The Life of Bon: Europe part 2: How to get lots of pictures with somebody who doesn't like taking pictures.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Europe part 2: How to get lots of pictures with somebody who doesn't like taking pictures.

One of the main things Greg and I disagree on while on vacation (and in life in general) is PICTURES.  I love to take pictures of anything and everything, I've got no problem lugging a big camera around or pulling it out whenever I feel like.  Greg hates sticking out at all or drawing any unnecessary attention to us.  On a vacation, Greg doesn't want to look like a tourist.  Taking pictures of everything every second only screams, "We're not from here!"  I couldn't care less what a bunch of foreigners think of me.  To me they should be flattered that I'm visiting their country and that I think it's beautiful and want to take pictures of it.  If I had my way I'd take pictures all day every day.  If Greg had his way, we'd leave the camera at home.

I think we were about two days into our seventeen day European stay when Greg decided he was done with pictures.  He didn't want to be in any more pictures, didn't want to pose for pictures, didn't want to stop constantly to snap snap snap.  I know that taking pictures can be a huge nuisance while you are there, but when a vacation is over all that remains are the pictures.  And even though he doesn't like to admit it, Greg loves looking at pictures after it's over.

So, we both compromised a little.  We tried a couple of technics, if you will, to make sure that we got all the pictures I wanted, and to ensure that Greg wasn't miserable sticking out like a tourist and posing for pictures non stop.

Technic #1:  Get Greg to take the pictures.  I discovered that Greg didn't mind taking the pictures nearly as much as being in the pictures.  So I gave Greg the camera and made him take the pictures- something about not having to pose for the pictures suited him just great.  Of course, I knew I could have him pose a couple of times here and there with me, just not non stop.  So he took over the camera reins and every one was much happier.

Almost all of these pictures are from our stay in Switzerland.  We went for four days with my sister and her family and stayed at a beautiful cabin right smack dab in the middle of the Alps with a lake on either side of us.  It was absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever been in this world.

^^ Greg also didn't mind snapping pictures of me and my sis, which made it perfect because we got lots of great shots together.  Also, people say we look alike- whaddya think?

 ^^Stuttgart, Germany.



^^ Of course, once Greg was in charge of the camera the first thing he wanted was to take pictures of the outhouse.  Boys will be boys.

^^ Free roaming cows in the Alps, don't mind if I do!

Technic #2:  Very fast selfies.  Greg was good for exactly two "selfies" on vacation.  He HATES it when I try to take selfies (especially with the DSLR- says it makes him feel like a true idiot) but if I am fast enough I can usually snap one or two.

^^ Selfie #1:  Hiking in Switzerland

^^ Selfie #2: Paddleboating in Prague.  And we're maxed out for selfies!

Technic #3:  Unposed pictures of Greg.  

When I did want pictures of Greg, I snapped most of them unposed.  I think it's the constant posing, smiling, pausing that he (and I am guessing most men?) started to get tired of.  I took a lot of pictures of Greg when he didn't know I was taking pictures, or I just said, "Greg, look at me" and snapped a picture.  Painless way to get all the shots I wanted!

^^ One of my favorite shots of the whole trip, Greg snoozing on a rock in Switzerland.  Looks like Lord of the Rings.

^^ This is Greg and his new friend he made from Ukraine.  We met him in the middle of Prague's town square.  They rattled away at each other in Russian for 10 minutes and then were magically best friends.  That's how I make all my best friends, too, don't you?

 ^^ Jewish cemetary in Prague.  Greg is unaware of the camera.

^^ Paddleboating in Prague.

Technic #4:  Save the posed pictures for the best and prettiest sites.  I think the reason why Greg dislikes posing with me for pictures is that we have to ask someone else to take the picture for us, and Greg hates inconveniencing other people.  He would much rather skip the picture than have a stranger take it. With my sister and brother in law he didn't mind as much, as long as it wasn't incessant.  So I only asked him to pose with me for the best sites, and in Prague, when we went without my brother and sister, I only asked a stranger once or twice to take a picture of him, allowing Greg to not have to feel too uncomfortable posing for strangers.

^^ Pictures taken by my brother in law in Switzerland.

 ^^Picture taken by my sis, unbeknownst to both Greg and me.

 ^^ Picture taken by Greg's new Ukrainian friend in Prague's town square.  Who can say no to posing in such a gorgeous place?

