The Life of Bon: Germany and France Part 1

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Germany and France Part 1

Welp we've made it to Germany and we're alive and well, although totally tired.  Jet lag!  The worst!  It's our third day and so why are we still feeling it?!  I wake up at 5 am raring to go and at 1 pm I'm exhausted as can be.

But we're pushing though it and hoping by tomorrow our bodies should be officially adjusted.  It makes me feel for babies, you know.  Poor thing comes screeching into the world and they're supposed to sleep at certain times and be awake at certain times, but their bodies want to do something totally different.  No wonder they don't sleep through the night.  Who can blame them?

The flight over was not nearly as bad as I anticipated.  We watched movies and slept, and I got up to walk around the plane every two hours and both me and baby inside me were just fiiiiine. Yea!

The weather is gorgeous, (Albeit a bit hot.  High 80s! Low 90s!  In the beginning of June!) and my sister and her husband are as hospitable as ever.  It's much more comfortable to visit a new country when you've got someone to show you the ropes, you know.

And now, pictures!

Day 1:  Stuttgart, Germany.  Home of my sis.

^^ My niece, Caroline.  She was still kind of warming up to me.  It had been a year and a half since I had seen her.  She is so grown up!

Day 2:  Strasbourg, France.

^^ Sunblocking it up.

^^Little French girl with dirty underwear swimming in the public fountain.  I thought about taking my feet out of the fountain at that point, but it was just too hot.

^^ Lunch at a French cafe.  

^^ Pistachio ice cream.  There is nothing better.  (And obviously painting my fingernails has been a huge priority lately.)

^^ Greg got a sweet picture of my backside.  Husbands do these things, you know.

^^ My niece, Caroline.

^^ Don't mind the man in the bright orange shirt going to town on his nose back there.

^^Playing in the fountains with my nephew, James.  This trip is the first time I've ever met the dude.  I approve.

Tomorrow it's neuschwanstein castle.  Boo yah.


  1. You look beautiful! What a lovely family you have - enjoy your trip! xo

  2. jealous! looks like so much fun! that water looked refreshing i would jump in it too! you look great too. coming back state side for the birth?

  3. Pencil skirts are the way to go when it's warm out these days. It's like getting away with not wearing pants at all :) And look at you, blogging while on vacation in freaking Europe! You go, girl!

  4. Anonymous3:24 PM

    High 80s/low 90s? That sounds fantastic! We've already broken 100 several times in the last two weeks!

  5. So fun! You are all bump and bosoms these days! Gorgeous pictures, enjoy the heck out of your trip.

  6. Oooh, beautiful! I'm envious. How come your sister lives in Germany? That's so cool! I'm just nosy, haha.

  7. I felt so at home in Europe. :) My husband and I were both stationed in Germany from 2010-2012 and we loved it there. I miss our spontaneous day trips. Neueschwanstein Castle is stunning. Have fun!

  8. I love Strasbourg! It's one of my favorite cities in the world!

  9. So good to see these pictures! So reassuring to know you are alive and well....

  10. You are so so cute with your baby bump. I love it. Glad you are having fun :)

  11. Oh what great photos and you look so great

  12. Since I live in the same city as your sister, I wondered whether we would meet accidently. But then I'm off to the South of France on Friday night, so the chances are slim. Probably better, I would have felt like I was stalking.