The Life of Bon: Working Title: That's Enough, Winter.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Working Title: That's Enough, Winter.

June's face says it all.

Guys.  I can't do it anymore.  I've cracked.  I've cracked on winter.

I thought I loved winter.  I think this every year.  I think, "Oh winter's not so bad!  You get to stay in doors and layer up and eat lots of food and cuddle and binge on tv."

And then I totally agree with that.  For a few days, at least.  Winter's great in short increments.  A snowy blustery winter day is absolutely divine and a winter week is just great and I can even do a month of winter and really enjoy it.  (Hello December!  Best month of the year!)  But winter month after month after month is a real drag.  Here we are just staring February down the throat and I am wondering how we are ever going to live to see the end of this month.  WILL MARCH 1 EVER ARRIVE?

This winter, especially, has been wild.  It doesn't stop snowing. Gracias, El Nino.  The last ten years or so we've had really mild winters in Utah so I guess I just started thinking that was the norm.  This is our second year in our home and last year we didn't even have to buy a shovel, that's how little it snowed.  I can't even count the number of times we have had to shovel this year.  It just never ends.  You shovel one day and the next day there is more to shovel.  I CAN'T TAKE THE SNOW.  We've resorted to total white trashiness just driving over the snow because I just can't shovel one more time.  If you come to my home and slip on my driveway and break your back... truly I am sorry.  But please try to understand where I'm coming from.

Last night we decided to watch Everest.  Nothing's better at helping you combat your winter blues than by watching a bunch of people die in a blizzard, right?  We sometimes don't make the best decisions.

It's usually around this time of year that I decide as a native Utahan I should definitely learn to ski or snowboard.  Get with it already, woman!  There lies two problems with becoming a ski bunny

1)  I am too cheap.  It's hard for me to think about forking over hundreds of dollars in gears, clothes, and a pass for an activity in which I will be cold all the time.

2)  I don't like to be cold all the time.   I like to be warm.  I can even handle being ridiculously hot.  But I don't like to be cold.

I have lived in Utah for 27 of my 29 years and have been snowboarding ONCE.  ONCE.  This was due to a boyfriend who wanted a partner to snowboard with him.  When the relationship ended, so did my snowboarding.  When I stayed in Hawaii for four months I went surfing probably half a dozen times.  Why?  Because you don't have to pay to surf!  The beach is free!  And the beach is warm.

I am going to try to push Greg and I to go snowboarding at least once in February.  I feel like it's my duty as a Utahan.

I'm also going to push for us to go somewhere warm this month.  I'd love a trip to Disneyland or maybe Vegas or Phoenix... just somewhere to get out of these 20 degree temps.  Greg got a pretty big role in Peter and the Starcatcher coming up at the Hale (wahoo!) so we're going to have to get our play time in before those rehearsals start up at the end of the month.

In other new, Junie is sick.  She ain't so pleasant when she's sick.  Other moms revel in the cuddles they get when their kids are sick, but June wants none of it.  She kind of just wants you to stay the hell out of her way.  I try to snuggle her and kiss her and smother her and she's like "please, mom.  Leave me alone."  When she is sick, though, the cutest is how she snores when she sleeps.  So I guess if you can't get the cuddles you go for snores? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?  I captured her baby snores on snapchat (@thelifeofbon) earlier today if that's what you're in to.

(Also when your baby is sick do you just give up on getting her to eat?  The only thing June will eat or drink the past two days is Diet Coke and this.  We're all doomed.)

I realize this post is a lot of nothing.  I apologize.  It's my February funk.  Someone save us from this winter.  The good news is we got Bachelor tonight.  You gotta love Mondays!

Also later this week I'm going to write a post about why I totally converted to snapchat.  Snapchat isn't paying me or anything (although that would be awesome!) but I just feel like snapchat is a happier, purer form of social media and you all need to know about it.  K bye.

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Thanks so much for all your support and love.  Y'all are the greatest.

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