The Life of Bon: New Year you are hereby resoluted!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year you are hereby resoluted!

For three years in a row in high school I had the same New Year's Resolution:  To get my first kiss.

Some girls just start slow/are awkward/ don't flirt well.  Don't ya'll worry, I learned.  It just took a while.

After I got my first kiss I didn't know what to do on New Year's anymore.  Make real resolutions?  WHAT?!?  That doesn't sound like fun!

I feel like New Year's Resolutions kind of get a bad rap.  Like we all make them and then promptly forget about them.  This has got to change, I say, it's got to change!

I present to you...


1. Don't forget about New Year's Resolutions.  Hey!  This one is the most important one, isn't it?!?

2.  Do two acts of service every day.  One for Hubs.  One for someone else.

3.  Go on vacation.  Priorities people.  Priorities.  I really want to go with Hubs to visit his mission in Russia this summer.  Saving and praying we can somehow make this work.

4.  Read 36 books.  On my immediate to read list is this and this and this.  Oh, and I can't wait to reread this.

5.  Exercise 3 times a week.  It'd be a lot easier if I didn't hate it so dang much.  Anybody got suggestions to get a girl to enjoy a little work out?

6.  Be more friendly and outgoing.  Look for people who need a friend.  Go out of my way to meet people, to say hi, to get to know those around me.

7.  Make an effort to keep strong relationships with siblings and friends.  Hubs is great.  But I've still got a lot of other people I knew long before Hubs ever entered my life.  Keeping up relationships can be tough, but it's so worth it.

8.  Deeper, more thoughtful prayers.  Let's face it, I need some serious guidance in my life.

9.  Choose to be happy.  I've heard it said countless times in my life that happiness is a choice but until recently it never registered in my head.  The discovery was made while I was on Instagram.  I was jealous of every picture I saw.  Everyone seemed so happy.  "Oh my gosh those stinkers are in San Diego?!"  "Oh she gets to stay home and read all day, I'm so jealous."  "She walked her dog today, that looks so gorgeous." "I wish I could have gone skiing today!"  It took me a second to realize I wasn't jealous of any of their actual situations, I was jealous that they all seemed so happy in what they were doing.  I could be happy no matter what the situation was, I just had to choose it. This year is going to be a happy one for me.  (Instagram plug:  Follow me @thelifeofbon)

10.  Beat my little sister in tennis.  This one shouldn't be too hard considering she hasn't played for a year and a half.  Sucker.

11.  Reach 4000 followers on the blog.  Yikes.

12.  Try two new recipes a month.  I'm trying to be realistic here.  No overdoing it!

13.  Say thank you as much as possible.

14.  Be the type of person that makes others feel good about themselves.  No more sarcasm (especially with students), no snide remarks.  People like to feel good, so I should make them feel good.  I guess that's called being nice?

15.  Get preggers.   

JK about #15.


Guess you'll have to keep reading through 2013 to find out!

Did you make New Years Resolutions?  If so, leave the url in the comment box so I can check it out!  I can't wait to see what your goals are!

(P.S.  Pardon our mess.  We're under a bit of construction around here!)


  1. THIS is a good list! I've read a zillion of these {hello blog world!} ... but yours is the
    I especially like the act of service for hubs and making others feel good -- like really making it a point to do so.
    That's good stuff, Bonnie. Fo realz.

    Happy Wednesday night!

  2. #9 is one that I really need to work hit me over Christmas break just how much we compare ourselves to others these days. Really though, this entire list is great!

  3. yay i love#9! Thats exactly what I need to do but I couldn't quite put it into words as well as you did! haha and #15.. I will definitely stick around to find out! Cheers to a happy new year! :)

  4. This is such an amazing list, I love it - Happy New Year!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Good list! I seriously hope #15 isn't a joke. What is it about being pregnant that makes me want everyone else to join in the fun?!?!?! No idea. Here are my resolutions:

  6. I'm loving the new blog look Bon!

  7. I also made resolutions! :) good luck dear!

    You can find mine here:

    xoxo, Cai

  8. I have 3,4, 5, 7, 12 and 15 on my list too. (kind of 15...maybe)

    As far as workout motivation: you have to find something that you enjoy. I hate the treadmill, but I love group exercise classes. Running solo is no bueno, but I really like it with a friend. In short, fun music+fun people=fun workout

  9. Today at our faculty meeting our principal reminded us about not being sarcastic with the's sometimes so hard not to be! Good luck with that!

  10. I think I'm one of the people who give new years resolutions a bad rap…whoops! Mine would be like make my kids learn Spanish (hours upon hours of Go Diego Go) and do something productive while they're watching all those hours of TV? I better come up with something more solid!

