The Life of Bon: August Goal: Relax

Monday, August 04, 2014

August Goal: Relax

Hi guys.

We're internetless at my place these days (and will likely be for the next week.  Oh, the joys of moving!)  so I'm chilling in a public library typing away like mad because in 42 minutes the computer is going to boot me off.  Don't you love the first days in a new place?  Total madness.  No internet, no garbage, the bathroom sink only shoots out piping hot water.  It's a dream.


We're in!  We're in!  We're in our brand new home.  Later this week I am hoping that life will slow down just a tad bit and that I can write more about the move and maybe even write about June's birth and maybe maybe finish writing about our time in Europe last month?  This summer has blitzed on by- it's all I can do to sit down and catch my breath.

Which brings me to this post.  At the beginning of the year I wrote this post detailing my goals for 2014.  Knowing that I am not the best at focusing on many things at once, I decided to pick one goal per month to focus on.  January- April I was doing so good at this.  In May, life exploded.  I tried to save, but didn't make a real concentrated effort.  In June we did make it to Europe, but I hardly even wrote about it.  And July.  Poor, Poor July.  It got completely thrown by the wayside.  The specific goal to "Be Kind" was not thought of once during the month- it was all just a chaotic madness.  I'm sorry, July.

I am hoping, though, that the maddest of madness is over for the Larsen household.  Big European vacation is over, baby is here and safe and starting to settle into a routine, we have moved into a new home.  Now let's get to August's goal... RELAX!

When I set these goals in January I knew I was pregnant, although we hadn't shared it with the rest of the world yet.  I thought, "What is a good goal for the month right after you have a baby?  What can I possibly try to accomplish that month?"

Nothing, I decided.  Absolutely nothing.  Which, cruelly enough, may be the hardest of all the goals.  This is what I wrote about my goal for August:

AUGUST:  SLOW DOWN AND BE PRESENT I often think about Thoreau's words, "our lives are being frittered away by details."  In August I would like to slow down and just live a very present life.  (Posts on that here and here.)  I want to relax and enjoy the small things and not feel rushed or stressed or hurried, but just enjoy life in its simplicity.

You see, I'm a total busy body.  I don't like to sit still.  Ever.  Ain't no rest for the wicked.  Or something like that.  Most of the time I like that I keep busy, but I also kind of hate it because I often don't take the time to slow down and enjoy the moment.  I want to be more present.  To enjoy this moment right here right now right this very time and place.  Especially this very special time with my newborn and the fading summer and long days where I don't have to go back to work yet.

It's always easier said than done, though.  Ya'll got suggestions?  I would love to know how you slow down and relax.  Mostly I can't get past the "I have to be doing something productive right now!" feeling.  I am taking a huge step tonight- instead of trying to finish unpacking my house in record time, I am going to go hang out with some blogger friends and watch Bachelor in Paradise.  You know, nothing like watching hot, single people get drunk and make terrible decisions in Mexico to make you feel relaxed, right?  (Also, props to you if you made it through that sentence.  It was a doozy!)

Speaking of relaxing, I am hoping this should help.  You know, a free vacation to Hawaii.  Certainly doesn't hurt, does it? 

(Also, August 15 is national relaxation day.  I am totally jumping in on that!  You should, too!  Check out here for all the details and to get entered in the "Summer of Go Sweepstakes" to win that Hawaiian vacation.  Tommy Bahama is leading the charge on getting all of us to relax a little bit this month.  Don't mind if I do.)

This post is sponsored by Tommy Bahama.


  1. Relaxing with a new baby is harder than you would think! Especially your first because you're so used to running around and doing everything (at least I was, I guess I should speak for myself!) I kept hearing my dad's voice in my head, he cannot relax either. BUT this is the easiest you're going to have it. Next time you have a baby you'll also have a toddler so napping when the baby naps wont be an option. Take advantage! And I can't wait to see you tonight! Are you bringing June Bug?

  2. Most of my methods for relaxation are not for LDS consumption. But, I'll pray for you.


  3. I have the same type of personality and have felt a little bit of the same this summer: what with a baby and moving and having to prepare for the next school year. I want to get things done, but I also just want to relax and enjoy the time with my son.

  4. As usual, I feel like I can relate to this so much! But instead of this being my first full month with a baby, it is my last full month without one. I'm trying to enjoy it but I feel like there's so much to do!

  5. I love that quote! And I wish I could have made it last night, I bet it was so much fun! I loved the pic of you all on facebook haha Continue to slow down and enjoy every last second of this new baby of yours!!!

  6. Great quote, now it is August how did that happen it was only yesterday it was the new year and now it's August what the hell

  7. Bonnie, this time is so precious with your little one… make it this time about her... don't worry about how you're passing the time… just hold her all you can and love her and develop that special bond… she needs lots of holding and comfort and feeling your skin and hearing your voice and knowing that she's safe with mama.

  8. If you figure out how to relax, could you share that secret with the rest of us??

    Enjoy your new house and your beautiful baby. You've definitely earned some relaxation!