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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

How We Wore It// Bright Colors// Things I Have Learned about Clothes

When Deidre (thanks for organizing this craziness, Deidre!) sent us the photo for this month's "How We Wore It" she included the footnote "I tend to go toward a lot of neutrals so I thought this month's bright colors would change it up a bit and challenge us for spring."

Well I'm a huge fan of bright colors.  I love bright jackets and blouses and a bold, red lip is right up my alley.  I even dyed my hair bright red!  I mean, I think I've got the bright thing down.

When I saw the picture I knew the chances of me being able to pull off bright red hair + bright red jacket + bright purple shirt was slim to none.  So I had to tone down the jacket/ blouse wear just a tad.  I mean, I don't want to blind anyone with my look, you know.

Here's the look from Chic Street Style.

And here's my take on it:

Necklace here.

At this point I think it's fair that I just stop pretending that I will ever have what it takes to be a fashion blogger (Were we ever pretending that?  Maybe for a hot minute.  A really confusing hot minute.) and just embrace the weirdness of it all.  I have no idea how fashion bloggers do it.  Good for them.  Not for me.

I have a lot of thoughts on clothes lately.  My biggest epiphany is that I want to wear clothes that make me:

1) Feel good
2) Look good

It turns out that #1 and #2 are often at odds with each other.  But I'm figuring out some tricks that I wish I knew ten or even fifteen years ago.  I like slouchy tees.  I don't like shirts that hug me and make me feel like I can't breathe.  I like pants that sit on the right spot on my hips.  None of these crazy low riders that I feel like I'm pulling up all night long.  I wore those things for way too long.  They were definitely not #1 and probably not #2.  I like wedges but not necessarily heels... heels are too hard to walk in.  I like shoes that are open (from April - October) because my feet have hot feet syndrome and I always need a little air.  I like baseball caps.  I don't like shirts that require that I wear any kind of tee or tank under them because two shirts is too much and then I just feel like I'm adjusting clothes all dang day.  I prefer dresses to skirts.  The colors I feel most comfortable and pretty in are black, gray, white, navy, and (now that my hair is red) camo green.  I like a good pair of comfortable, casual shoes...  this spring my big clothing purchase will be a pair of white converse.  I'm a wild thing, I know.

This all seems kind of basic.  But it's kind of revolutionary for me.  At what point do we all just start feeling like we're at home in the clothes that we wear?  That's my goal.

Alright, now that you've listened to my rambling nonsense, here's some other girls who are rocking this outfit.  Again, huge thanks to Deidre for organizing all of this.  And if you want in for next month, make sure to sign up on her post for today!

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