^^ Picture taken by our waiter... it's the only picture I have of me and Greg with my sister and her husband, Ben.  This was after the most delicious and quiet dinner overlooking the city of Stuttgart on a Saturday night.  Germany was playing Ghana that night in the world cup so the restaurant was pretty much dead and we sat and chatted unrushed.  It was one of my favorite nights there.

This post started out as a post about the differences between Greg and I while traveling and merged into a post just about how to take pictures.  I swear, sometimes my blog posts do what they want with no regard to what I initially set out to write.  Next post will be about all the differences in traveling styles, I promise!


  1. Gorgeous photos. I've never wanted to go to The Alps until now!!! This was a great funny and true, with a great geography lesson included!!

  2. Completely beautiful! Love your tips! We just moved into a new house and wanted to go exploring, so my husband asked me to go for a walk with him around the lake down the street...which turned out to be less of a walk and more of a photo shoot because I couldn't get enough of that pretty lake! He told me that he would be more willing to take pictures if I warned him beforehand...

  3. Germany and Switzerland have never been high on my "to see" list, but I think I'm reconsidering... Everything looks beautiful!!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love that you trick him into pictures. Who doesn't love pictures?! Memories you can revisit!

  5. My favorite trick for getting strangers to take vacation pics is to find a couple/family/group that are taking pictures of each other and/or struggling with their selfies, offer to take one of all of them. After snapping it I ask them to take a photo of us. Works like a charm!

  6. Aww, I love the candid one of you and Greg snuggling. :)

  7. I love this! I feel like the husbands/boyfriends of bloggers are either a) pro photographers that love pictures or b) normal dudes who aren't really into pictures (like Greg and my man, Brandon). There's no in-between haha. Brandon usually doesn't care if I take the pictures as long as it's #3. I think candid photos are better anyway :)

  8. aghhhh these pictures are so beautifull!! i was in switzerland for like 2 days back in 2011 on a trip around europe (and 3 days in germany) and i would LOVE to go back! even pictures just taken from the bus as we were driving around were incredible!! & i totally agree that maybe it's annoying to take the pictures at the moment but no one regrets having the pictures once they get home! (my problem is the 2000 pictures i have to sort through upon returning from a vacay!)

  9. I think candid pictures are the best ones! It's fun to sneak pictures when nobody is paying attention. I looooove the picture of you by the mountains and the lake!

  10. I giggled all through this post because Greg and my husband Andrew are exactly alike in so many ways-especially picture taking!

  11. what beautiful pictures! so glad that you had a great trip!

  12. Wow these pictures are stunning! Your trip looked like great fun

  13. I'm so glad you made a compromise because these pictures are great! I can see both points though. You want pictures so you can remember your trip and share stories. A few weeks ago my BFF had just gotten back from Italy and gotten her pictures developed. (Which... I love that she still gets pictures developed. It makes me smile.) It was so much fun to sit at Panera and her her tell stories and see everything. But I can see Greg's point too, and sometimes you need to put the camera down and enjoy.

  14. This is going to be useful! haha my boyfriend is the same!

  15. Pretty! I love the sneaky picture of you and Greg cuddling!

  16. You got some gorgeous photos! I really want to go to Switzerland!

  17. I just scrolled through and looked at the photos and didn't read the post sorry about that but I just don't feel like it this morning please forgive me for that

  18. I'm a very incessant picture taker too! I can't get enough selfies/holiday snaps. This looks amazing, I am so sad I had to cancel my trip to Germany now but I'm glad you had fun. The rock in Switzerland where Greg is napping is especially nice. Great views.

  19. I'll be using these tips when my husby and I are in Ukraine (Kiev and some other places), Vienna, and Prague this December! He HATES getting his picture taken. (He gets that from his grandmother and mom.) But I'm so excited to see the beauty of this part of the world, and he's gonna have to suck it up!

  20. You spelled technique wrong multiple times. Aren't you an English teacher?! The photo your sister took sneakily is my favorite

  21. I can identify with BOTH sides! It's a constant struggle. I want lots of pictures to preserve the memories, but my husband HATES having pictures taken and I also hate inconveniencing strangers. Our compromise is he will be IN about 2-3 posed pictures per day depending on what we are doing, candids are less taxing apparently, and I can take all the scenery shots I want. MEN! LOL

  22. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Gorgeous pictures! Were you in Lauterbrennan Valley in Switzerland by chance? I was there in 2010 and those pictures look so similar, but I'm pretty sure that's true of every where in Switzerland. Cows + waterfalls + Alps :)