The Life of Bon: Pregnancy Update: 37 weeks

Monday, July 07, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 37 weeks

37 weeks.

We're on the home stretch here.  Three weeks to go.

My mood has been doing this thing lately.  It goes: get this baby out of me now, please keep the baby in forever, get this baby out of me now, please keep the baby in forever, get this baby ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!  It's a lot of fun!

Greg asked me the other day, "Are you ready to not be pregnant anymore?"  I replied, "Yes.  But then I have a baby.  And I'm more scared of the baby then I am of being pregnant."

I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm totally stoked to be a mom.  And I'm not some kind of a freak show- I think being nine months pregnant is just as annoying as the next nine month pregnant lady.  My back aches, my stretched out skin kills, I'm exhausted, nothing nothing nothing fits, and I waddle like a penguin.  BUT.  Here's the deal.  Pregnancy is a beast I know.  It has been tamed.  I understand what I'm dealing with.

But a baby?  Better the devil you know than the devil you don't, I say.

I don't know what my child is going to be like.  I don't know if she'll be fussy and colicky and cry dawn to dusk.  I don't know if she'll have major blow outs at the most inconvenient time possible.  I don't know if she'll up and decide she doesn't like my milk.  I don't know if she's going to be the type that enjoys a great party at 3 in the am, and while I have had my share of great 3 am parties, I'm kind of over them now.  So yes, I'm excited, but I also don't mind these lazy days of summer, laying around with my big belly, going to the pool to cool off, sleeping in because I can.  No.  I do not mind.

A lot of people ask me if we are "ready".  The answer is no.  Not in the least bit.

We do not have:

A name
A stroller
A car seat
A diaper bag (or a diaper, for that matter!)
A room for baby to sleep in
A birth plan (Birth plan is basically this: epidural please!)
A breast pump

We have not:

Taken any kind of birthing class.
Moved into our home that was supposed to be done on July 5th.  (The new estimated finishing time for house is the weekend of July 25th.  Well, I'll be, baby is due on July 25th!  Couldn't have worked out more perfectly, right?)
Decided on a color theme for her nursery.  I mean, that's kind of hard when there's no nursery, right?

We DO have:

A crib that is sitting in pieces in our very hot garage, so generously given to us by my sister.  I want to paint it white, but am completely lacking the motivation so it sits on.
A $20 bassinet I got from a garage sale.
A bunch of shoes that are merely for looks- much too small for the baby to wear when she can actually walk. (I also got these from a garage sale.)
A very random assortment of sizes and styles of clothes- most from garage sales.
A high chair- also from my sister.
A baby snow suit.  Because it's July...
A baby life jacket.  In case we feel like throwing our newborn into the lake.

As you can see, we have a lot of stuff we don't really need, and not much of the things we do need.  Basically I went to a garage sale a week ago and got a bunch of random stuff, and then my sister who is moving and done having kids let me raid her attic.  Hence, the eclectic mix of stuff.  But still, it's something! Progress, people!

I try to be a minimalist and not get into too much "stuff", but it's so hard to know what you really need and what is just a bunch of extra stuff.  You know?  I mean, a woman could go stark raving mad trying to get everything in the world for baby- I just want the basics.  Tell me now- what are the baby things you really NEED?

Obviously I have no clue what I'm doing, but these are the things that I think I absolutely need.  And I'd like some advice and help.  Seriously.  I'm a mess.

My Baby "Essentials"

Carseat/ Stroller:  I'm all about scoring a great deal, but I don't quite dare to get a car seat or stroller at a garage sale, so I suppose that's a purchase that needs to be made soon.  But why the endless options!?  You look at the strollers in Target for three minutes and it's enough to stress out the most sane of women.  I just want a stroller, people.  (Maybe some kind of carseat/ stroller combo... Is that too much to ask for? Is it possible to get this for under $200?)

Diaper bags:  I have been tempted the last couple of weeks to fork over the money for this bad boy.  I love it in the green/yellow.  But can I really justify $150+ on a DIAPER BAG?!  I love, though, that it doesn't look too diaperbaggy- more like a big purse.  And every person I have ever talked to about getting a petunia picklebottom diaper bag has said that the bags are worth their weight in gold.  But seriously?  $165 for a diaper bag?!?  Anyone out there who has had a regular diaper bag and a "premium" diaper bag want to chime in- is it worth it to pay the extra?

Breast pump:  Even typing that makes me feel like some kind of milk machine.  I think I need one.  I have no idea how they work.  I looked at a breast pump in the store and it stressed me out and made me feel like any femininity I've ever had had booked it out the door.  Also, Bottles.  Why are these so confusing?  Are there certain bottles that go with breast pumps and certain bottles for formula?  I understand very little.

Also, if you want to chime in on your favorite girl name, now would be the time.  Greg and I are at a total standstill.  I mean, a name isn't necessary, right?