  11. Like your list! Have you tried Zumba? It is a seriously fun (and humiliating) workout! Defintely keeps me going back!

  12. Love the new look!
    Seems like your off to a good start with your 2013 goals :)
    You make lots of people happy here thru your blogging ways, your reach is huge! Glad you didn't stop at 13, cuz you got real serious with 15!
    And whatever number is for w/o's...girl, just stick with it, within a month you'll be so happy and proud that no ones words will be of more encouragement than your own!

  13. I wish I liked working out so I could motivate you but unfortunately I basically loathe working out haha!

  14. #9 is similar to one of the resolutions I made this year and the last. Sometimes its hard work to remember you decide if you are happy or not! Good luck with all your resolutions!

  15. Let us know what you think of the books you read. I got The Fault in Our Stars for Christmas from a friend who said it was the best book she read in 2012.

  16. Great resolutions! And I love how detailed they are.

    Happy New Year!

  17. Love your new look! It's pretty and colorful :)

    Here was my one New Year's resolution.

    I pretty much broke it before breakfast was over when my three year old refused to chew her food. I figure God was really testing me, but I think this one is important enough to really make me start over the next day :)

  18. We have the same reading goal this year! Only... mine is 35 not 36. But one off doesn't count, right? Right.

  19. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Love reading your blog its like my nighttime book because your posts are sometimes to long for me to read during the day since I have a 2 year old and stuff lol. I really enjoy reading it! Thanks!!!

  20. TWO acts of service everyday?! Ambition :) I have trouble believing you're not outgoing lady!

  21. Great list! I made mine just today:

  22. Great list! I hope you do get preggers. I love keeping up with people's pregnancies. I'm weird like that. I wrote about my resolutions here

  23. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Love them! I'm trying to be a nicer and happier person too. It's not as easy as everyone makes it look. Sometimes I dislike everyone and then I have to remind myself that's counterproductive to these goals. Oops. Good luck :)

  24. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Thanks for following my blog. I love your list of resolutions. I need add a few more to my list.

  25. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I'm following you as well! I loved your resolutions! I can't wait to read more! <3 Christin

  26. Hi Bonnie,
    This is a great list. If you can get #1 done, you're in! #9 and being happy - it's living in the moment. Exercise: do squats while you vacuum. Lift your grocery bags while you walk to the car. Dance in your living room for no other reason but because. Also do 10 minutes at a time/3x a day. That's a lot easier. #7 is a fantastic goal. #15: I loved, loved, loved being preggers. It was the best so I'm all for it. You guys make the decision if it's right for you now. Good luck.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your very kind words. I'm following you back. That helps #11.


  27. Hey! Thanks for following my blog! Well, I'll help you to add one more follower to your goal of 4,000 :)

    I think these are great goals! I never write down resolutions for fear of not finishing them...perhaps I'll try next year.

    I've had a cloth diaper post in the works and just made it live - come check it out!

  28. Just noticed your a fellow high school teacher... (what were we thinking???) haha! ;)

    Loving the resolutions too! Any tips on how you are going to make the 4000 followers mark! I'm such a newbie would love any advice you have!! (I'd be excited to reach 100 at the moment!) lol!

    Wishing you a fabulous 2013 and thank you again for the follow!

    Aanika from The Active Mum xo

  29. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Hope your resolutions work out for you... #15 maybe or maybe not? lool jokes

  30. Whoa what a list! Major props. My only advice about the working out is to try and find something to do while you enjoy it! I'm a music nerd so I try to constantly revise my exercise playlist along with buying new music on a regular basis. Way too fun! Also I can't do treadmills - I have to see the world. Running in the early morning fog through backyards is soooo much better than the gym. just saying.

  31. Thanks for the comment and follow on my blog... I'm following now too! ;) I just finished Life of Pi... OH MY GOODNESS - so good! Little something at the end that makes think... :)

  32. Hi! I'm your newest follower! Those are all great resolutions (and written with a great sense of humor!) I see some that I need to add to my list for sure! Can't wait to read more!

  33. Just found your blog from Erin's page over at Living in Yellow - I just recently found her blog, realized how awesome it was - decided to start catching up on posts and came across the one that she introduced you; and since you were HER fav, I figured I better come check yours out too - and I love it! :) Just consider my friend number one thousand, seven hundred forty three :) excited to be tagging along! by the way, you TOTALLY got me when you said your blog was "living in red" hahaha.

  34. Love these!! They are awesome resolutions!!

  35. i FINALLY posted about my goals for the year. i probably should have included something about staying caught up on blog reading and posting.