The Life of Bon: ! (Part 2)

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

! (Part 2)

A year and a half ago I wrote a post entitled !  That's it!  Just an exclamation mark!

In the post I celebrated all the good things  in my life.  Life is always going to have rough times but there are so many good times, and I think maybe sometimes it's easy for us to focus on what is hard right now instead of what is good right now.  So I want to focus on what is good!  Get ready for a lot of exclamation marks!

Tonight I tried out a peach chicken balsamic salad that I got from this site.  It was delicious!  And I felt like a chef extraordinare!

 We have lived in our town home for over a year now!  That's longer than we've ever lived anywhere since we've been married!  We love this little place and are so grateful to be here!

I didn't have to work today, but I popped into the school as Greg was starting up his first musical rehearsal!  They're doing Urinetown this year and the kids are so excited!  The script is hilarious and fun, and I know the play's going to be a screaming success!

This weekend we are going camping with my little sister and her husband!  I love camping!  But I don't do nearly enough of it, because I don't have a lot of confidence in my camping skills.  That's why we get expert campers to go with us!  Thanks Mary and Trent!

Last time we went camping with Mary and Trent.  June was seven weeks old!

Monday is Labor Day which means no school!  Hurray!  Sunday nights when there is no work on Monday are my favorite things in the world!

For over a year I have had this kind of crazy idea/ project I have wanted to do!  But I haven't done it because of fear!  But this week I decided to hell with fear and I'm going to jump in with both feet!  Wish me luck!

June is at the cutest age!  She is so curious!  I like to watch her and am filled with amazement at how grown up and smart she is!  Sometimes I am completely overcome that she is my very own little baby!  I'll take twelve more please!

Scentsy just launched all their new fall and winter smells and my samples are on the way in the mail.  I am obsessed with smell, especially fall/winter smells!  I can't wait! I will test them all out and tell you which ones are best!

My mom is probably the smartest and most understanding and also strongest woman I know!  One day I want to have her strength and goodness and wisdom!  But for now I will just borrow it from her!  (Also, she never panics which is nice!  When I am panicked I really like to be around someone who doesn't panic!)

I am really loving teaching this year!  I feel like I'm back in my groove!  My AP students are so freaking smart- they blow my mind every day!  They are constantly teaching me and I am humbled to get to teach the class!  And my junior classes are full of life and energy and make me laugh all day long!  I am grateful to be their teacher!
One of June's favorite trick is to play with the Bumbo!  She thinks she owns that thing!  She pushes it around, climbs in it, turns it over, has her way with it!  I don't know why that is so stinking cute to me!

I went grocery shopping today!  That means I don't have to go again for a week!  And there is cookie dough in the fridge!  Win win!

My hair is at an awesome stage!  Which naturally means I am thinking about cutting it!  Greg says he thinks I'd be super sexy with a blunt bang!  And I say Greg you're crazy!  But maybe I'll try it?!

I'm really excited for the scary movie coming out The Visit.  I love a good scary movie!
A couple weeks ago my church had a clothing exchange and I got a whole box full of 12 month clothing for June absolutely free!  And they're cute clothes!  And hardly even used!  The only thing better than new baby clothes is free new baby clothes!

It's September!  Next is October!  This is my favorite time of year!

The weather is starting to cool at night!  I like to take Maverick for a walk around 8 pm and it is just perfect! We only get absolutely perfect nights for a month so I am going to enjoy them!

Greg and I have been watching Bachelor in Paradise!  That show is freaking nuts!  And Greg does the funniest Joe impression that I am going to record and put on the blog next week!  It's too good!

June's hair is finally starting to really grow in!  It is red and curls at the nape of her neck which is the most adorable thing on this planet!

Sometimes I stress about stupid things like that my Instagram following isn't big enough, but then I realize that I am happy and healthy and grateful and that life is going pretty dang good and stop worrying about stupid things like Instagram followers because seriously how unimportant is that?!

I live with my husband and my baby and I am so grateful for my little family!  They are everything to me!  Life is all about the people in it!

Now it's your turn!  Tell me all of your !!!!  Let's all celebrate the good stuff together!

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