  1. Okay, I'm definitely a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff. We got our stroller/carseat combo from Walmart, and it's perfect. Nothing fancy over here for us folks. I got a diaper bag at first, but it barely fit anything, so I just barely switched it out for a canvas backpack at Target, which is basically the best decision I've ever made. We did kinda splurge on the breast pump because trust me, you want something that works fast and well to give you some relief. We went with an electric Medela and loved it. Like, $150 at Walmart I think? Anyway, those are just my two cents. You'll be fine, I promise!

    Also, the throwing your baby into the lake made me laugh out loud. Does that make me a bad mom? Maybe. But hopefully it also means I have a great sense of humor? Looking for validation.

  2. Oh my gosh this stresses me out. So many decisions! Whenever I think of breast pumps I just think of myself as a cow being hooked up to those big industrial milking machines. And yes, how are you supposed to know what is worth it and what isn't? This is why pregnancy scares me. :)

  3. PS. I also don't get how as time goes on babies require more and more accessories. I babysat for some people who had a machine who rocked their baby and it was the strangest looking contraption. so weird.

  4. I am so happy that two bloggers (whose lovestories I so much love) are blogging about pregnancy...
    It makes me hopeful and excited for the future. :D
    I am smiling bon and kaity

  5. Here's my advice (and this is coming from someone who has 5 kids and went all out for baby #1 and by baby #5 I was down to the bare necessities): Unless you plan on going running with your baby, go for a cheap stroller/car seat combo. I got a great deal at Burlington and they even have a New Mom's club or something and they send you awesome coupons.

    Clothes-wise, I know it is so fun to dress babies up but it is the middle of summer and super hot and you just want your baby to be comfy. Load up on onesies (white or print, whatever floats your boat!) and you won't need much else.

    Get a nice breast pump with bottles that are the same brand. They generally work better together. Medela is great and fast. Pricey, but worth it. Mine lasted through 4 babies.

    Diaper bag... I say go for a cute but cheap one. After carrying it around for a year you will be SO sick of it. I got a new one with every baby. After my first one (it cost $145) I wanted a new one with baby #2 because I couldn't stand the sight of it anymore. My husband had a fit because it still looked new. So I found a cheaper/just as cute one.

    I am so excited for you Bon! You will be an awesome mother. Can't wait to see the little missy :)

  6. Well, as you know I am in a similar boat (though only at 29 weeks now) and I was also completely lost when it comes to this stuff (still am, really). When Brandon and I were figuring out our baby registry, we had a million people giving us a million suggestions, and we finally just decided to read the reviews and pick the items that had the highest ratings. We didn't worry about price since other people were buying them (or giving us gift cards that we could use towards these things), but it sounds like you're not having a shower (or maybe you are and I missed that part, if so, my apologies) in which case I would still check the ratings but beforehand decide on a budget or what ideally you would want to spend on each thing (obviously the stroller/car seat should be more of a splurge for safety reasons). Bottom line though -- whatever you choose, your baby will be awesome and you will be an awesome mom, and if something doesn't work out you can always return or exchange. Nothing is set in stone!

  7. I love the chicco keyfit 30 carseat. You want one that's simple. Easy to get in and out of the base and easy to get baby in and out. I've worked with almost every brand imaginable in working maternity for the last 6 years and the chicco is the best. Now using it with my own baby I'm so glad I chose that one. They make a stroller that comes as a set and people really like it. I think it's pretty affordable too. I actually found my carseat on eBay brand new and still in the plastic, but way discounted because the box had been opened. I went with the Eddie Bauer jogging stroller at target because we are pretty active and I'm a pretty avid runner and I have absolutely no complaints at all. I did a lot of stroller research because I wanted a good one, but didn't want to pay $200 plus for a stroller. It's perfect on the trails, my carseat fits in it, it was cheaper than a Bob or city mini, and its easy to fold up. it also isn't way bulky so I can use it for everyday things too not just jogging. As for the breast pump, your insurance is required to cover one 100% now thanks to obamacare. Ask your OB for a prescription before you leave the hospital. I got a medela and am super happy with it, and the best part is I didn't have to pay the $200 for it! Score. Call your insurance before the baby is born and ask what brands they cover and where to pick it up. Oh and go with what you love diaper bag wise. I splurged on mine and I'm so happy I did. You have to carry it around for 2+ years so get something sturdy and will fit everything you need. It's kind of a gift to yourself for carrying that baby around for 9 months :)

  8. My two cents (take it or leave it ;) the first few months I really only dressed Ellie is soft pajamas and onesies rather than cute frilly outfits. The sleepers/nightgown/sack things were a lifesaver for changing middle of the night diapers (no snaps! No buttons!) I've tried an$90 diaper bag, a large purse, you name it, but my current favorite is my $7 cute cheap backpack. So much nicer to have it on your back, holds the essentials (diapers, wipes, toys and snacks, camera, extra outfit and wallet) go cheap on the car seat, but buy new. :) we did like having a bouncer, it rocked or vibrated and kept Ellie calm while I was making dinner or in the shower. Obviously an extra thing. So long as you have a car seat, the rest you can still take care of after baby!! (Also, take as many diapers as you can from the hospital ;)

  9. I think every mom has those fears, I know I did. My son is almost 5 months now and he only cries when he needs something rather than just crying for no reason, he has mostly slept through the night since he was 6 weeks (thank God!), and he is content to play alone usually if he needs to. I would wish a baby as good as him on any pregnant lady, especially one as awesome as you. As for a name, if I had a girl I'd have named her Anabelle or Tara

  10. Olivia is a beautiful name. I wonder why you didn't have a baby shower? Maybe you don't have those where you are from. But that is where I received most of my baby essentials from for my son :-)

  11. First of all, I think you're maintaining your sanity relatively well, considering your are supposed to be giving birth the day your house will be finished. FUN. Godspeed, lady.

