The Life of Bon: The dangers of texting...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The dangers of texting...

How long after you have a baby does it take to get back in your normal swing of things?  To get back to a routine?  We are eight days post partum here, and I still feel like I can't manage even the simplest of daily tasks.

Getting dressed?  Never heard of that.
Dinner?  Forget about it.

And so, I apologize for the less than normal posting around here the last week or so.  We'll get back to normal.... I think. I am hoping by next week I can get back to a fairly set posting schedule.  Because the truth is there is so much to say and write and mull over in my brain that I am doing myself a huge disservice if I don't sit down and write on this blog.  Just give me a few more days.

While I am engaged in an endless cycle of feed baby/sleep/take pain meds/feed baby/sleep/take pain meds I am going to have Kylie take over for the rest of the day.  Kylie did one of my favorite guest posts ever a few months ago when she talked about a horrible tinder date she went on.  Now she is back to explain what happens to poor souls who accidentally text the wrong number.  Let's just say you don't want to be on the other side of a mistaken text conversation with this girl and her friends. Take it away, Kylie!

Hey all! Bonnie was sweet enough to have me back again and I'm super excited. Hopefully all she is busy doing is snuggling her cute new baby! You might remember me from this post... you know... the awful Tinder date. Yeah, that's me. This time around I have something a little different for you. I figured that this would be a fun one for Bonnie's blog because, well, she teaches high school. It's been a few years since I myself was in high school but it seems to me that they're only getting wittier and raising more commotion. Hence the following situation. My cousin (who goes to East High here in Salt Lake) was the one who showed this to me. One of his friends got a text from a wrong number so of course he couldn't just tell him that he had the wrong number. He had to mess with the poor guy. If this isn't enough to prove that you should really double check who you're actually talking to, especially if you're unsure, I don't know what is. It went a little something like this. . .

And indeed Bob sent a selfie.   Head on over to my blog to see it and read the rest of the conversation. 


  1. Bonnie, ahem, what routine would you like to get back to..? Take your time to look after yourself and don't set expectations on schedules of any kind, babies usually don't respond well to them. Hope you're feeling OK?

    Kylie, thanks for the laugh - commented over at your blog! :-)

  2. I had a Csection too. I had my baby when I was 17. I was not exactly prepared for it. The biggest tips I can give to you: 1. Don't expect perfection. Even if you are a perfectionist. 2. Take a shower while she naps. You also have about 5 months where you can take a 5 minute lukewarm shower just to get the funk off, by putting the babe in a car seat right outside the shower (if you are by yourself at home). Once she starts moving, dream about the nice loong hot shower that you are going to take when your husband gets home from work. 3. Take naps with the baby. Even though its a "routine" procedure, they did MAJOR surgery on you. You will be tired because your body is using the energy to heal. Because your body is healing, you can eat a bunch without gaining a lot of weight (for a few months) 4. No matter how much you want to go to bed, if you decide to do formula, make sure you have the bottles ready for the 3-6 am feeding. (I used bottles because I had senior year left.) I guess this is for anything you need super early. 5. Take lots of pictures! You can never have too many pictures!! I had my kid in '96 before digital cameras (ugh, i'm so old) We used to get her pics professionally done every 3 months. 6. Do NOT feel bad asking for help. That's why there are 2 parents. You are NOT weak if you need to take a nap when he makes dinner. Being home with a baby during the day IS a full time job. 7. It's weird having a baby at first. I talked mine all the time when I was home alone with her during the day. It's ok to do this. You will feel weird for about a week, then it becomes natural. I know you are probably bombarded with all kinds of advice, so those are the ones off the top of my head that most people don't give out.

    OH! And I bet you are wondering about the scar. You are very fair skinned. I have red hair/blue eyes, so I am too. I'm 5' exactly. My scar is a little lower than my hipbones and is horizontal. It feels weird and numb for about a year. I didn't like touching it at first. My scar has faded and you can barely see it. I used Cocoa butter on it while it was healing, but to be honest, I can't remember when I started to do that. It may be about 5 years before all the feeling comes back, but may feel numb on the surface forever. But the scar healed up remarkably well. Now it's a very thin white line. It IS possible to wear a bikini again if you wanted to. The only weight you gained was where the baby was! You will probably snap back to "normal" really fast!

    Congratulations. I love the name you chose! You are going to be a great Mom :) The family photos were beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. Oh that's hilarious!

    Take your time with your sweet little angel, we'll be here whenever!

  4. I didn't have a c-section, but it took me about 11/12 weeks with my first to get out of the newborn fog and feel semi-functionally again. It was a rough transition and recovery for me, but it took at least that long for breast feeding to be a little more regulated too. With my second it took 3/4 weeks. I think there are a lot of factors-- just give yourself time :) it will happen.

  5. Hang in there it will get easier..Idk if you'll ever really have a routine back lol my kids are 8,7, and 2 and I still cant get into a routine. :)

  6. Being a mother is the hardest and the most rewarding job, ok being a father is just as rewarding but it is not as hard as being a mother is sorry to all the fathers but let's be honest here mum will often work outside the home and inside the home dad not so much

  7. Give yourself a good six weeks to get your brain right. If you find a chance to blog during the first six weeks, great, but this is not a small adjustment! And don't expect a napping schedule until . . . 3 months or so? Maybe 6 months? I cannot remember AT ALL, but I know it takes a lot longer than I always think it will.