The Life of Bon: How We Wore It// The Most Difficult Outfit to Recreate Ever

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How We Wore It// The Most Difficult Outfit to Recreate Ever

Every once in a while my blogger friends and I like to dress alike.  We all find a picture of someone looking totally fly and we do our best to mimic the outfit.  The point is to help us think outside of the box when it comes to clothes and be a little creative with our wardrobe.  Brooke heads this up because Brooke is awesome and any time I have the chance to do a little blog project with her I say yes please.

This month our picture came from Girl Meets Glam.

Before I show you my take on this outfit I need to warn you that it was an extremely tough outfit for me to mimic.  The idea is something about the textures, patterns, colors, etc motivates or inspires us. (Am I butchering this, Brooke?)  Well I've got diddly squat in my closet that looks anything like what Julia is wearing.  The only thing I kind of have is pants that have army green in them like Julia's shorts and sandals that are brown-ish like Julia's.  I tried to wear a summer type sweater like she is, but let's just say our outfits look nothing alike. (Also I will never ever be able to rock a hat like that.)  Ah well, can't say we didn't try!

Um... I have no idea where any of these clothes are from.  They're all old.  Oh, the wedges are from Target.  That much I remember.

All great fashion bloggers have jumping pictures, right?

Here's the other girls who did it with me.  Let's all go see if they did a better job than me.

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