    Second of all, the idea of throwing your baby into a lake made me laugh out loud in my office, which probably means I'm a terrible human being. (Please don't throw your baby in a lake, haha.)

    I love the name Addison, but I can never used it because my name is Alison and "Addison" sounds like you're trying to say my name when you have a cold, so that would be weird. I also really like Aubrey and Evelyn. My favorite biblical names are Ruth, Rachel, and Leah.

    I'm sure that whatever you pick out will be perfect. :)

  12. I am feeling this entire post! I am due in 13 days and I'm just not sure if I'm ready! Some days I want her out, other days, I don't want her to come out! :)

    As for a baby bag, go check out Vera Bradley. They have a lot of sale baby bags. I got the "Make a Change" baby bag in Tutti Frutti. I love it! Good luck finding one!

  13. I do not consider myself and expect by all means since I am not pregnant nor do I have a child. However, I have sat on countless of discussions about diaper rashes, milk bags, breast pumps, and car seats thanks to my little sister and plenty of friends who have had their babies in the last 6 months.
    So yeah...I know nothing. But get as much sleep as you can!!!
    Wish you the very best and I can't wait to meet the little bundle of joy!

  14. First, let me say that you look adorable! Pregnancy definitely agrees with you! Second, it will truly amaze you at how things will work out. I had my daughter 6 weeks premature so we had not been to our birthing class, hospital tour or baby shower. By the time we got ready to leave the hospital, we had more than enough stuff to get us started. My favorite names are Angel, Chloe and Rachel. Can't wait to see your bundle of joy!

  15. i have heard the medela pump in style is a great breast pump, and am planning on calling my insurance company soon to find out when the earliest i can get a breast pump is! i have heard up to a month before/after, not sure if that's right!

    i will give you all the girl names that i love that my husband has vetoed: amelia, charlotte, olive and abigail!

    1. hi!! I LOVE the names Amelia and Olive too (still trying to pull for Olive as the middle name) but alas, they were also vetoed. here's some more names I love but had to part with: Leila, Myla, Ruby and Stella.

  16. I really wanted to name my (future imagined) daughter Ava but my husband's friend used that name.

  17. For the Carseat/stroller - we did Britax and loved it, but a lot of people I know have gone with the Graco ones and loved them too, plus they're reasonably priced.

    I have a $30 diaper bag from Target. It does the job. Why spend money on a diaper bag when I could spend it on other fun things?

    As for your breast pump, see if your insurance covers it - I think all plans should by now!

    And, I'm partial to the name Abigail, since it's our daughter's name. I also love Hannah, Claire, Emily, Charlotte, and Natalie!

  18. If you don't want to set up the crib yet, we have this Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper. Easy to put right at your bedside so you don't have to get up when breastfeeding at night and it folds for easy transport.

    We have a britax convertible car seat that will stay in Kyle's car. It will grow with our child so we won't have to buy another one but It's not easy to get in and out so we are going to have to get an infant car seat for my car so I can easily just unhook the carrier part to run in the store with him or something.

    We have been told that the stroller/car seat combos are really bulky and not easy to transport so we got the City Mini GT and got an infant insert so we can use it when he's a newborn too. We might also get an adapter to attach the car seat carrier to the stroller but we dont' have that yet. But the stroller is so easy to maneuver, light weight (but made very well) and folds easily to fit into my small car.

    Also, call your insurance company and ask about getting a breast pump for free. We have blue cross blue shield and they are sending us an electric Medela one for free. score!

    I hope this helps! You look great!

    1. The Rock and Play Sleeper is the best! I used mine more than anything else. Whenever I'm invited to a baby shower it is always the gift I bring.

  19. First off, don't buy a used car seat - make sure it's brand-spanking new. Go with the cheap diaper bag, no need for $100+ to carry diapers, dirty clothes and other things that will spill everywhere and make mess. The best thing you can do if you plan to nurse is to get a nice breast pump, yes the Medela are pricey but trust me it sooo worth it and they will last through multiple kids - not that I'm trying to plan your future children out for you :)

  20. Holy moly! That diaper bag is fantastic but $165, yikes!

  21. I just had a baby 4 months ago, so here's my two cents for what it's worth. Obviously everyone is different though so take it with a grain of salt. :)

    Carseat: I got a convertible carseat that work with by baby from newborn until about 65lbs so I only had to buy one! The only big drawback is that it just stays in the car and doesn't clip out to carry around. I haven't found it that annoying, even though I have to wake my baby to get him out of the car, if he's really tired he'll fall asleep again. Since I wanted to used just one carseat I got one with really high safety ratings that's kind of expensive, but I love it. Chicco Nextfit Convertable.

