The Life of Bon: Let's review this 2013, shall we?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Let's review this 2013, shall we?


Highlights:  Met my blogging idol, C.Jane, analyzed the fierce complexity of grocery shopping, started Bon's Book Club, wrote mine and Greg's love story (here and here), and took 214 seventeen year olds to the movies.   

Lowlights:  Had the coldest January in Utah since 1938, never wanted to leave the house, Greg got deathly ill and puked his guts out until we finally took him to the emergency room.


Highlights:  Wrote one of my favorite posts about grief, celebrated Valentines Day, blogged about blogging, and quit my job.

Lowlights:  Decided I am the worst blogger ever, Watched the Jazz lose a bunch of games, and quit my job.  Still don't know if I should put the quit my job on a highlight or a lowlight as it allowed for change and growth, but was incredibly difficult to leave Copper Hills.



Lowlights:  Went through a bunch of ugly wedding pictures and decided Greg and I are not nearly as photogenic as we think. 


Lowlights:  May 2013 will go down in the books as the month of stress.  Greg and I were so confused what to do about our work situation- Greg had graduated and for two years we had planned to move to California when he did.  But all of a sudden nothing felt right.  I searched for jobs for countless hours with no luck, and hit wall after wall trying to get my California certification.  Making the decision to go was stressful and making the decision to stay was stressful, but seven months later I couldn't be happier with the place we are at in our lives.  Posts full of angst and worry written during this time here and here and here.



Lowlights:  Lowlights don't exist in July.




Highlights:  Celebrated Halloween with friends and family, figured out my teaching philosophy,  analyzed what it means to be married,  GOT A PUPPY (posts here and here), and enjoyed every single day of beautiful weather that October has to offer.

Lowlights: Struggled to find balance in life,  Does such a thing exist?


Lowlights:  Got fed up with people for being frustrated with "kids these days."  It's the parents, I say!


Highlights:  Decided I'm the worst student ever, took a bit of a blogging break and tried to simplify my life, celebrated Christmas, watched my lil sis get married.

That's it folks, the year in one post.  Here's to 2014!


  1. Love this! Love the photos! You always look so happy. i'd say photogenic for sure :O) x

  2. Such a crazy year! And I totally understand about leaving your job. I had my last days as youth minister this month, and my last Sunday I bawled all morning. I know it was the right thing and I'm so excited to see what happens next, but it was so hard leaving! But here's to 2014- I'm sure it has a lot in store for both of us!