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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Perfect Day

I don't post a lot of "weekend recaps" on this blog because I can't imagine that my very normal weekend would be at all interesting to you, reader, who likely experienced your own very normal weekend.  But this last weekend both pretty normal and very happy and maybe it was so happy because it was pretty normal.  Who's to say what normal means anymore anyway?

This past weekend was Easter, as I'm sure you are aware.  I guess in the past I haven't given Easter the attention it deserves.  The Fourth of July with its barbeques and swimming pools and fireworks has had its place as favorite holiday securely squared away in my heart for years now.  And of course Christmas is a close rival with gifts and cookies and snow and two weeks off of school!

But this year I thought, hey!  Maybe Easter is my favorite holiday?  A day to celebrate spring and new life and resurrection and warm weather and fresh starts and leaving all the cold muck of winter behind- figuratively and literally.  Yah, maybe Easter is it.  The holiday of holidays.

I bought June a pretty Easter dress and we all went to church and the church program was about Jesus and resurrection and HOPE.  Lately I've been studying a lot about hope, and I felt like God was answering some of my questions in a real and specific way on Sunday.  One speaker mentioned that the opposite of faith, hope, and charity are fear, despair, and selfishness.  This really resonated with me.

And after church we even got a picture!  Three cheers for a family pic in Sunday clothes.

Oh, and June handled her two hours in nursery like a champ.  Second week in a row.  After months of crying in nursery we consider this a huge victory!

We came home and all took naps and then went to my mom's house for good food and good company.  The adults sat at the dinner table long after we finished eating and talked a little politics, a little books, a little online dating sites (WHY?!)  Then there was a game of "rabbits" in the field (Blackburn tradition) and of course an Easter egg hunt.  The weather was 60 degrees and everyone was happy and there was so much chocolate and it was just such a great day.  My mom made a strawberry pie that put all other strawberry pies to shame.  Then Greg and I came home and put June to bed and cuddled and watched tv and I thought, "This day was perfect.  Normal.  And perfect."

The road Greg and I have been travelling down the past 12-18 months has been super sucky at a lot of times.  But I look at days like Sunday and I am so grateful for the things we have learned and the way we've grown.  Mostly I am grateful that we still get days like Sunday and that I can appreciate those days maybe more than I ever have in my life.

So Happy Easter.  I hope you felt the power of the resurrection in your life- in whatever form you believe in.  The power of life again, of new hope, of fresh beginnings.  Thanks so much for reading this blog and letting me share a piece of my life with you.

P.S.  If you haven't yet, please check out this campaign.  I have never been more proud to use my blog as a platform for an amazing cause like this.

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