The Life of Bon: I got a watch and it's made of wood!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I got a watch and it's made of wood!

For a long time I have needed a watch.  But I kept putting it off.  The thing with cell phones is you can kind of make yourself believe you don't need a watch anymore, but always having to look at your cell phone for the time is a total drag.  Also people think you are scrolling facebook when you're just trying to check the time.  Also my phone battery lasts about an hour so by noon I'm basically screwed for the rest of the day and I never know what time it is.  Also when we went on our cruise I had to borrow my mother in law's watch.  So yes,  HOMEGIRL NEEDS TO ALWAYS HAVE A WATCH.

So I got a watch.  And it is the prettiest watch I have ever owned.  While I was at it I got Greg a watch because I am tired of him also never knowing what time it is. Let me tell you, the boy looks sharp with a capital S in his watch.  Do people still say that?  Sharp with a capital S?  I feel like that might be something people don't say anymore but what do I know? (Also my students tried to explain to me on fleek the other day and I was just like yes, but whyyyyyy?)

Anyway.  I introduce to you, the best looking watches we've ever owned-  His and Her Jord watches...

HERS (Fieldcrest Maple)


And because we're stinking crazy about her, Junie had to join in on the fun.  But she doesn't get a watch until she can read the time like a responsible adult.

Aaaaaaaaand this is my favorite picture ever in the whole world. Also isn't her tutu just adorable?  Because babies in tutus is so cute it shouldn't even be legal people!

I really can't speak highly enough of these watches.  I've been wearing mine all day every day for the past three weeks.  I love the big face and the color goes with every outfit I own.  The wood is of the highest quality and the watch really just stands out.  All my students notice it and they think I'm real hip.  Every day someone says " Hey Mrs. Larsen I love your wood watch!" and I say, "Thanks but that doesn't mean you can be ten minutes late to class!"

And that's a wrap, peeps!  Also, this was Greg's first ever "fashion shoot" and he was real nervous about it so go ahead and tell him he did a fine and dandy job and his hair looks real fly.  Oh, and tomorrow I am telling you all about how to have a successful introvert + extrovert vacation because I think maybe Greg and I have finally mastered it?!?


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