The Life of Bon: A Blogging Crossroads

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Blogging Crossroads

I'm at a weird place with this blog.  15 months ago I went from five posts a week to three posts a week.  I did this mostly because I was on survival mode at the time.  I couldn't keep up.  Now I feel like I can barely even eek out the three.  For a long time I felt like I had everything in the world to say and all the time to say it in.  Now I feel like I have nothing to say and no time to say it in.

Of course, having nothing to say didn't really stop me in the past.  For years I wrote daily about anything in the world, I didn't care if I had "something to say" or not.  But I am struggling to write about non important stuff like my fingernails or my spring must haves or whatever else. I'm also kind of weirdly not into stuff lately, which is basically 99% of blogging.  I've been gutting my house and every extra shirt, extra bottle of lotion, every extra pair of high heels that I never wear is causing me weird guilt and stress.  I want rid of it all. (So basically what I'm trying to say is that today I will not be sharing my five must have spring buys with you all.)

I suppose the thing that would make the most sense, then, is to quit the blog.  But I really enjoy writing on the blog for the most part.  (Writing when I have time to write and when there is no pressure to get a post out by a certain time.)  I enjoy the blogging community and feel grateful for the support and friendship I have found online.  I also feel like writing on a forum like this helps me to process a lot of my life experiences.  So I can't quit.

Someone send a life planner out to me.  I need to find a direction for this blog.  It's a confused, weird online space right now.

Because I don't have much to say today, I will direct you to some people who DO have something to say.  These are three things that I read on the internet this week that really struck a chord with me:

+ I saw this article about raising small children floating around the internet like crazy this weekend.  Usually I dislike articles like these because I find them so negative, but this one was very truthful about this stage of life while also being positive.  It made me feel so grateful,

+ Greg's college theater teacher, director, mentor, and friend, Chris Clark, was diagnosed with ALS a few weeks ago.  It felt like the wind had been knocked out of us when we heard.  He is the guy everyone always wants to be around.  Chris's sister is one of my favorite bloggers in the world and she wrote this blog post about it that made us cry silent, sad tears.

+ My friend, Stephanie, is a role model for me in all things equal rights, feminism, and overall "take good care of people"-ness.  She wrote this article in the Salt Lake Tribune this weekend about the rape culture at BYU.  If you live in Utah, you've probably been well aware of the BYU/rape/honor code debacle.  I always enjoy hearing Stephanie's thoughts on matters such as these.  (And the comments on this article are absolutely insane.  I do not understand people.)

AND one announcement... we are discussing Rainbow Rowell's Attachments at book club tomorrow at 7 pm. (Tuesday, April 26)  We would love to have you come even if you don' know anyone/ are afraid of showing up to a weird blogger thing alone.  I promise we'll make you feel safe and comfortable and I am making my favorite cookie with chocolate and cream cheese so you know that's tempting you.  The friends and the conversation can't be beat- it's always one of my favorite nights of the month.  If you would like to join send me an email at and I'll give you address and directions.  The IRL discussion of Attachments will be Thursday on this blog so be there!

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