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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I love you. And that's that.

Coupla things.

I've been thinking about goals for the year and goals for the blog and where I want it to go and what is the purpose of this blog anyway and my oh my haven't we suddenly gotten quite deep?  I love Starbucks giveaways as much as the next girl, but I would like to think that this whole blogosphere runs much deeper than that.

In fact, I know it does.

There is a certain site where people go to bash on bloggers.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, count yourself lucky.  I recently got my very own page.  Big day for Bon Bon!  Interestingly enough, some of the criticism made me think and change up the way I do a couple of things on the blog.  Not all criticism is bad, afterall.  One person mentioned that I hardly ever respond to comments.  And I thought, "Crap. They're on to me."

The truth is I'm awful at responding to comments.  I am sorry. It's not that I don't have time, it's that it falls low on my priority list, somewhere below daily posts, grading research papers, and burning dinner.  But that is something I want to change.  I have such an appreciation and love for you that reads this blog and I absolutely soak up your comments.  Bathe in them, if you will.  Somehow I have convinced a group of intelligent, thoughtful, and funny women to read my frequent ramblings.  And for that I am so grateful.  So I want you to know that I am making a goal to be better to respond to comments and to let you know more often how much I like you. Because isn't that the reason we all blog anyway, because of the great people we meet?

Also, I am overwhelmed at the response to yesterday's post.  So so so excited about the idea of a blogging book club/ link up party.  Details will be forth coming.  ETA is February.  BOO YAH!

Now.  For a chick I am digging on.  Her name is Blaire and she is the writer behind Market Confidential.  Which I would love to name a child.  Blaire.  Not Market Confidential.  I think it's the most classy, chic name.  ANYWAY... Blaire is just getting started in this crazy blogging biz and I'd love it if some of us helped her hit the ground running.  Show her how awesome and loving this blogging world is.  Also, just so you know.  I'm calling it right now.  Blaire's going to be the next big blogger.  She just fills a niche in the blogging world that I think is totally ignored- that of the working, professional woman.  Mommy blogs have got their corner, fashion blogs have pretty much stated their ground, and you know, recipe and craft blogs kinda vomitted all over the internet.  But what about a little more shout out for us working women?  That's where Blaire comes in!  She talks about working in the corporate world and how to dress for the job.  I especially loved her post on what boots are appropriate for work (what do you think?  Over the knee boots- nay or yea?).  Not to mention the girl has impeccable style.  Not to mention her blog design is flawless.  Not to mention she's the most sincere, thankful girl I've ever interacted with.  Not to mention she's smoking hot.  Can you tell I'm smitten?   Read up on what she has to say in this post and then don't forget to show her some love on her blog.

(P.S.  Blaire confided to me that she is a guest post virgin.  
Well isn't this an exciting first night for her?!?!

Helloooo Life of Bon readers! My name is Blaire and I blog over at The Market Confidential. I'm a newbie at this whole blogging thing myself, but I've been a fan of reading them for a very.long.time. And seriously, is Bon Bon just not of the best ones out there?! I adore her and her blog! And am beyond excited to be guest posting here today!

Since this is my first time sponsoring Bonnie's blog (or any blog for that matter), let me fill you in on how this little blog came about. I decided to start The Market Confidential because I got so bored with professional women's attire. Apparently there's this conception out there that you have to dress like a dud to be considered "professional". WRONG ladies. You can totally dress cute, fun, and glam without losing credibility. Disclaimer: I have a business management/econ degree. Not one from Parson's School of Design. But I see enough to know what I'm talking about...kinda.

And I needed a creative outlet. When you're in the financial industry, your eyes start to cross after awhile at all the facts, figures, analysis (is that a plural version of this??), market information, political information...yours crossed yet?? Oh yeah, it gets mundane after awhile. I think my clients are the reason I stay sane;)

BUT, the blog is not only a fashion-idea blog. It kind of runs all over the place. Workout ideas for during the work day, energy/food boosting tips to get you through those eight+ hours, beauty tips, etc. with interjections of my personal life are what you can expect. I'm always looking for new ideas, so please shoot some my way!  Pretty please?!

Here's just a couple things you'll see often (outside of the things mentioned above)...

Diet Coke and mimosas...because that's how I function

This bundle of cuteness (who is also my nephew. No kiddos here yet, thank GOODNESS.) He drains my bank account on a daily basis. 

I'm a terrible picture taker, but THAT is one of my New Year's goals. But it also is the reason I don't have any funny pics to throw at y'all today. I wish because I love seeing them on other peeps blogs. How awesome was the pic of Stephanie from the last sponsor post in front of all those jello shots?! I loved that! And couldn't stop laughing. But  since I don't, and I only have boring pics, here's yours truly...just so you can put a face to the blog.

Thanks so much for having me Bonnie! Y'all stop by and say hi! 


  1. You're braver than I am because if I knew the source of said Blogger Bashing site I wouldn't be brave enough to read my critics.
    Blaire's blog looks great! My professional wardrobe is in serious need of help!

  2. There is a site that bashes bloggers! Wow. I kind of want to see if I am on there. Its good you took the criticism and turned it into something positive. Blog goals are great!

  3. I love Blaire! I was one of her first few followers! Glad that she got the chance to introduce herself to your readers :)

    xo Christina

  4. I just recently stumbled upon that awful site and I did see your page, I RAGED inside my head because your blog is one of my all time faves, and I don't know how anyone can hate on you!

  5. I really want to know what this site is that bashes blogs. I want to know if I am on there and what sort of things people are saying about my blog. Not all bashing is bad. I love good constructive criticism. Hopefully you respond to this comment! Haha! :)

  6. They were far nicer to you then they are some other bloggers out there. And you got some compliments on how you are actually a writer - which I think sets you far above many blogs out there. It's why I come back, because you do write so well.

  7. I like your blog! Screw the rest of them!

  8. I know the forum you're referring to and was really surprised to see your blog on there. I guess it's just a sign you're becoming blog-famous?! Anyhoo, Life of Bon is one of my fave reads, and having sponsored in the past I can say you are a genuinely nice person as well. Of course you can't reply to every comment! Your blog has grown exponentially in the past few months, so anyone who is hurt by that is kind of silly. Love ya Bonnie!! Oh, and book club?? Count me in :-)

  9. Hey, I am your newest follower!
    Your blog is gorgeous and I can't wait to read more.