    Diaper Bag: I got what I would say is a mid-range diaper bag (Cost me $60.00 for a JJ Cole bag) but I love that the pockets work perfectly for baby items, and since I leave it with him every day at daycare I love that it's well built. So I don't think it's worth a way expensive diaper bag.

    Speaking of diapers, a huge money saver as far as diapers go is using cloth diapers. I know, I know, it sounds totally crazy right? Just know that cloth diapers these days are not nearly as hard as the horror stories that you hear about them, they're cute, and they can last for multiple kids if well taken care of. I used BumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers and they're so easy to put on that even my daycare will put them on. A bit of an upfront investment, but since the diapers grow with him and we re-use them we break even with what we would have spent on disposables at 7 months. (If you want more info let me know, I would even let you borrow a couple of mine to try out first if you want! I know you don't know me that well, but I'm Mark Oram's wife and I live in Sandy so I'm close by.)

    Breast Pump: I work for the same school district as you, and did you know that you can use our insurance to pay for a breast pump? They'll pay for 80% of an electric pump if you buy it from a medical supply store. I got a Medela In Style Advanced, double electric breast pump and I'm so glad I got a good one. I pump 3 times a day when I work to keep my supply up, and even though I do feel a bit like a cow it's really effective.

    Bottle: I don't think there are different bottles for breastfeeding/formula feeding. I decided to go with glass baby bottles (because I'm apparently a crazy green Mom) and I got the born free brand. I just think glass is easier to clean than plastic, and lasts longer when you warm it up a lot. I also use 4oz glass masson jars with a plastic lid to store my breastmilk so that I can re-use them over and over again.

    Ok, so I droned on and on. I just totally know what you're going through with not knowing what to get. It's so hard! Don't worry though, it sounds like you're on the right track, and you can always buy stuff later if you need it. :)

    1. So I'm not even TRYING to get pregnant yet, and I'd still LOVE to hear more about the cloth diapering and the benefits of glass bottles! Completely serious.


    2. I am the same way! No where close to pregnant but so intrigued about cloth diapers. Check out Carolyn's blog she did a whole series on cloth diapers that was really interesting. I learned a lot.

  22. Insurance should cover a pump, definitely get a medela double electric if you have the choice and get the bottles you can pump directly into.

    We have a Graco Travel system and was under $200 at target, it's light weight and super easy (one-hand) fold for the stroller. But a 2nd base for car seat carrier for hubby's car and you are good until baby is a year+ (depending on weight).

    As for bottles, I used Avent but some babies are picky about the bottle nipples so might be trial and error. Also no need to get all the multiple sizes, just set the 8-9oz size which can be used for less oz (whereas if you have the small oz bottles you'll have to get new ones when baby needs more to drink)

    How come you didn't have a baby shower?

    I blogged about my "First Year Favorites" here, might be helpful:

  23. Things I didn't think were must haves that I'm so glad I had with both kids: a bouncy seat (cheap one, just vibrates- but when they are gasy they both slept better sitting up like that, plus I can throw it in trunk and take it pool side or to nana's etc), a playmat (both my girls loved staring at those toys), good car seat (I LOVE our chicco

    1. But have heard Graco and baby trend are good too), a good breast pump (I have had success with medela) and gas drops :)

      Diaper bag will just get messy and drug on the ground and tipped over in the car.
      A newborn can sleep anywhere. Don't worry about not having the crib up yet.

      And your birth plan is perfect. Also, the best thing you need for a new baby? A flexible mindset and the knowledge that you don't really know anything. You'll be fine ;)

    2. Oh and lanolin. You will want that crap for sure.

    3. Yes, lots of lanolin!! Without, breast feeding will be a nightmare.

  24. Okay, so definitely get a stroller and carseat combo, those are fabulous. You don't have to go crazy expensive on those, but it is nice to have a stroller with great storage underneath and cupholders, plus be able to be folded with one hand. As for clothes? Those nightgown things (long with elastic on the bottom) are great at night for easy diaper changing, lots of onesies and soft pants (comes in sets of threes), tons of blankets for swaddling (it it the KEY to keeping babies happy!), and that's about it for the early days. Also, epidurals are AWESOME…that's all the birth plan you need;)

  25. This pretty much nailed my feelings before having my first baby a few months ago! I guess there really isn't any way to be "ready" for parenthood though. I figure I will probably be ready about the time all my kids are grown. Haha.

