The Life of Bon: On Spring Break

Friday, April 08, 2016

On Spring Break

It's Spring Break!

Well actually, spring break is kind of ending.  It's Friday at 11:52 am.  How does a week of work crawl by and a week of spring break starts with Monday and one hour later it's Friday?  Answer me, world.  ANSWER ME!

It's been a really good week.  I wasn't expecting much because it's "tech week" for Greg's rehearsals which means he is basically at the theater for five hours every night.  Going anywhere as a family wasn't really in the cards (but next week I'm going to Dallas to meet up with my college roomies for a girls weekend.  EEK!)  so I didn't hope for much.  But it's been really really good.  Maybe that is the secret to life?  Expect nothing--- then everything in life is just a bonus.

(It certainly doesn't hurt that we have had absolutely perfect weather.  High sixties and low seventies.  It never felt so good to live in Utah.)

I had three main goals for my spring break:

1.  Hang out with June and spend some quality mommy + baby time
2.  Get tons done with the jewelry business- new listings, plan sales and promotions, make stock for FOUR weekends of jewelry shows coming up in April and May.
3.  Clean & organize the crap out of my house and get some pictures up/ furniture rearranged/ Make it look like HOME.

As far as goals goes... I'd say one was a roaring success.  June and I been hanging out nonstop.  She is the best part of any break.

#2 has not been as successful as #1, but still good.  Here's the thing when you are running your own small business- the work is never done.  There is always more you could do.  I never feel "caught up".  Sometimes every day all I can do is the bare minimum- get the day's orders out.  Some days I can do a lot more and thing big picture and growth and wholesale.  I wanted lots of those days during spring break.  I got some of those days so that will have to do.

Goal #3.  Nothing happened.  No organizing.  No cleaning.  No decorating and designing.  We've lived in this house for almost two years and the walls are still pretty much empty.  I don't have an eye for making your house look like a cozy little home.  I did manage June's nursery, so maybe the homey cleaner/organizer/decorator is in there somewhere.

Some other stuff:

+ We went to the zoo on Wednesday.  It was awesome.  If you follow along on snapchat (thelifeofbon) you probably saw all the good action.  I was really pleased with the zoo.  My past zoo experiences have mostly been crazy hot + animals hiding in corners and sleeping.  But the day was perfect weather- a jacket was optional- and the animals were super active.  We watched a polar bear swim and do flips in front of us, we watched a mama monkey and her baby monkey play, we saw elephants eating, we even saw some grizzly bears... well... you know.  They needed a little privacy is all.  It was awesome.  Maybe the trick to good zoo action is to go in the spring?  And in the morning?  When the animals aren't all tired and resting?  I'm a zoo noob but it seemed to work pretty well.

+ I have been working on this campaign through my blog.  Thanks so much to all of you who have clicked, participated, engaged.  It is the campaign on this blog that I am the most proud to be a part of, but it's also the campaign with the lowest engagement?  It makes me sad and confused.

+ We've got some fun studs coming up in the shop for spring and summer.  Get ready for rainy day earrings, watermelon studs, fourth of july star studs, and PINEAPPLES.  Ain't nobody don't love themselves a pineapple, right?  I'm hoping to have those in the shop and ready to go by next week.

+ Yesterday I went with my mom and aunts and cousins shopping at City Creek.  The day was just perfect (why is it that when it's 70 degrees outside all of your problems go away?).  I bought two pairs of sunglasses and some $23 brow liner from Sephora.  Someone help us all.

+ June fell asleep while shopping yesterday.  She fell asleep in her stroller--- she hasn't done that for probably a year.  It kind of made me want to cry at the littleness and the bigness of it all.  While my mom and aunt checked out Chico's (classic.  My mom can never get enough of Chico's) I sat at a table in the sun with my cousin.  A bunch of college aged Indian guys with adorable Indian accents approached us asking if they could do some magic tricks for us while they filmed our reaction.  We said, yes, of course.  The magician kept getting mad at the camera guy and they filmed us probably three different times and every time we were genuinely just as impressed with the magic tricks.  It was a great day.

+ Last night I watched "Walk the Line" while I worked on some jewelry.  I love me some June Carter/ Reese Witherspoon any day of the week.  Kind of funny because the two names that we were most considering when I was pregnant were June and Reese.  It's such a great movie, though, and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  It's got me listening to Johnny Cash all morning.

+ Today when June wakes up from her nap and before Greg has rehearsal (a very important window for us!) we're going to take June to farm country to ride a little pony and feed horses.  Then it's pizza for early dinner before Greg has to jet off and I'll come home and put June to bed and maybe MAYBE think about finishing my taxes.  I'll tell you this much, when you owe money instead of get money back it takes all motivation away from doing your taxes.

+ On Saturday Greg and I played tennis in between LDS general conference sessions.  We played against my brother and his wife and they beat us but the weather was so perfect that it almost didn't matter.  Can it just be spring forever?

+ You may notice I'm wearing the same gray shirt in every single one of these pictures.  I got it from H&M for $10 on Saturday and it fits me in the most pefect slouchy way and I literally have worn it four days in a row.

+ Overall I am feeling so happy and so grateful these days.  I feel like my family has emerged from a storm and I'm just so grateful that we are all together and in tact.  It might just be the spring weather talking, but I just feel like we've finally got things kind of figured out and life is good and summer is coming and in six weeks I'll be off of school for three months and life is good.  I feel so much HOPE and I think that might be the best thing to have.

+ Happy weekend to you all.  If you live in a part of the country that is being ravaged by winter storms, my heart goes out to you!

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