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Alright ladies and gents... um... probably just ladies... it's time for another How we wore it!  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Two fashion posts in a row?  What is going on around here?  Does Bonnie think she is a full on fashion blogger now?  The answer is yes!  Of course!  I always think I'm a full on fashion blogger, how else do you think I talk myself out of bed each morning?  By showing the world how great I look in clothes, no doubt!

But seriously.  Sorry for the two "fashion" posts in a row.  Balance always eludes me.  

This month's How We Wore It (Hosted each month by Brooke... if you want in on next month's theme, sign up on the google doc at the bottom of her post today) is taken from Shanna from Shanna Said So.  Here it is:

And here's my take on it:

Boots: Shoe Mint
Dress:  Old Navy maternity and you can't make me stop wearing it
Cardigan: Gap
Leggings: Forever 21
Scarf: Somewhere in Germany
Lipstick: Hot pink of course

About the outfit...

I might be the only blogger on the whole planet who isn't in love with scarves.  They just don't really do it for me.  I didn't have a big blanket or plaid scarf to pair with this outfit because I rarely wear scarves.  I get hot inside.  And my neck gets itchy.  And I start to feel like I can't move and I'm never going to escape and the world is caving in on me and I'm going to die sad and alone.

That's why I don't wear scarves.  This lightweight infinity scarf that I picked up from a street vendor while visiting my sister in Germany is about as scarfy as you are ever going to see me.

Also I struggled finding a sweater for this.  I used to wear cardigans ALL THE TIME and now I am afraid they just look way too teachery and I almost never wear them anymore.  What is wrong with me people?

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IN OTHER NEWS... I took June to her 15 month check up today.  She's almost 17 months, but you know, 15 months 17 months, it's all the same.  The real reason I waited so long is because we've been in between insurances (And when I say between insurances that's really just a nice way of saying we've been without insurance.  Blogging is all about sugar coating it, am I right?)  since Greg resigned from his job so I kept putting off her checkup.  To get health insurance through my employment for our family of three is a very reasonably priced $950.  I mean, I was expecting it to be high, but my jaw hit the floor with that. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR WORLD THAT THAT IS THE PRICE OF INSURANCE FOR A HEALTHY YOUNG FAMILY?  So we are looking into other options, namely Obamacare.  Anyone have some Obamacare experience they want to share with me?  The insurance world is all just so confusing.  How do most people cover themselves who don't have health insurance through their jobs?  It seriously seems almost like something that is only affordable to those who are either a) very wealthy or b) have a traditional job with traditional hours and traditional benefits.  But what about the rest of us, you know?  People who teach literature part time and start small businesses and write on a totally awesome blog for their income?  Must these people be forced to fork over $950 a month for health insurance?!  MUST WE?!?!  We still haven't figured out a solution for our family, but I got anxious putting off the visit any longer so I put on my big girl panties and just paid for her visit out of pocket today.

ANYWAY... this post was never supposed to be about health care.  It was supposed to be about June's check up!  Junebug has gone and turned into a giant on us.  For her entire baby life June has been in the 1st percentile.  She kept right on that curve, slow and steady, never budged an inch.  Well, what do you know, today we went in and she was in the 11th percentile!  Straight up had a growth spurt on us when our backs were turned.  Hurray for growing babies who are now toddlers!

We were all feeling pretty good about June's sudden growth when the nurse came in and stuck June real good with her vaccinations.  In typical toddler fashion, June screamed to beat the band and flipped and kicked all over that table.  Is it just me or are their shots harder the older they get?

In other news I have not started my Christmas shopping.  I have started a lot of YOUR Christmas shopping, however.  We've been working away here in my home getting your jewelry orders out from Hey June.  We feel so grateful for all your support with our small business. 2000 more orders and we might be able to afford health insurance!  (I kid I kid...  Kind of.)  But seriously, working and making jewelry from home has thus far been everything we hoped it would be and maybe even a little more.  We feel very grateful.  If you are wanting to buy something shiny and purty for a loved one for Christmas, make sure you order by December 17.  Last day for Christmas delivery is the 17th and then we're shutting down shop and watching a lot of Elf in our pajamas and you can't stop us!

(Pssst... can you see comments and or make comments on this post?  My friend told me she is no longer able to see comments or comment herself on my blog and naturally I am having a panic attack as any good blogger would.)

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