The Life of Bon: Girls Trip 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

Girls Trip 2016

Once upon a time if I went on vacation I would write blog posts in advance and schedule them so that there would be a new blog post every evening.

That was once upon a time.  I was clearly insane  I don't do that anymore.  I go on vacation and I forget I have a blog.  Kind of like I forget I am a teacher and I forget I have a jewelry business.  Isn't that the point of vacation?!?

I went to Dallas, in case you're wondering.  If you follow me on snapchat (@thelifeofbon) you probably already know that.  I went to Dallas for a girls' trip with all of my besties from college.  One of my besties (Mandy) lives in Dallas and she told us the city was worth a look.  Biggest understatement of the year.  I think we all fell in love on the spot.  The weather was perfect, the manis/pedis 20% off, and the food... OH THE FOOD.  We ate not out of necessity, but for the mere pleasure of eating.  Everywhere we went there were amazing, unique to Dallas restaurants.  We ate pizza and tacos and chocolate pie and special noodles that they make right in front of you.  We ate barbeque without plates, just thrown on a slab in front of us.  We ate Chinese food that could make a grown man cry and we ate popsicles with cookies inside of them.  If I were a food blogger I would pack up and move to Dallas right this second.  THERE IS NO END TO DELICIOUS FOOD IN DALLAS.

We did other things to, when our stomachs insisted on a break from the food.  We played tennis and went swimming and played cards and Mandy and I taught Sally and Courtney the intricate ways of snapchat.  We talked and talked and talked some more.  It was the most perfect weekend.

Before the pictures (I didn't take nearly enough pics of the food), a word on adult friendships.  It's harder to make friends as an adult for me.  I do have adult friends, and I'm grateful for that.  But there is something to be said for the girls who have been through it all with you.  Who lived with you, who knew you before you were married, who are well acquainted with your really stupid 19 year old decisions.  It's hard to get that same kind of connection once you are married with your own family.  Most of my relationship energy now goes to my husband and my daughter, not new neighbors who I am hoping to convert into lifetime best friends. For four years my college roommates were my family- they were the people I came home to every day, the people who got on my nerves when they didn't clean the bathroom, the people whose shoulders I cried on.  I wonder if it is possible to recapture that type of friendship after college, that closeness, that need.

We were roommates for four years (when I was in Argentina for a year and a half they all wrote me faithfully!) and then best friends for long after that.  One by one they all moved out of Utah to start their own careers and families.  Now the six of us all live in different states and so our annual girls' trip is really the only chance we get to catch back up.  I am eternally grateful for these girls and their friendships.  And I think we're all aware that finding a group of friends like this more than once in a lifetime just doesn't happen.  So I try to take care of them.  They are my tribe.

 These girls are such incredible women and I look up to them.  My friends are intelligent and well educated (in the group we have a lawyer, a nurse, two occupational therapists, a teacher, and a  business owner).  My friends work in their field.  My friends are pretty.  In college, there was no shortage of boys who wanted to date them.  These women are strong- they have fought through challenges and setbacks and watching them gives me strength.  But most importantly, my friends are just good, kind people.  I am proud to know them.

And now... PICTURES.  Two girls of the group couldn't make it this year (Boo, adulthood) but we'll count on them for 2017!

JFK assassination tour.  Dallas folk are real into their JFK pride.

This is the X where JFK was when he was shot! 

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