The Life of Bon: 2015-16 School Year Goals

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015-16 School Year Goals

From earlier this summer- hiking with my sisters in law and their babes.

Hi guys!

I'm back from a long and crazy sponsorship break.  You know when you are watching tv and it's a commercial break?  Sometimes you read my blog and then we have sponsorship breaks.  Six sponsored posts in a row was absolutely nuts, and it is not something I ever ever plan on doing again.  Somewhere in the world there has to be the perfect sponsored posts/ nonsponsored posts balance, right? TELL ME BLOG GODS, IS THERE A BALANCE?

I know that sponsored posts can be really annoying, and I appreciate you for reading and still tuning in.  I explained a little bit the reasoning behind the crazy amounts of multiple sponsored posts in a row on this post and you were all really nice about it in the comments.  You guys are the greatest.  One reader even commented, "You don't have to explain your sponsored posts to us.  It's your blog! Do what you want!"  I think that's really nice of someone to say, but to me I do have to explain my sponsored posts.  It is "my blog", yes, but you are my audience and without my audience I wouldn't be able to devote as much time as I do to this blog.  I definitely wouldn't be able to write five times a week. I wouldn't be eligible for sponsored posts, I wouldn't be able to help my family with the income that those posts generate, and I might not be able to feasibly work just part time at the school.  So while it is "my blog", if you are a faithful reader it is "your blog" too, and I think you deserve an explanation when there are randomly six sponsored posts in a row.  I know that I would want the same courtesy.

That being said we have a bit of a sponsor break for a couple of weeks now which is AWESOME.  That means that I can focus on writing all the stuff I really really love.  That's not to say that I don't love the sponsored posts I write.  I really enjoyed sharing with you guys my tips on getting more out of your fiction reading and I loved the post on books for your babies and toddlers.  Believe it or not, there is real and useful information in sponsored posts!

Today is the first day of school.  I am not there because this year I work B days instead of A days.  I wisened up to the fact last year that B days were where it was at.  All my part time friends were working B days instead of A days, there are more assemblies and activities on B days, and the flowers smell better on B days, too.  Really it's probably all in my head, but when my VP said I could teach B days instead of A days this year, I was all for it.  Long live B days!

I also had to do a bit of fanagling with my lunch.  I was assigned the later lunch, while Greg and all of my buddies were assigned the earlier lunch.  I felt very high school indeed emailing my VP asking him if I could get switched to the earlier lunch so I could eat with my friends.  Maybe those 17 year olds are rubbing off on me more than I think.  In any case, I got my lunch switched with a teacher who preferred the later lunch and now I can continue in marital faculty lunchtime bliss.  All is well!

The end of summer is always kind of disappointing, but the older I get, the more resigned I am to it.  I really do love my job, and after ten weeks off I feel ready to get back in to the teaching action.  Also, summer is just too hot.  This year Utah had a sweltering June- days in a row over 100 degrees and all of a sudden I was just like someone save me from this heat!!!  I was missing our family cabin more than even this summer- our escape to the cool mountains.  (First world problems, I know.)  Maybe if we owned a boat I could love summer forever?  Now that school is back in I am 100% okay with the weather turning cooler.  And let's face it, knowing October is in your immediate future is always a good feeling. Hashtag Halloween. Hashtag pumpkins. Hashtag boots.

This year will feel a bit different at the school than last year.  While I'm still only going in every other day, I'm teaching four classes instead of the three I taught last year.  No prep period.  I think I can handle it, but it wouldn't be the first time in my life I thought I could handle something I couldn't.  The extra money will be helpful, and I guess I figure that as long as I am at the school and paying for daycare I might as well be earning as much money as I can.  I am hoping this doesn't mean that my days at home are overtaken by grading and lesson planning.  It will also feel different because I won't be sneaking away to a coat closet to pump at 9 am, or darting down to daycare at noon to feed.  My little Junie is growing up on me, darn it.

With my first day of school being tomorrow, I've got a few goals I've made.  Last year was kind of adjustment year for me- adjusting to being a mom, adjusting to going part time, adjusting to Greg's new work schedule.  Teaching got put on the back burner and I went on auto pilot mode.  This year I am hoping to step up my game a little bit this year and devote more time, love, and energy to my students.  They deserve it.


Visiting my alma mater this weekend in Price.

1.  Get to KNOW more of my students.  Ask them about their lives, their jobs, etc.  Stand outside door before class and say hi to students as they enter in.

2.  Have all work graded, put in computer, and back to students within a week.

3.  Be better about being accessible to my students- be in classroom every (B day) morning at 7 am and stay until 3 or 3:30 so they can reach me when they need to.

4.  Make my classroom a place where all students, regardless of religion, gender, sexuality, race, or economic status, feel comfortable and safe.

5.  Have open and honest communication with students so that they feel comfortable coming to me with problems.

Let's do this, school year!

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