The Life of Bon: Toe crisis

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toe crisis

I feel like I should have a welcome back party for myself. Of course, I think that every time I post on my blog. I enjoy doing it, and yet somehow it is hard for me to be consistent.

For some reason I never feel like posting about anything significant. So I've decided all just continue positing about the minuscule and unimportant happenings in my life. Can your toes keep growing? Today I looked down at my foot. I was sitting in a rather boring class and the subject material had long ceased to hold my attention. I wiggled my toes around, looked at the sore on the top of my right foot and scratched my heel. Then I noticed. My second toe is longer than my big toe! I know this isn't that unusual; tons of people have longer second toes. But here's the thing, I have always prided myself in the fact that my toes are perfect. Each toe is the appropriate length. Each progressively shorter than the one before. So one day I distractedly look down and notice that my second toe has grown longer than my big toe? How does that happen to someone?!?

In other news I'm still mad about a parking ticket I got over a week ago. It was for parking in handicapped parking in Wal-mart. I'm not handicapped. They figured it out. One hundred dollars.


  1. i read another blog, maybe three weeks ago, by a man, from the east coast (totally unrelated to you - except for he goes by the name of bomobob - kinda' similar to bonbon?) anyways, he was complaining for the exact same thing. in some ways your post are very similar, similar wording etc. it could be an alien thing of the growing toes. i don't know. but good luck and hopefully you won't need to buy new shoes in the next couple months or so!