The Life of Bon: New Advertising Options

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New Advertising Options

I'm changing up my advertising options because it's a new year and I do what I want.

I wanted new advertising options to be:

1) More effective for you
2) Less expensive for you and
3) Less work for me.

So I've got some new ideas.  I think they're going to be real great.  Easier, simpler, more effective, you know the jig.  From this point forward you have two options if you are interested in advertising with me.

1) BOOST- $10 (8 available per month)
Comes with one mention in my "Around the web" at the bottom of a regular weekday post + one tweet with a link to a post I love of yours.

2) SATURDAY TAKEOVER- $30 (4 available per month)
You get my blog on Saturday.  You can write whatever you want, advertise whatever etsy site you want, put whatever picture up you want of your dog wearing a sweater.  Just send me the html.  It's easy for all of us. (This is Tay's idea.  She so generously allowed me to steal it.  She claims she doesn't own Saturdays, but we all know she does.)

No buttons.  No giveaways.  No hooplah.  I just can't anymore.

Email me at if you are interested.  Spots go on a first come first serve basis.


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