The Life of Bon: six years

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

six years

Last week Greg and I celebrated six years of marriage.

I always try to write something special on this blog on big event days.  Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Lately I have felt kind of inadequate to do it justice, though.  I used to love writing on these days because I thought I knew it all- thought I had everything figured out and I was happy to share that knowledge with the world.  (After six months of marriage I eagerly wrote a post on "marriage advice."  I cringe to remember it.)  Now I'm convinced that I know nothing and therefore have nothing to say.  What do you say about six years of marriage?  What do you say about the movie nights, the frustrations, the children filling up your house, the will-you-pick-me-up-a-diet-coke, the tears, the snoring, the kisses, the smell of his cologne, the inside jokes, the Christmas presents, the pick up your damn towel, the road trips, the back massages, the eye rolls, the late night runs to McDonald's, the hot bubble baths, the babies crying in the middle of the night, the house projects, the bills, the Parks and Rec marathons, the hamburgers on the grill, the suffering/ joy/ misery/ pain/ hope/ love you share together?

I don't know what you say.

I will say that I'm grateful.  Grateful that there is someone out there who knows me at my worst.  Has seen my ugliness, is well acquainted with my flaws.  Someone to whom I have shown my absolute worst and who isn't afraid of that.  Someone who loves me in spite of it all.  Someone to whom I can be completely vulnerable and someone where I am always safe.  Grateful that I have been given a partner to do this life with because heavens knows it is hard enough alone.

I guess that's what six years of marriage looks like.


+ If you're in the mood, this video was made for Greg's and my wedding, by his friend Eric Phillips.  We sound like a couple of idiots who have no idea what is about to hit them.

+ I'm thrilled to be doing a campaign for this app.  It's one that when people tell me they don't have it my jaw drops and I stare at them in disbelief.  It is a must-have!

+ In the vein of celebrating anniversaries, this article in the New York Times, You May Want to Marry My Husband, is such a tear jerker.  Ah, marriage.

+ Have you all seen this Ultimate Road Trip across the United States?  Developed by scientists so you know it has to be good.  I'm tempted but then I remember I have two kids under three and that ain't gonna happen til they are good and grown.

+ We got into the bad habit of letting June drink from our coke cans and she's turned into a soda fiend. Now we're trying to break the bad habit (Parenting fail) and I've found the solution through  Giggle.  It is lightly carbonated, yummy, naturally flavored and sweetened, and enhanced with vitamins.  She thinks she's drinking coke but it's actually soooooo much better.  Her favorite flavor is orange... My other child, Greg, prefers the lemon. 

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