Monday, January 19, 2015


I'm on an Amy Poehler kick. I pretty much love her.  Greg and I started watching Parks and Rec about a month ago.  We struggled through a painful first season, and were rewarded with an amazing second and third season.  We're loving it.  Two episodes every night in bed with the ipad- the perfect ending to our day!

Since falling in love with Park and Rec, I've been dabbling a bit in Poehler's new book, Yes, Please. (Dabbling:  when I can't find a book at a library and I'm too cheap to buy it so read the sample on my nook a bunch of times.) She says this thing (in the sample of my nook) that really hit me hard.  She talks about how difficult it is to write a book and she says that the doing it is the thing.  The thinking about it, the talking about it, the dreaming about it is not the thing.  The doing it is the thing.

Simple.  But profound.  Ah, Amy Poehler, you genius, you!

It's kind of got me all jazzed up to start, well, doing things.  Lately my house has been really clean.  Which is actually kind of totally a bad sign.  It means one of two things is happening- 1) I am super stressed and am dealing with my stress by constantly cleaning or 2) There are other more important, harder things I should be doing but I keep procrastinating them by telling myself I need to clean the house.  Kind of like when I used to have to study for finals but instead I deep cleaned and organized the cupboard under my bathroom sink.  YEP.  Kinda like thaaaaaaat.

My current house-is-always-clean state actually  means both of the above things.  I'm super stressed AND there are other more important things I should be doing.  Yippee!  Two in one!

Why am I stressed?  Easy.  I'm stressed because I used to only be in charge of myself and occasionally a husband.  Now I'm in charge of myself and a baby and a French teenager and a dog.  And occasionally a husband.  It's a lot of change all at once.  Hence, stress cleaning.

The cleaning-because-of-other-more-important things can be blamed on the following important things I need to do.  Not think about.  DO.

- Organize and decorate June's nursery.  Yah.  She's six months old.  And her nursery is still not complete.  But when I think about it I just decide to go downstairs and unload the dishwasher instead.  So much easier.
- Apply for blogging campaigns.  Because that's the way I get paid to justify the time I put in to writing posts like these ones.
- Finish writing thank you cards for June.  See point #1.  She's six months old.  Gosh, I'm behiiiiiiiind.

Ah, the cursed book.  Writing a book is for sure the thing that I am most not doing that I most should be doing.  It's so easy to put off something like writing a book.  There is always a more pressing need.  A book does not press. A book sits.  I suspect most people who want to write books put it off their entire lives.  You can't put off doing dishes your entire life, you know?  Last year I wrote 60,000 words of the book I've been dreaming of for 3+ years, but it needs major major revisions.  (Revisions:  Rewrite the book completely).  I started writing the first chapter for the umpteenth time last week and I feel like I'm finally there, but it's going at a snail's pace.  I want to get it right this time instead of write 100 pages and then realize it's all wrong.  Every day I think about it and every time I don't write it.  I think I think that if I think about it I'm doing it.  (Wow!  Did you follow THAT sentence?)  So from now on I am not thinking about it anymore.  I'm doing it.  Because the doing it is the thing.  Thanks, Leslie Knope.

In other news.  I went to the aquarium with my family today.  We all had the day off of school which is kinda like yipppeeeee no school!  But it's also kinda like five people stuck inside together all day in freezing cold January booooooooooo.  So we paid $17 a pop to see some fish.  It was actually awesome except for that it seems that the rest of Utah had the same idea we had, and you could barely move without bumping into some teenager trying to snapchat a picture of a seahorse. Twas awful. I took my camera and my new lens and got a bunch of blurry, far away photos.  Yea for new lenses!  Question mark?

Look!  Blurry aquarium pictures!

Welp.  That's a wrap.  Time to go do that thing.

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