The Life of Bon: Why Pinterest is Ruining Halloween

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why Pinterest is Ruining Halloween

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It's Halloween Eve eve and I have no idea what I'm dressing up as for Halloween.  I am a mess, people.  I'm absolutely crumbling under the pressure.  I have no creative juices, no great ideas, nothing to aspire to anymore!.  What is happening to me?!?

I've always loved dressing up for Halloween. I don't know why this year it feels so... hard.  I find myself bemoaning the fact that everyone is so dang creative with their costumes.  Can't I dress just dress up like a witch and call it a day?  What, that's good enough for you people anymore?  I can't keep up with your demands!

I blame the internet.  Everyone wasn't all into the crazy creative costumes until we could see everybody's costumes.  Now it's some huge competition.  And don't even get me started on Pinterest.  It makes nothing original!  I have this feeling I'm going to don my most creative costume Friday and just have someone look at me and say, "Oh yah, I saw that on pinterest."  Curse the world!

Being married to a drama teacher does have its perks, you know.  I hit up the costume shop today to see if I couldn't get my creative juices flowing.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  I mean, don't get me wrong, there was a box full of "sparkly vests" that got me all sorts of excited, but it didn't do much for me in the way of Halloween costumes. (And answer me this, why does a high school need boxes full of sparkly vests?  Stop spending your money on vests and pay me more, you fools!)

June is going as a watermelon so I thought we could be farmers and go alongside her but then I decided that was lame. I asked Greg if he wanted to dress up together this year and he said he was going rogue. Rude.

Any of you guys got any great ideas?  We're running out of time you know!

Tooth fairy and little boy who lost his tooth.

2011- Zombie bride and groom

2012- Wicked Witch of the West and Monkey

2013- Devil and the kid from The Grudge.
This is the year we started to go our separate ways.

If you really want to feel like a slacker with your Halloween costumes, check out this article.  This family is AMAZING.  It kind of got me all motivated to find a killer Halloween costume.  

Kind of.

And seriously- send me your suggestions.  The clock is ticking!

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