    I'm not sure if you want any more advice than you've already got (and will continue to get!), but I LOVE this diaperbag almost as much as I love Krispy Kreme, and that's a whole lot in case you were wondering. I also couldn't stomach a petunia pickle bottom price tag so I went with a cheap, $20-$30 diaperbag that I hated and hated until it finally fell apart (and by "finally" I mean "in less than two months") and I could justify getting a new one. This one is a great size, great quality, and it looks cute too! I kinda like that it doesn't look like a diaperbag too.

    Anyway, congrats! I can't wait to see your little ginger babe! #gingerpower

    1. Oh, I guess I should post the link, eh?

      I got the gray floral. It was $50 when I got it, and I think the price fluctuates a bit so it might go back down. Some of the other colors are cheaper.

  26. Anonymous12:46 PM

    We had (have) a Graco carseat/stroller combo. She's outgrown the carseat (but we moved to a convertible Graco, we like Graco). I loved the combo in the beginning because if I was out running errands I didn't have to get her in and out of the carseat a million times (like I do now). Go in to Babies R Us and they'll let you test as many strollers as you want.

    Diaper bags. You do not need a $165 diaper bag. I got one from BRU and it worked great. Now? I carry a small bag (think messenger bag type) whenever we go out but I rarely actually bring it anywhere. If we're going somewhere (like the mall) I'll throw a diaper and some wipes in my purse just in case. We use our big bag on long trips/overnights/all day outings... but even then, it rarely leaves the car because I'm not hauling that around while chasing a toddler.

    Breast pump. See about renting one from the hospital before you buy one. That way if something happens and you can't or don't end up breastfeeding you haven't spent a lot of money on one. Definitely buy the new parts for the one you rent because gross.

    And get a lot of sleeper sacks and gowns because those things are amazing for the beginning. The gowns make diaper changes easier (just lift, no buttons to fumble with at 3am) and the sleeper sacks will keep her cozy.

    Also. Buy onezies & sleeper pajamas. They're also great for those first few weeks if you leave the house and need to actually put her in something other than a gown ;)

    GOOD LUCK! You'll be great!

  27. I knew my list of baby names would maybe help someone else one day!
    Some options:
    They are a little different but not too crazy or out there!
    Congrats though!

  28. My momma bought me a beautiful, name-brand diaper bag and I just traded it out for a $20 one from macy's. much more practical.

    Breast pumps are almost always covered by insurance, so get one covered and just invest in a good one (like medela). I think it's worth the investment (as opposed to renting) if you are planning on having more kids.

  29. Epidural was my birth plan, EXACTLY. Except it didn't daughter came too fast for drugs.

    After receiving a maroon back pack diaper bag from my sister-in-law, I splurged on a sleek, black Kate Spade one for myself. I let my husband use the back pack (really, maroon? Definitely NOT my color), which also got left at daycare. That way, I had my own bag that doubled as a diaper bag. Nearly 13 years later, I still use that bag, although not as a diaper bag. I say, if you want, go for it.

  30. go cheap on the diaper bag, ask your insurance about the breast pump, and definitely spend more for an INFANT carseat- they are so much safer, and so nice to carry around when they are tiny. we got the chicco key fit 22 travel system (carseat and stroller) and i LOVE it! still use the stroller with my 2 year old, and now will use the carseat with my baby due on the 24th! also, the 22 is cheaper than the 30, because it only works up to 22 pounds. but most babies are barely 22 pounds when they hit one year old, and they are way too heavy to carry around in them by then anyway. so save money by getting the 22!

  31. I got one of the travel systems with my now almost 3 year old.....if I was doing it again, I would get the chicco key fit carseat (everyone I know has it and loved it....I didn't really like mine) and a snap n go stroller frame. I hated the huge travel system stroller, and by the time he was big enough to sit in the actual stroller (without the carseat), I already wanted a different stroller (something lighter and smaller).

    As for diaper bags, I wish I had gotten a nicer one. I ended up getting three of them, because I either ended up hating them or they broke. I didn't carry a purse while I was using a diaper bag, so I wanted it to look a bit nicer. I should've bought the expensive one in the beginning, because I probably ended up paying the same amount for ones I didn't really like. :)

    We loved Dr. Browns bottles. Tried a bunch of different brands, but those are the only ones my son liked. I recommend getting one bottle in a few different brands, so you can figure out what works for you, instead of buying a whole bunch that don't end up working.

    I didn't take any birthing classes, and I am so glad I didn't. I knew it would just give me new things to worry about. My labor and delivery was amazing and I totally didn't need the classes. The nurses kept exclaiming over how calm I was. That would be my advice.....try to be calm and let whatever is going to happen happen (and I totally got an epidural too). Don't think about the horror stories people have told's different for every single woman, and your experience will be different from everyone else's. Anyway, good luck!!! Having a baby really is the best....hard, but the absolute best. :)

  32. I am due the 25th also, I've had so much fun following along with you. I feel the exact same way, I am fine with him just staying in there for a few more weeks :) I agree with most of what's already been said. Def call ur insurance about the pump. I got the Britax BAgile which is a lightweight combo system and when baby gets older she can use the stroller so I thought it was a good deal.

