The Life of Bon: I quit winter

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I quit winter

Winter has gotten to me.  I realize we're only what... one, two weeks in?  But I can't do it.  I have no motivation to dive into the deep abyss of January or explore what blistery February has to offer.  I wish to stop this whole winter charade right now and just be done with it.  The past week has literally been work then home then repeat five times.  This weekend I went to a bridal shower for my sister but other than that it was the safe and warm confines of my four apartment walls.

Maverick hasn't had a walk for almost a week.  He's going insane.  His insanity is driving me insane.  But when you get home at 4:30 and it's already almost dark how in the world do you force yourself to go outside in seven degree weather to walk a pup somebody answer me.....?!?!

Some people really love the snow and I wish I were more like those people, especially since I have lived the majority of my life in Utah and there's no definitive end in sight.  I feel bad even writing that because the truth is there's so much I love about Utah.  I just don't love the winter.  How do people drag themselves to the gym and to the movies and to Christmas parties when you could just never leave the house instead?  So I guess that it's not so much that I hate winter, just that I hate that it sucks away my energy and motivation and leaves me feeling so totally lethargic.

I think it's time I consider Arizona.

Those of you who live in cold weathered areas please tell me what you do to get you through the winter months.  Give me some ideas- something to give me a bit of energy.  Also snowboarding is out because that crap's just way too expensive.

Taking over the rest of my post for me today is Becca.  This girl has probably the most frank and candid blog that I have ever read.  It's a bit more "PG-13" than the typical blog and she's definitely got some edge which I really love. I have never met someone so unafraid to bear all and I am trying to take my lessons from her about being honest and open.  She recently started seeing a marriage counselor and I have learned so much from these posts... almost like I'm getting free sessions from her blog!  Make sure to check out her best of page as that will direct you to all the best posts.  Hit it, Becca!

Hey Life of Bon readers! My name is Becca, and I blog over at I Ate Skinny. I'm twenty three years young and live in Alaskaland with my husband. We're not here by choice, the Army sent us, but we're doing our best to survive in the -30 and below weather. I work with adults with special needs, and really love my job. You can find me writing about anything from my weight loss progress, (52 pounds down baby!) to my struggle with being cray as bat poop, and everything in between.

One thing you'll realize pretty quickly about me is that I have an unusual love for lists. There's something so satisfying about being able to cross something off of a list, or being able to see how many different ideas you were able to come up with. I just love lists and I tend to write a lot of them. Like my ten random facts about my childhood, twelve random facts about my high school years, or twenty things you really didn't need to know, but that I'm going to tell you anyways. So when deciding what to write for Bonnie today a list just felt right, and I decided that I'm going to tell you all about my five biggest pet peeves.

1. Bad Driving. I've written a bit about it here, but it's bad. I have awful road rage. It gets a million times worse when ice is on the ground, which unfortunately means I spend six to nine months of the year angry while driving. I drive slow when there's ice on the road because I'm super paranoid of dying in a car crash. (I told you, I'm cray.) A lot of the drivers up here are bullies to the slower drivers and will drive riiiight up on the booty of the car, when this happens I tend to leak a bit of that cray out and scream obscenities... that's normal though right?

2. People singing the wrong lyrics of songs on purpose drives me insane. My little brother is the biggest contributor to this pet peeve. When we were younger he would change the lyrics of songs I loved to annoy me and sing them loudly over the original one. Parodies are one thing but just ruining a good song to be mean? Nope. Hate it.

3. That one hair on my husbands chest that grows in longer and darker than the rest. I'm slightly OCD and that ish bothers me so much. I pluck it whenever I see it, and I'm convinced it exists just to spite me. There was about three months where it didn't grow back, and he went to the field for two weeks, when he got back that sucker was like an inch long! And last time THREE were growing from that same spot! I obsess over strange things, I'm okay with that.

4. I hate when people don't put their shopping carts away. I understand if you have four kids, it's snowing, and you're way out at the end of the parking lot, but if you're three cars away walk your happy butt over and put it in the stall. It's hard enough to find parking without carts taking up spaces too.

