The Life of Bon: June's nursery yo.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

June's nursery yo.

I did it!  After six and a half months of baby, I finally finished June’s nursery!  I’m certainly never going to win a prize for speed, but perhaps tenacity?

Here is my giant disclaimer.  I am no good at decorating.  It might be one of the things I am worst at in this entire world.  But I really wanted a cute little nursery for June, and any babies that may follow.  So I slowly got some kind of nursery together.  I am proud of this little space in our home because it is so far beyond from what I consider myself capable of.  I know it’s not perfect, and I’m sure a professional would have tons of suggestions for me, but I made this space for June with so much love in my little heart and so it's very special to me.

The hardest part was painting that dumb wall.  Actually I take that back.  It wasn't painting the wall as much as penciling and measuring and taping the wall.  The actual painting took all of 20 minutes.  Anyway.  Here’s the pics.  

Where I got the stuff:
Dresser: KSL $250
Crib: Amazon $150
I Love You Sign:  Bijou Handmade Market $35
Blanket: My mama made it for me
Rocking chair: Target $100
Pink lamp: IKEA, $20
Gray lamp: Hobby Lobby
You are my Sunshine sign: Hobby Lobby
Book rack: IKEA, spice shelf $10
Dresser: IKEA, $40 (It was just wood, I painted it white.)
Pillows: IKEA

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