The Life of Bon: Bachelor Recap- Take 3

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bachelor Recap- Take 3

Well, folks that was a lot of Bachelor this week, was it not?  Five hours of Bachelor a week is pretty much my wildest dream come true, but there's no way I can write detailed recaps for all of that.  So, instead, an extremely condensed Bachelor "discussion" will have to do.  Also, I know my brother in law checks in on this blog when he gets to work in the morning, and I'm sure he's dying to discuss all the latest Bachelor gossip.  Trent, this one's for you.

Disclaimer:  This will make the most sense if you already watched The Bachelor this week.  There are also spoilers.  I think you could probably figure that out on your own, but you know, I don't want anyone crying their eyes out in the shower because I ruined the week's episodes for them.

We ready to dive in?

On Britt's departure:
I'll be honest, I was pretty shocked how fast that whole thing went sour, especially considering how totally gaga Chris seemed for her. I didn't think she'd ever really send herself home, and I didn't think that Chris would go through with sending her home either.  He seemed to like her too much to really do it.  In some ways I do think he (and the other girls) were a bit harsh on her.  I mean, when she first got to his home town she said she could never imagine living there, but by the end of the day it had grown on her.   So what? Not exactly the worst thing in the world.

That being said, I'm not sure that I believe her that she could live in Arlington, but I think she thought she was being honest, if that makes any sense.  No, Britt never could have hacked Arlington, but she thought she could and lied even to herself, trying to convince herself it would work.  I don't think she was being malicious or deceitful to Chris, I just think that she herself didn't know what she wanted or how much she would be able to handle.  We've all been there, chica.

NOW Britt's total freak out when she didn't get the rose on the group date was a major red flag to me.  It just seemed like toddler freak out "I can't have what I want!" type of behavior.  As soon as she did that I was over it.  Peace Britt.

On Carly's scheming:  
I really liked Carly until these last episodes.  She just got a bit carried away with trying to get rid of Britt.  I get it if you don't like someone and suddenly every single thing they do drives you absolutely insane.  I've been there.  But Carly worried so much about Britt that she blew all her time with Chris bad mouthing Britt instead of working on her relationship with him.  Then she cried in the limo on the way home because Chris didn't feel a romantic interest.  What?  Slamming other girls doesn't make a guy fall madly in love with you?  WHAT KIND OF WORLD AM I LIVING IN?

On Jade's "secret":
Wowzers!  What a bombshell, huh?  I think Chris handled it as graciously and sweetly as possible.  I know a lot of people don't like Chris (he kisses too much!  he's not smart enough!  his laugh is annoying!) but I do think he is kind and genuine and to me those are traits that really matter.  He handled the situation as kindly as possible.  I'm shocked, not because I can't believe anyone in the world would ever pose nude, but that it was Jade who posed nude.  When her brother called her a "wild mustang" I thought we surely must have been talking about different Jades.  She has seemed so quiet, uninteresting, and even dull to me this entire season.  She's got no life, no sparkle, nothing interesting about her.  She is the last person I would have guessed to have had such a past.

And now, for the question I must have an answer to:  why oh why did she ask Chris if he wanted to see the pictures?  It was awkward for us all, Jade, FOR US ALL!

On Arlington:
Deal breaker!  400 people, oh gosh, I would die.  That place was deader than a doornail.  What would you do all day?  Where would you work?  Who would you talk to?  I grew up in a city of 8,000 and that felt a bit lonely.- imagine 400!

And the winner is...

My prediction, at least.  I have read absolutely no spoilers.  (And wish to continue so! No spoilers in comments!)  Chris seems to really dig her, and she seems like a good match for him- down to earth, kind, responsible, nurturing, etc.  She's pretty but not too pretty. My only complaint would be that she's just a tad bit too enthusiastic sometimes, but that is a Bonnie complaint not a Chris complaint.  (But seriously, take it down a notch, woman.)

And the next bachelorette is...
The producers are going to have a tough time rounding up their next Bachelorette, I'll tell you!  None of the top five fit their perfect bachelor or bachelorette mold.  Kaitlyn is a little too free spirited and doesn't "want love" enough.  Becca is not interesting or fun enough.  Whitney is not pretty enough.  Jade... well I don't think ABC can let a playboy model be their next bachelorette, now can they?  That leaves Britt- she's got the personality and the looks for Bachelorette- but does she have the fanbase?  Bachelor portrayed her as a villian- I don't know if Bachelor fans are going to be all about that.

You see the problem producers are dealing with here? My guess is they go for Becca and try to play up the whole "I am afraid of intimacy" thing and also maybe try to give her a little more spunk.  She's certainly got the looks for it, though.

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