5. Telling me to calm down when I'm calm. This isn't so much a pet peeve as a way to make me incredibly angry and my husband knows this and uses it to his advantage. Especially when he wants to remind me forcing him to come grocery shopping is an awful idea. The last time I made him come with me he followed me around the entire time telling me to calm down, and then told the sixteen year old bagger that I beat him and he was afraid of me. I was about ready to pop him one after that trip!

So those are the five quickest ways to annoy the ever loving heck out of me, I want to know what annoys you? Do you have any of the same or am I even crazier than I thought? Either way I hope you'll stop by and check out the insanity! That was a lame ending, I suck at conclusions. Oh well, thanks for letting me write Bonnie!


  1. Vitamin D pills! Start taking a supplement, my levels were so low that I'm on a once a week super mega dose of them, but they have helped a LOT! We're almost in 24 hour darkness now and they are lifesavers. Or look into getting a happy light, you sit in front of it for 30 minutes a day and it's supposed to up your moods. :)

  2. This is why I live in California, and it's still be cold here lately!

    I'm hosting a 12 Days of Christmas link up on my blog and today's topic is "Is Winter your favorite season." I guess we were on the same wavelengths with the cold. :]

  3. "starts getting dark at 430'" HAHA! In Sweden it's dark at 230 pm. I think we all pretend we're vampires so that when the sun goes away we're like "mwahahahaha." Otherwise we'd all be crazy.

    I get through winter by being Buddy the Christmas Elf. There's so much to do around Christmas time, it's so fun--especially in super mommy cute Utah. Red Butte garden strolling, Temple square strolling, visiting Santa at the mall (I used to work for him) all the holiday boutiques with handmade stuff....oh god I love it. Then there's a lull in January but I immediately gear up to go overboard with Valentine's Day.

    I guess I just love the winter. I'm from a place that didn't get snow, we got only ice, and the ice storms were deadly. People and animals died every winter and we were terrified of trees breaking down from the ice and falling on our house. I'm thankful to be in a place with snow instead.

  4. Doggie daycare is THE BEST winter investment!

  5. I like snow at Christmas - and that's about it. I'd love it a lot more right now if my apartment complex would clean up my sidewalk and parking lot too.

  6. You should definitely come to Arizona! It only 55 out right now....and I think later this week we have a high of 68!

  7. I feel so bad for complaining about 50 degree weather when I read posts like this. I feel bad for being annoyed that there's frost on my windshield in the morning when other people have to shovel piles of snow off of theirs. So, yes, you totally should consider AZ! Cause you don't have to shovel sunshine! ;)

  8. Wish I could help ya out. I HATE the snow. I've never lived in it and don't want to and can't understand why people like it. I'm born and raised So Cal. I'm scared to live anywhere else!!

  9. I'm originally from NC, but don't remember a real winter because it's been Texas and California for 10 years. But I'm going to be in London this whole winter and apparently the worst storms in 60 years are heading over there... help me, help me, help me! Let's freeze in misery together.

  10. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I hate winter but for some reason I want to move to Colorado or Utah.

  11. I don't mind the snow as much as the getting dark at 4:30. That is depressing. I have been playing a lot of Christmas music to keep my cheery right now. And lots of thick fuzzy socks.
    Are you at least getting snow days?

  12. Ew...I'm moving back home on Friday and I am NOT looking forward to that coldness...It has been so warm in Vegas the past couple of

  13. I am so with you... I quit winter the moment we first saw snow flurries... and now we have had snow twice in the past 5 days and are supposed to get it again on Saturday... 3 times in one week is too much for me! Is it Spring yet??

  14. I totally understand where you're coming from. And it's why, after 7 awesome but cold years in Chicago, I high-tailed it out of there for the sunny shores of California. Hopefully winter will fly by and it'll be spring before you know it. :)

  15. I love the snow, but I wish it didn't come with the cold and that is wasn't so hard to drive in!