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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Bachelor Recap: Women Tell All!

Alright ladies, I have survived the jewelry market madness for the week and I'm here during nap time with no other goal other than to write on this blog.  And what more important thing to write about than the Bachelor episode this week?  It was Women Tell All Week!  This is my favorite Bachelor episode of the year. What is not to love about it? All the contestants from the season are forced together to watch and face up to everything they said and did during the season. Every season it is the same... it is as if the contestants completely forgot that everything they have said and done will be aired on television. They squirm. They lie. They confront each other about all the mean things that were said behind each other's back. It is a reality TV show dream come true.

Leah gets her four minutes of talk time.  I usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt on reality TV because I know editors play a big part in how people are perceived and I know that a lot of it is scripted.  But I can say pretty confidently that Leah is just the worst. The stunt she pulled throwing Lauren under the bus was already bad enough, and now that we've all seen that, Leah comes back to the Women Tell All not to apologize, but to stand by her choice.  Really Leah?  That's how you want to go about this?  She states "I didn't intentionally lie" which confuses all of us.  So... you lied on accident?  When she gets a minute to talk to Ben she demands to know why he would have the nerve to tell Lauren what Leah said about her.  Nice try, Leah.  I mean, it is perfectly logical if you think about it.  Girl #1 says mean thing about Girl #2 to Boy.  Boy really cares for Girl #2, so he asks Girl #2 if there is truth in it.  Girl #2 is mad at Girl #1 for saying untruthful, mean thing.  Girl #1 is mad that she can't say mean things without being held accountable.  This is clearly Boy's fault.

No one feels bad for you, Leah!

Then there's Jamie.  The token girl on the back row who went home super early and no one remembers but who has something to say about everything that happened on the season.  Jamie, leave that to the bloggers like me.  No one cares what you think about things you weren't there for!

I think it's around this point that the producers are seriously regretting their decision to let the girl bring her chicken on.  why why why why WHY WHY?!?!?  So the girl likes chickens!  Emily like NFL cheerleading, but you didn't let her bring her pom poms on, did you?

Let's see... there's some time with Jubilee.  Jamie (who no one remembers) and Amber (who no one likes) gang up on her.  Amber, can you cool it with your issues with Jubilee already?  You just look mean and insensitive.  

I really like Jubilee and I like what she said in her chat with Chris about how she doubted things so much that she self sabotaged.  I also loved what she said about "This situation breeds jealousy and insecurity."  I think she hit the nail dead on with that evaluation and I think it describes why so many girls go bat shiz crazy on The Bachelor.  It doesn't help that they give them unlimited amounts of alcohol and any access to the outside world.  

And then there's Olivia.  Do we even want to talk about Olivia?  Before Chris can chat with her, we first get a recap of everything Olivia said and did during the season.  We are reminded of such gems as " intellectual things are just my jam" and "I want to talk smart things."   (Also, Olivia claims she took six books on the shows.  I have two questions that I need answers to:  1.  WHAT BOOKS?! and 2.  I thought the contestants weren't allowed to have books on the show?)

Things I liked about Olivia on WTA:

1.  At the end of the night when she sincerely apologized

Things I didn't like about Olivia on WTA:

1.  Everything she said and did that led up to the sincere apology namely-

a.  "I was severely bullied as a child"- that is not an excuse to treat people the way you did!  We don't feel bad for you and it doesn't excuse any behavior.  Own up to the way you treat people, don't pull the victim card!

b.  "I think I'm like Jubilee, I'm just very complicated."  No.  Jubilee's whole family was killed at a young age and she was adopted from an orphanage in Haiti.  She has been in the military for several years and in the middle of all that life turmoil she somehow learned to play the cello.  You are a mean, manipulative girl who gets upset when girls call you out for being mean.  Your talent was jumping out of a cake with not a lot of clothes on.  I know I may be being harsh on Olivia and I don't think it's okay to make fun of her feet or her bad breath or whatever garbage is going on around the internet, but Olivia, just own up to the way you acted.  I think if she would have just pulled a Lace and said, "I am not proud of my behavior, I am very sorry for people I hurt, I am sorry for the unkind things I said, I am doing a lot of work on myself" then we all could have been proud of her.   I am proud of Olivia for her apology at the end of the night, but it definitely lost its power to me since she continued to try to defend herself for so long.  I felt like she apologized only when she was totally and absolutely backed into a corner and realized there was no way out.  Had the apology come before all the other bs I think I could have really supported her.

Finally we get some time with Caila.  I can not pay attention to anything that is happening with Caila.  She is just so boring to me. PLEASE STOP SMILING.  I have heard so many rumors that she's the next Bachelorette (apparently she was filiming in her hometown of Hudson Ohio- here's the US Weekly article that broke the "news".  Still definitely speculation but seems like there could be some truth there) and if she truly is the next Bachelorette I am just going to die from boredom.  She can't be the lead!  She is not interesting at all.  My first choice for Bachelor is Jojo 100%.  That girl is so interesting and funny and smart and HOT.  If Jojo wins then obviously it can't be her.  But if Jojo doesn't win and Jojo doesn't get to be the next bachelorette then my whole faith in reality tv is just destroyed forever because people like Jojo should somehow be rewarded for their awesomeness.   I CANNOT WATCH A CAILA SEASON.

(I have heard that the reason for choosing Caila is that The Bachelor is trying to be a bit more diverse.  That's awesome!  But then they should pick Jubilee as the lead.  Can you even imagine a season with Jubilee as the Bachelorette?  That would be one hot, awesome mess and I would support it 100%.)

Oh, Ben comes on too during all this.  His part is mostly uninteresting, though.  I know Ben has gotten some slack for being "boring", and I can see that, but I like him.  I think he's got an awesome heart and I just see him as being very sincere.  Might not make the most entertaining television, but it does make for a good husband.  Also, he's the best smooth talker ever.  The only problem with being married to someone like Ben is that you would never be right.  He would explain his side to things and you'd just be like, "DAMN!  He got me again!"

My one WTA complaint- why not more time with Amanda?!?

Oh, because we had to give her time for Leah to defend her lies.  Glad how that worked out.  Moms get no respect!

Before the episode can wrap forever we get a sneak peek into next week's episode which promises all the drama fitting for a Bachelor finale, including Ben telling Jojo on the bathroom floor that he loves her but loves Lauren too.  I have just one question.  WHY THE BATHROOM FLOOR?

Until next week girls!  Share your thoughts on the WTA.  You know I love a good Bach discussion!

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