions are available here): LNB15
  • $50 off $125 or more for first time customers: WQA50
  • $30 off $75 or more for first time customers: YHJ75

You guys are awesome.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.  It really does mean so much to me.  And thredUP really is such an amazing company, I hope you will really spend some time checking out their site and consider shopping secondhand more.  It makes a difference, not only to your wallet ($$$) but to to the world!

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