    We are having a boy, but our girl name is Cadence. I hated it the first time I heard it but it really grew on me

  33. I'm sure you'll do just fine! What's the fun in being 100% prepared anyway? :P
    Your due date is my birthday! I'm sure your little girl will be a hoot! Leo is the best zodiac sign! :)

  34. I'm due aug. 28th and I'm a mega cheapo! here's what I decided on strollers:

    cheap jogging/walking stroller with car seat included for 319..pretty cheap

    then you buy one of these thingies for errands. the car seat just snaps right in

    and my diaper is pottery barn, but was on sale for 70. It has a great stain resistant fabric and one of those pad thingies. It is also navy so my husband won't feel like a weirdo when carrying it.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules

    I hope these links work, if not I'm just a crazy posting links! I still don't have a name so I can't help ya there. I like daphne, but my husband hates it. so feel free to use that one! ha.

  35. With my daughter, I put off buying anything because it was all super overwhelming. Joke was on me - I never made it past 35 weeks, and my mom and sister were out buying baby gear while I was in the hospital.

    This time (34 weeks), it is no less overwhelming, but my husband is forcing me to buy the essentials. :) We have a car seat, stroller, diapers, and rock and play sleeper. I'm the food source, so I'm good to go.

    I'm seriously a car seat safety fanatic, so I do not skimp on the car seat. Britax is a super, super safe brand, and we will not ever buy another kind. Never buy a car seat used. (Side note: there is a chest clip on every car seat - they belong at armpit level. NEVER LOWER. You'll see that people have it at their child's belly button, and it is completely wrong and unsafe. Just a tip.)

    For a stroller, that is personal preference. I do not like bulky strollers, but I do like getting my money's worth. We have the umbrella stroller from Britax, and the infant seat just clicks right onto it. After the kid graduated from the infant seat, it's a perfect little stroller that can navigate pretty much anywhere (minus hiking trails).

    Your instincts will kick in and you'll know exactly what to do with your daughter, and it'll all be so worth it.

  36. Not to make you panic any more, but I was like you, totally laid back, and not super prepared with my first, and I planned on going 2 weeks over my due date, since I heard first time moms go late more often, and my mom was like 2 weeks late with all of us...and then she came 10 days early! I thought I had like a month left. I still had tape on the baseboards from painting the nursery. The rocking chair was in the box. I didn't know what all I needed...But now that I've had three, I'm still laid back, and all you really need is boobs (or formula) some diapers, some sleepers and a carseat. That will get you through for a while. And you can pick up more stuff as you need it. :)

    And my name suggestions:

  37. also check out this target deal this week

    anddd. your insurance should cover your breast pump. Medela is the way to go according to every mom I've talked to.

  38. I like the names Lydia and Evelyn. You get dibs since I'm not having kids anytime soon (you know, being 22 and single and all...)

  39. It looks like a lot of people gave you a ton of tips, so I'll refrain from sharing mine except for this: I recently bought the Britax B-ready stroller and love the system. It grows with your family, so if you're planning on having at least two, it's well worth it. Plus, you can usually find different parts of the "B" system all over Craigslist. Also, I love the name Eden. My husband hates it, though, so maybe it just totally sucks as a name, haha!

  40. I can't help you out with any baby necessities because lord knows I'm faaaaaar from that stage, but as for a name... perhaps some inspiration from your favorite literature, as I know you're pretty entwined in that with your love of books and your English teacher career :)

    Harper, Scarlet, Emma? :)

  41. My children are the furry, four-legged variety, so I'm no help. But I just had to chime in and say that I think Petunia Picklebottom is the most ridiculously adorable name ever! Sounds like a cartoon character's name. :) Good luck with everything, you'll do great! Can't wait to see what name you pick!

  42. A few words of "wisdom" from this non-mom who is a NICU nurse:

    Your birth plan should include a healthy baby and an open mind. That's pretty much it. No delivery goes as planned, so why stress about planning it? Not to say they don't go well, because pink screaming babies are a great end result, but like I said, they all have their hiccups. How your body and baby respond to labor is completely unpredictable, so don't sit there worrying about the things that aren't going according to plan, and do enjoy it.

    And names. Remember a few things....your baby name will be all over the place with announcements and cards and whatnot. If you don't want it spelled wrong, don't add extra letters and silent punctuation. Considering you're an English teacher, I have faith that your name will be phonetically pleasing. :) Second, remember your baby will someday be a kindergartener and will have to write their name 19000 times a day. The kid with four middle names is going to detest that. And finally, remember that your baby will someday be a grown the cutesy names for nicknames and pick something that fits a big person, too.

    Also...make sure you bring a couple onesies and sleepers for the hospital. Those places are freezing and it's way more fun having a cute dressed up baby than a cute naked baby that has to be taken to the warmer because it's cold. And finally...remember that your labor and delivery is YOUR labor and delivery. Stand up for yourself and make sure it's the experience that you want as much as it can be. But regardless of how it goes, at the end of the day you'll have yourself a beautiful little lady and that will be as perfect as it can get. :)

    Good luck with everything!!!

