The Life of Bon: Bracelets! Get yer bracelets!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bracelets! Get yer bracelets!

I'm working on a longer post that will go up later this afternoon/ evening (come back!  I'm ranting about dumb things people say to moms who have kids in daycare!) but for now I am going to leave you with an exciting little announcement for me and my family.

We are expanding our Hey June jewelry line to include bracelets!  Aren't they purty?!

Choose the stone that represents any special time in your life you want to celebrate.  It has been so fun to see orders come in and see you all celebrating weddings, births, new friendships, graduations, etc.  There is a lot of difficulty in life, but there is so much happiness and that's what we want to celebrate!  I am a firm believer in that what we focus on expands.  When we focus on the good times, the good times expand.

We always offer a discount when we reveal something new in the shop, and today is no exception.  If you want 20% off your little bracelet use code BRACELET20 at checkout.   Coupon code is good through Saturday so you've got four days only to rack in your sweet savings.

And, you can also buy your bracelet in a set with a necklace.  AND if you buy the set you can use the bracelet code on that as well... BRACELET20 and you get 20% off the necklace AND the bracelet.

Thank you so much for your love and support.  I am so grateful for this blog and for you guys who read, comment, buy necklaces, and just send your overall good juju my way.  Our family has been struggling with some personal issues lately and just know that this blog and our little business has been a huge blessing and an answer to many prayers.  THANK YOU.

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