The Life of Bon: I'm having trouble writing blog posts lately...

Thursday, December 03, 2015

I'm having trouble writing blog posts lately...

Back in the day my posts were somewhat organized.  Like about what we're doing in class or bachelorette recaps or what nutso thing June is pulling out of the cupboard and putting on her head.  I feel like lately I can't write a blog post because my mind can't rest on any one thing long enough to write a post on it!

Possible posts I've been thinking about writing:
What we did in class + What I wore
What I will teach my daughter thanks to my years teaching teenage girls
Favorite Christmas traditions
Ways I know Greg loves me
What do we do about gun control?!?!
What is was like preparing for our first jewelry market
Meetings in schools are useless and how can we get rid of them forever?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What to do when a student challenges or talks back to you in front of the class
Book review on And Then Their Were None
People need to stop being a**holes on facebook
Book suggestion post
Favorite books of the year
Favorite movies of the year

Do you see why I just can't write a stinking post?  I start to write one post and then my mind goes a million different directions.  Throw the occasional sponsored post in there and I don't know what I'm doing in the world.  A year ago I made myself a promise to blog three times a week no matter what and I've done pretty darn good at that, but this week I just couldn't crank something out.  This is what my mind looks like this week:

What time are we supposed to take down for that market? I need to call for June's appointment.  Did I ever text  (insert the name of any person who ever texts me here)  back?  My back hurts.  This diet coke isn't cold enough.  Oh crap, was I supposed to turn in my accreditation documents?  I need to order more gold chain.  How can I help my students enjoy Their Eyes Were Watching God more?  When was the last time I wrote a blog post?  Don't forget to print those shipping labels before you leave school.  I hope Greg made dinner.  Why isn't June walking yet?  I have to make sure to grade those papers tonight.  I can't believe I still don't have my Christmas tree up.  I should apply for a couple of campaigns before the week is up.  I want to go home and watch Blacklist.  Did I mail in the mortgage check?  Oh I have to write that letter of recommendation for Michael.  WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I TOOK A SHOWER?!?

Welcome to my mind!  It's a real party!

Have you guys all seen that meme where it shows a fried egg and says "This is your mind" and then it shows a scrambled egg and says "This is your mind with three kids".  That's how I feel!  Only instead of having three kids I kind of have three jobs.  (School. Blog. Jewelry.)  It's absolutely insane, but I feel grateful for the craziness because it's allowing us to get where we need to be.  I also am hoping that some of the stress and craziness is due to the learning curve with the business.  We've definitely learned some things that hard way.

If you don't follow me on instagram (@thelifeofbon) you should.  I post a lot of pictures of pretty white backgrounds and painted fingers and flowers.  Oh wait.  That's not my feed.  My feed is a lot of pictures of June.  Some pictures of books.  Mostly June.  BUT the reason I'm telling you this is because this week on insta I gave a little update on Greg and how we're doing as a family since he quit his job and adjusting to our new roles and all that jazz.  It's a weird selfie of me in bed if you want to dig for the update.  Sometimes things are easier to write on instagram than my blog and please don't ask me to explain that because I understand so little about this world.

Um.... I planned to tell you more today than just how jumbled my mind feels.  But that's the blog post you get.  I am hoping next blog post to tell you about what we've been doing in my classes.  It's been crazy and awesome and crazy awesome.  Also I had one student tell me today that he didn't like reading Their Eyes were Watching God because it is just another "boring racism book like To Kill a Mockingbird."  That was the moment today where I thought about quitting my job.


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