  43. i absolutely loved reading this. i am a first-time mom to an almost 9 month old (whaa??!) and i thought all of these things too. i laugh because i was just there. i would recommend getting at least a carseat in the very near future though haha. those babies do need those for sure! i got a graco snugride travel system - which is just a fancy name for carseat, base for the carseat, and jogging stroller that the carseat can snap into. i LOVED that the carseat could easily snap into the base and stroller - made it so quick and easy. i work closely with carseat specialists at primary children's in SLC so of course i went to them when i was figuring out what to buy. they said graco and chicco are the brands to go with. they're priced well and durable and safe. so i think if you stick with one of those two brands, you'll be golden. and no - you probably won't find a good set (travel system) for less than $200, so just buy the set you like and know your baby will be perfectly safe!

    i splurged and bought a PPB diaper bag (i got the boxy backpack cuz i liked the idea of the shoulder straps option). i love it and will use it for years to come. so i feel it was worth the $$. i'm sure there are great diaper bags for less than $100 that would be fine. to each their own :)

    birth plan - mine wasn't much more than yours. i had a midwife, and she kept asking for a plan. i told her this is my first baby and it's pretty hard to have any sort of plan except i'm pretty sure i will want an epidural. so that was basically it. some other things i didn't think of though - do you want dad to cut the chord? do you want excess people in the room? do you want music playing? things like that. little details that could make a big difference for others to know about when it comes time and you aren't able to think about anything else except getting that baby out. one thing i really tried to focus on - mind over matter. i knew there'd be pain and uncomfortable moments, but i tried to really keep focused and remain calm and go with the flow. because that's really all you can do.

    you should probably get a pump. even if you don't plan to pump at first, you'll want one to practice using for when you might really need it. i have an ameda (that's what insurance would cover for free - check with your OB/insurance to see if they'll cover one - a lot of them do). if you're buying one, i'd not buy an ameda. haha! i don't love it. i'd get a medela. double pump, electric.

    with bottles, binkies, blankets, etc you'll just have to buy some at target and try them out. some babies are picky about those types of things, some aren't. you obviously can't know that ahead of time so just get a couple of each and see what works and what doesn't. just get lots of onesies - that's all she'll wear for the first few weeks anyway.

    and my biggest piece of advice? try not to stress. i know - you're rolling your eyes. i gave myself an anxiety-induced stroke those first few weeks worrying about everything. once i finally realized that i am her mom for a reason, i could relax. i trusted my instincts that i didn't even realize i had. i listened to my baby and my gut and did what i thought was best for us and let the rest go.

    GOOD LUCK! you're gonna love it :)

  44. PS sorry that was ridiculously long..

  45. You'll be fine without too much 'stuff'. But seriously, reconsider the epidural. You don't need it. Baby definitely doesn't need it. There are natural options that are much better for bub (and you).
    Urging you to think a bit harder on the birth of your little girl.
    And enjoy your last few weeks of being baby-free! Go to a movie, read all the books you can… you know :)

  46. I suggest Bon Bon for the name. And I also suggest an epidural based on zero knowledge besides hearing my sister scream "EPIDURAL" right before she got her epidural. Everyone I know has used them and has perfectly healthy children now. To each their own I suppose.

  47. Or.... I just thought of this as option 2. My cousin just had a home birth last month with no epidural and was only in labor for 52 hours. So there's always that option as well. She only popped a few blood vessels in her eyes...

    1. This made me laugh out loud. Bahahahaha!

  48. Ella as a name. Just hit up target or baby's r us or buy buy baby....what ever is near by-in one trip. Best of luck! I know nothing about children

  49. I love talking about all things birth and babies, which is the weirdest thing about me. (That's a lie. It's the weirdest thing about me that I'm willing to type online.) Thoughts:

    I liked having a car seat/stroller combo. It was really handy, especially for spring/summer babies. I liked taking walks with my newborn (saved my sanity) when she was too little to be in a regular stroller. So the easy car-seat stroller thing was ideal.

    You will hate your diaper bag eventually. The only thing I would say is a MUST have is the option to wear it over your shoulder, AND as a cross-body bag. I briefly had a shoulder-only bag it was always slipping off my shoulder. When you are juggling a bunch of stuff, the option to go hands-free on the bag is a godsend.

    I liked having a cheap bouncy seat to take with me in the bathroom when I was showering, or in the kitchen when I was making food. These don't have to be expensive.

    Medela electric breast pump:fast and efficient. I think you can rent them from some lactation station stores/hospitals, so maybe look into that. But I hear they last forever, so maybe just invest in a really nice one. Medela lasts forever. Plus the bottles come with it, so you are set for a few months until your baby needs a larger size.

    Buttpaste (That's the brand name) butt cream ELIMINATES ALL DIAPER RASH. Within minutes. I've never had a brand I liked better. Plus, a huge tube lasts forever. I still use the tube I got at a shower for C.

