The Life of Bon: A post about clothes I wear at home because this is interesting stuff that must be shared with the world

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A post about clothes I wear at home because this is interesting stuff that must be shared with the world

Dear blogging world.

Do you know what I stopped worrying about lately?  My clothes I wear at home.  Every home day I used to sit and stare at my closet and try to figure out what in the world I was going to wear.  Has to be comfortable, but still cute and not sloppy.  But I need to be able to take Maverick for a walk in it, go to the grocery store in it, meet my mom for lunch.  Well, I learned from my friend Sarah that the whole trick is to keep casual clothes simple.  I kind of feel like this was a whole epiphany for me- when I am at home, doing laundry, running errands, etc I don't need to over think what I'm wearing.  (Which is different from not getting dressed.  I always get dressed on my days at home as this helps me feel more productive and gives me a boost of confidence and self love.  Some people love staying in their pjs all day, but it always sends me into weird spirals of depression and self loathing.  We've all got our problems people!)  

So I developed kind of a casual days at home uniform, so to speak.  Basically I just copied Sarah.  My at home uniform is:

- loose v-neck tee
- comfy jeans
- flip flops, tennies, or booties
- simple but pretty every day jewelry 

This system is amazing. No more thought or energy wasted on clothes I wear while chilling around my house. Every day at home I wake up and throw on a v neck and a pair of jeans and the whole "getting ready and being pretty" routine is over.  Well except for hair and makeup and listen, if anyone out there has got a way to make this process simpler, I am ALL EARS because the thought that I have to put mascara on every day for the rest of my life is just the pits.

Those jeans are from a clothes drive at my church and are my current favorite pair.  They fit like a freaking glove.  Now, someone tell me how this happens: I search every store in the world for a great pair of jeans.  I am willing to pay $100+ for that perfect, every day pair that fits me just right.  But they are not found.  Month after month I search for those, and still they allude me.  Then, in a completely non related pursuit, I last minute decide to go to a clothing drive for my church and what do you know?  The perfect pair of jeans is sitting right there, waiting patiently for me in a pile of maternity dresses.  WHAT IS THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN?

And that's the story of the heroic and brave journey of my jeans.

My tshirt is the Boyfriend Tee from Old Navy.  This shirt pretty much changed my life.  It's $5-7 and comes in every color.  Guess what?  I discovered this year, too, that I don't like a lot of the colors that I buy clothes in.  Turns out my whole life I have felt this weird responsibility to buy clothes in every color.  Why was that?  As if I had to honor this loyalty to the color spectrum.  I don't have a green shirt!  I must buy green!  When it's time to buy a cardigan I love the gray one best, but I already have so much gray so... purple it is!  It took until this year at the ripe old age of 29 that I allowed myself to stop buying clothes in every color.  Turns out for most of my clothes I like the basic colors- white, gray, black, navy.  Say what?  It can't possibly be that simple can it?  Wearing these basic colors allows me to have more fun with color in my accessories- I love a bold red lip or bright turquoise flats or a pretty mint necklace.  I can wear these pretty colored accessories whenever I want with my plain shirts and pants, and I still get that pop of color without it being so overpowering.  (FYI: I bought this shirt in navy, black, two grays, and three whites.  It's that great.)

The best thing about the boyfriend tee from Old Navy though, is not the basic colors it comes in, but that it is NOT TIGHT.  NOT FORM FITTING.  DOESN'T SHOW EVERY FOLD OF MY POST BABY BODY.   I realized this year that I don't like my clothes very tight.  At least not my shirts.  I don't mind a great tight fitting jean but when it comes to shirts, sheesh, get that thing off my body!  I can't breathe and I'm sweating out my arm pits like a banshee now loosen this tee up.  I'm talking to you Forever 21.

As far as jewelry goes, I am lately digging simple colored stones.  I can't tell you any more information about the necklace below until tomorrow but get ready for something freaking awesome!

Peace out!  May your Monday be productive and hppy.

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