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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Welcome to the mom club?

Well folks.  Today you will find me again at the library.  It's looking like we're a week out from getting internet in our new home so I suppose this will have to be my work space.  It's not so bad except for I've constantly got four and five year olds staring at me wondering what I'm doing sitting at this mini table typing away.  Also this library does not have regular sized tables.  It's a total gyp.

A part of me still does not process that I am now a part of the mom club.  I look at all these moms tromping around at the library and yelling for their kids and I think, "Sheesh!  Pipe down, moms!"  And June gives a battle cry from the carseat at my feet and suddenly stinks up the place.  I'll stop getting annoyed at all of you other moms now.

Moving on,  I've got a great variety of bloggers to introduce you to.  Their interests and blogs vary greatly (clean eating, marriage and family relations, , etc.) but what they all have in common is that they have awesome blogs that are worthy of a couple of minutes of your time.  I have pulled out their best posts for you so you can quickly click on a couple of links and see which bloggers line up with your taste.  Here's to making new bloggy friends!

I totally love Torrie because her blog is full of practical, useful advice.  (Not to mention that she's a seventh grade teacher- she gets me in a way very few women do!)  She seems to cover it all on her blog- from clean eating, to photography, to teaching rambunctious seventh graders.  Lately she has been focusing on goals, simple living (I love this post on 19 ways to motivate yourself to clean the house) and money matters.

The main purpose of Amberly's blog is to inspire women to work hard on their marriages and relationships every day.  She is a Family Studies major and wants to become a Marriage and Family Life Educator and her passion for making marriage a priority shines through in all of her posts.  She is about as down to earth and real as it gets- I love when I see she has posted something new because I know it will show her strength as well as vulnerabilities.  I especially touched by  this post about a recent miscarriage and extremely curious about this post on why she and her husband don't use credit cards. 

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Heather's blog is almost a complete 180 from Amberly's described above.  Heather's blog embraces her single life and she "tries to keep it real" as she writes about the things she encounters as a single, 32 year old living in a small town where everyone else is married and/or raising children.  She writes about her happiness being single and the fun adventures she goes on.  Her goal is to show that life is still fulfilling being single! In addition to that, Heather is hilarious.  Her posts on social media culture (Dear Mr. Zuckerburg and The importance of a good profile pic) are right on the money!

Jackie is a blogging newbie, only at the game for a few months, but from the looks of her blog you would never guess that.  Even just her "daily rambling" posts are extremely interesting (like this one- no sales tax on school items in the South?!  I live in the wrong state!) and she's got a talent for choosing the exact right gif for each post!  I found myself laughing out loud at several of her posts today.  At the library!

Sierra originally started her blog in 2009 to simply write and document travels, (Love this 10 places I wish to travel) but it quickly morphed into a place for her to share all of her "views"- on photography, fashion, design, humor, teaching, and relationships.  Her blog is both very funny and incredibly raw- I appreciate her openness to share this post on things you should never say to someone with depression.

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Now go say hi to these great ladies!  There are so many great reads to keep you entertained on this fine Tuesday.

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  1. The Moms Club isn't a bad place to be. :) Also, every time I read June's name, I think about this song by (one of my favorites) Tyler Hilton --