    Try different types of binkis if your baby doesn't seem to like them. (If you decide to use them.) Sometimes babies don't like one shape but then love the other. Then buy all the binkis they like that they have in the store. And all the stores. Then buy stock in that binki company.

    Try a cloth wrap to tie your baby to your chest. The more solid "seat kind" usually bugs newborns, but they (often) love the feeling of being wrapped to your chest. I wish I had remembered to wear Clara more as a baby. Your hands are free, so it is just as handy as putting them on a blanket or in a bouncy seat, but you have a cute newborn curled up on you while you do stuff. It also saves your butt at the grocery store when your kid decides they hate their carseat but you can't carry them and juggle gallons of milk at the same time. I liked this one that came in a little bag you could shove in your diaper bag. (Don't get black for a summer baby though. Light colored wraps only or you will melt.

    On buying "big"stuff like carseats,strollers, diaper bags, furniture, etc.: Don't buy the cheapest thing, (it's cheap for a reason) but don't buy the most high-end thing either. Buy a mid-level stroller/carseat (as long as it is new) and a mid-level diaper bag (for when you hate it.) The only thing worth shelling out the big bucks for is the breast pump.

    I hate myself for having this many opinions.

  50. So you have a ton of responses giving lots of advice- I just want to add this famous mantra- "do your best and forget the rest". I get the nervousness and feeling unprepared, but don't worry about all the stuff. Babies dont actually need all the stuff- our baby is 4 months and we still (and wont ever) have a crib. (which sounds crazy as I type it out). Not saying the stuff isn't useful but you can make do without it. Like I've never found a boppy to be very helpful, and I never had a bumbo, or a bouncer, or an exersaucer and it was ok.

    I read a book called Birthing Skills- which I recommend for anyone, epidural or not. She really helps equip you for what is going to happen and how to handle it. Changed my outlook on birthing and took away the panic I was feeling.

    I loved the name Navy (and would've totally have named our daughter that but hubby wasn't sold)
    Someone else mentioned the name Kara- I would like to second that ;)

    Breastfeeding is challenging- but it does get better, and it is simply not possible that she wont like your milk.

  51. So after your child comes out ,will you please check your FB notes on Life of bon?

  52. I love this post!! So much so that I read it to my husband. He promptly responded, "well honey, I think we're more prepared for a baby than that and you aren't even pregnant yet" to which I laughed... but I can only chuckle now because I know when I'm at 37 weeks, I'll probably be the same position!

  53. Also... look into your health insurance and see if they cover a breast pump. My best friend got hers for "free" after she submitted a claim and got reimbursed

  54. Bonnie, just purchase stuff on a "as needed" basis… you don't have to have everything before the baby comes. Also, like I said before… give Mom ideas for group gifts if you want to save money. Splurge and get the diaper bag you want. That has always been my reward after each baby… getting a bag I want… and no, they have never lasted more than one child. But you use it every day and if you get a cute one it will make you feel happy inside.

  55. My favorite girl names are Adelaide (a bit of a mouthful but I think it's very pretty, plus she could go by Addie, and it's German for noble and kind), Teagan (Welsh for beautiful and creative), Elizabeth (Hebrew for 'consecrated to God', plus lots of nickname option if you/she ever decides she wants to go by something different), Claire (Latin for bright), and Natalie, which actually means born at Christmas, but I just think it's a pretty name that is simple without being too simple, plus it is fairly common although not many people think about it any more! If you can't tell I'm big on name meanings haha! Whatever you finally decide to name her will be perfect!

  56. First off, pregnancy looks wonderful on you! You are glowing!
    I don't have any kiddos of my own, so I'm not help in the breast pump, diaper bag, stroller and car seat areas. However, I do have a full list stored in my iPhone of baby names (I'm not crazy for that if we are planning on children in the near future, right?).
    Here are a few that my husband unfortunately has already vetoed for our use: Addilyn, Harper, Reese, Eden (I actually love the name Eden Elizabeth), Addison, Ava, Emma, Georgia, Dailey, and Annabelle.
    Whatever name you and your husband decide on, it will be beautiful and perfect! Everything else will get done in time and be perfect as well.

  57. My good friend michelle has a youtube channel and answers all these questions and more. Check it out. Iamamommyof1
    She now has 2 kids, but some of her older videos are REALLY good for new mommys.

  58. Someone needs to give you a baby shower!!!! Name the baby Ansley Elizabeth!

  59. I feel the same way about bottles...when I saw there was a whole aisle dedicated to them, I was overwhelmed!
    Justin and I moved 4 days before our baby was born..that was certainly stressful.
    I had the exact same birth plan as you, "IDK, just give me an epidural!" And it was all I needed.
    I guess I lucked out on the parents bought the crib and my MIL and all 4 of my SIL's pitched in for a carseat/stroller combo and a swing.
    As for now, bassinets are fine! I'd also suggest a Moses basket as those are small...Rhys doesn't like sleeping in the bassinet..too big for him and the Moses basket we can easily put anywhere in the house!