The Life of Bon: Is it Spring Yet?

Monday, March 06, 2017

Is it Spring Yet?

Hey Hey!  It's February 27, and we are so close to spring I can almost taste it.  ALMOST.  Utah has been doing its classic bipolar spring thing where there will be a few warm(ish) days followed by a huge snowstorm and frigid winds that make us all wonder if we have the stamina to ever make it to May.

Maternity leave has been so great in a lot of ways.  I have LOVED the time to cuddle my baby, to stay up late and watch movies with Greg, and to read more.  (I just finished When Breath Becomes Air.  It is my favorite book I've read in the past year- phenomenal!)  We're going on five weeks of being cooped up in the house, though, and I am about to go crazy.  I don't love having a baby in the winter for that reason- I've had cabin fever big time but it's been so cold that we can't go out much.  June was born in July so we had lots of opportunity to get out and move around.  With Hugh it feels like we're in "postpartum" mode for soooo long.

This week we had a couple of 50 degree days so we took advantage of the opportunity to get out of the house!  Hallelujah!  I have been dying to try out our new EvenFlo Pivot stroller.  I use a stroller about every day if the weather is nice so I have been so excited to give this new bad boy a spin.

Hi.  I know I'm biased but he's perfect.

There are a couple of things I love about this stroller compared to our last one.  My favorite feature is that there are three different ways to take your baby in it- the carriage mode, the toddler mode, and the carseat mode.  With Hugh still being a newborn, the carriage mode was perfect for us.  He slept soundly the whole dang time!  (And it's soooo easy to switch into the different modes.)



The other thing I love so much about this stroller is how easy it glides.  My sore body still doesn't have a ton of strength, but pushing this was so easy and effortless.  Our last stroller was a running stroller, and this one just moves so much smoother.


And my very favorite thing about the stroller is how lightweight it is.  Folding up and loading heavy strollers can be a serious drag as any parent knows.  The frame for this stroller is SO lightweight and the carriage/toddler attachment is too.  Both parts are so easily foldable which is big for us as we are all still cramming into my toyota corolla.  (We are so totally in the market for a bigger car, but SUV shopping intimidates the crap out of me.  HELP.)

This stroller rides like a dream.  I had so much fun taking Hugh for our little walk and it makes me so excited for spring and our spring and summer outings.  This little stroller had its debut this week, but we will really put it to the test next week when we TAKE IT TO DISNEYLAND!  I've got one week of maternity leave yet and I finally feel almost healed so we decided to seize the day and take advantage of the down time of year for traveling + my time off to dominate Disneyland.

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